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  1. Hey mate. I remember you saying the JTR 212's lacked midbass when you sold them to me a few years ago but I've been enjoying them very nicely and couldn't imagine upgrading! Hope you don't miss them The gunshots in 'Den of Thieves' have some sweet midbass slam in your chest.
  2. Item: Selby Heavy Duty Speaker Stands 600mm Location: NOR Perth Price: $70 ono Item Condition: New in box unused except I have used 4 of the carpet spikes for something else. Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from Selby a few months ago from here: https://www.selby.com.au/brackets-and-wall-mounts/speaker-stands/600mm-speaker-stand-black-ss241600.html They didn't fit my speakers so I had to make custom boxes but I ended up using 4 of the carpet spikes from the Selby speaker stand kit so they are missing from this sale. I can ship at buyer's expense. Pictures:
  3. 6 cables are spoken for. Only 1 left. Anyone got a mono setup they need a cable for?
  4. Item: 7x 3ft Mogami Gold XLR Cables Location: Perth Price: $245 for the lot or $35 each Item Condition: Brand New - 3 packets were opened to test, the rest are unopened. Reason for selling: My system works better with RCA Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: These are the thicker 2534 gauge cables as seen here: http://www.mogamicable.com/category/bulk/microphone/quad/ Pictures:
  5. Please check your private message from me from wednesday
  6. Looking for some big good quality subs. JTR, Seaton, PSA etc. Preferably 18" sealed design. Looking for 2 of the same subs. Hoping someone in Perth has surplus or upgrading etc and want to offload. Not interested in shipping such heavy things from interstate. Thanks
  7. hey buddy, how old is the unit? also out of interest, what did you upgrade to? thanks
  8. hey everyone, putting together a dedicated HT/listening room in my new house build and i'm here to learn more and maybe grab somethingi from the for sale forums! cheers
  9. I'm getting some seriously crap reception on channel 9 stations especially 90 Gem both with the main antenna and amplified rabbit ears (that pick up all the other channels just fine). I'm close to the city centre but not near any large buildings or hills etc. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  10. Thanks for the tip. If only I could edit my post. 3 more posts to go....
  11. hey are these still for sale? I just signed up so I can't pm you sorry. Please PM me as I wouldn't mind checking them out today or tomorrow. Thanks
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