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  1. Hi, I have 805s the same colour, Curious on what money amount you would expect if you were interested?
  2. Hi if you can post to Victoria, then I will take it, cheers Craig.
  3. Hi, Do you have original packaging ? Cheers Craig.
  4. My dad did some painting for Encels in the 80"s and he bought a luxman amp. He drove me up there in his ford f-100 and I put on layby a rotel amp,rotel tape deck,Scott turntable & interest speakers.Crazy hey.
  5. Wow, Old thread I know but I read your story and its almost identical to my own experience.
  6. I may be interested if its still available in a couple of weeks and it can can be posted interstate
  7. @Davey Willo Hi If you were to separate them how much would you ask for the speakers alone? Cheers Craig.
  8. I got them from a furniture factory in Dandenong South.
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