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  1. Post some pics thread...

    Found these orchids today Arthur Pieman Conservation Area. Heaps more area to cover, so expecting a few more. Not so good with these, gusty winds hampered my efforts, hoping for calmer weather tomorrow. Calochilus herbeaceous white morph. Calochilus herbeaceous Calochilus paladosus
  2. Step down a stepped down voltage.

    You may get a way with a simple resistor / zener method for low current, not really good regulation with that type especially if you want to run a Pi or Arduino. I would look at using series connected voltage regulators 48V to 18V (see below for suggested circuit type) then 12V, 5V and 3V. IC regulators will have an input to output voltage limit, ~36V comes to mind for the 78XX series, LM317 is 40V, LT1083 is 30V. There probably are higher input / output types I am not sure what type / part number they are. Extra components will be needed with the regulators the numbers of extra components will be dependent on the regulators used. The only regulator really at the limit for IC regulators is the 48V to 18V , I suggest using 18V as this will provide enough voltage overhead for the following IC regulators like the 7812, 7805 etc. You might use a zener controlled regulator in the 48V to 18V position, see http://www.circuitstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Zener-Controlled-Transistor-Series-Voltage-Regulator.jpg A bypass transistor is then more easily found that has the required voltage / current capabilities. There are many choices out there just need to look up the data on RS or Element14? Have you checked to see if there is already a power supply that is off the shelf with those voltages?
  3. Step down a stepped down voltage.

    A simple resistance divider may do the job for low power requirements.
  4. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  5. Subwoofer build

    I agree that you should try them as they are. These speakers are designed to be used with infinite baffles it would seem. Something like this prototype might work, placing for this in my system is centred between the main panels. Simple and easy to build, can be mono or stereo dependent on crossovers and amplification etc. I use a second hand Rotel 130W stereo amp for the stereo bass, enough to play loud. The use of something like a miniDSP is useful with setup of levels, crossover point, equalization and delays if needed. There are various ways to get what you might like but it will take some experimentation to arrive at your preferred setup. More details of equipment on hand would be useful, sources, amplification, intended use, HT setup or just stereo? Perhaps see if you can borrow some different types of subs to try out before construction and get a feel for what you like. Talk with like minded people in your area and listen to other systems with similar setups that you are proposing.
  6. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    From my perspective, a much better look, perhaps a bit too high, but you do need air flow under the amplifier so you will be limited to what can be done. What is the black section of the feet made of? Building amplifiers is satisfying, just do not do it so often these days. When things settle down a bit I will get back to my 2 channel 200 W build. Will not look as nice as these but I really have no interest in how things look, only the performance. Heard too many systems that look good, but do not perform. Will be interesting to see and hear the new purchases when they arrive, definitely a GTG in them!
  7. New KLEI Banana plugs

    Nice looking spades. Pity that seller will not post to PO Boxes like many other eBay vendors these days (especially the cheaper item sellers advertising "No Postage costs"). Not sure why, possibly return postage to be paid by the seller if not collected by or delivered to the buyer? Have used the z-bananas successfully for years (recycled from old test leads). Think I may have replaced about 5 or so after me being heavy footed and stepping on them. That the z bananas break with the heavy foot treatment may be a good thing as the sockets have never been damaged, something like a crumple zone for plugs and sockets? I use 1.5mm diameter solid copper speaker leads, no breakages being attributed to the size of conductor, ever.
  8. Post some pics thread...

    Out for a walk in a local park and found this young Magpie, obviously recently just left the nest as it was reluctant to fly away.
  9. Post some pics thread...

    Trying to do one of those silly high 5's. Caladenia pusilla and thumb
  10. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    Come in handy at times I would think? They just can't read a plan.
  11. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    Yes he does, when he comes to listen to my system. OH! that's right we spent most time looking at and talking about cars!
  12. Teflon capacitors.

    Better off listening to the music through the equipment. Then after time see if you can perceive a difference. It may not be a "better" difference though.
  13. Lightspeed Attenuator DIY

    You are missing the point, you assume everyone will know to make that connection, I do but others probably will not. So missing a connection, as the circuit as shown will not work until that missing connection is made.
  14. Lightspeed Attenuator DIY

    It might, as you need a current through the LED's. Cannot see a return path for the +5V, so missing a connection between -5V and earth, check the MKII circuit for the -5V. I do understand how this attenuator works.