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  1. Wilson

    SOLD: FS: Parasound A21 halo amp

    Hi is this still available?
  2. Pm sent with intent to buy
  3. Wilson

    SOLD: Free with donation: Speaker stands

    I’ll take these if still available
  4. Pm sent with intent to buy
  5. I'm interested in the cables can you confirm if the price is for one pair or two cheers
  6. I just bought some speakers from Gary i found him to be an open, honest and generous guy great to deal with
  7. Sorry decided not to go ahead with offer to buy
  8. I'll take this if it works with a 72 preamp and you are happy to post to sydney
  9. Wilson

    FS: Chord Cobra ( 2 RCA- 5 PIN )

    I will take this if still available
  10. Sent pm regarding possible swap
  11. Wilson

    SOLD: Sold PP: Denon TU 260L Tuner

    I'll take this if still available
  12. Pm sent with offer to buy
  13. Wilson

    FS: Harbeth P3ESR Special Edition

    I would like buy these if still available