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  1. Could I please take. velvet underground andy Warhol ud2 usa gold. Thanks Stan
  2. Could I please take. Joey Beltram – The Sound of 2AM A DJ Mix. The Sopranos.
  3. Sent you a PM Steve. Bank deposit just need your details. Thanks Stan
  4. Dylan John Wesley Harding Sony SACD $15, Cream – Fresh Cream Sealed boxed set $78 ,REM green boxed set $25 all posters photos, Tom Waits Transmission Impossible 3 cd set $27. Could I please take these? Thanks Stan
  5. Could I please take Mahler - Symphony No. 2 (2x Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $12, Mahler - Symphony No. 4 (Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $15 and Mahler - Symphony No. 6 (Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $12. Thanks Stan.
  6. Could I please take Bob Dylan Highway 61 and The Pretty Things Get The Picture.
  7. If still available would like to purchase Prince The Black Album Cd. PM sent
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