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  1. Let's kick off my Sunday morning session with a bit of Floyd Pink Floyd Momentary lapse of Reason
  2. Now for some glam rock Whitesnake 30th Anniversary Edition
  3. Home alone again on a Saturday morning and freedom to spin what ever I want without criticism (from her in doors) [emoji12] So first on the platter is Frankie goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
  4. Can you put my name into the hat please Lots of love for everything B&W and happy to donate
  5. Can I transfer movies and TV shows that I have purchased on my films an Tv account onto a USB device These are purchases and not rentals Thanks
  6. Throwing my 2cents worth into the ring XBox X is awesome 4K streaming and Atmos [emoji106] @Cambell I installed kodi on my XBox one and it’s crap it would continually freeze up I don’t recommend kodi on XBox
  7. Full Range I should elaborate on that [emoji106] I didn’t mean like that you can’t go to the concert [emoji12] I took the day off work just so I could stay next to my laptop and get the best seat I can afford and I got a good seat
  8. Full Range Are you going to the Phil Collins concert I’ve got my ticket
  9. I’m gona skip through this one as I’m running out of time before her indoors gets home
  10. And just had to know that this one was going to show itself Time to turn up the volume
  11. I got this this little Yamaha music cast speaker free when I bought my new HT receiver it’s very easy to setup and you can stream from Spotify,Pandora or music library on your smartphone My Mrs uses it often cause my main system is too complicated for her (what a shame [emoji6]) This is the smaller version Once setup you don’t have to touch it again you can power on and off and volume up and down all through the music cast app
  12. I was just telling the lads over on My System this Morning it's been awhile since I had the house to myself so I'd better make good use of it So I've cleaned the dust off my TT and I've now gone into genesis mode First was Selling England by the pound And now Three sides live [emoji7]
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