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  1. I recently cancelled a mobile plan that I had used for about 17 years, the actual Telstra shop in Hobart CBD refused to help me cancel the service, I had to ring up, no choice. When I rang the person at Telstra was not interested in wanting to know why I was cancelling, just that the number would be deactivated within 5 minutes of ending the call, "is there anything else I can help with today"? Pretty much no value in telling Telstra anything, if you feel it necessary to move (I would suggest that you do if you are not happy) just do it, there are lots of other service providers with plans that provide much more than Telstra does and they are usually cheaper. Probably a lot better off in the long run. As for being with Telstra for the best coverage, that is not necessarily the case, in a few places that we visited in 2018, some outback towns had only Optus coverage at that time, not sure if that has changed? Glad I had an Optus compatible SIM at that time.
  2. Item: Manfrotto Tripod_MT190XPRO4 Location: Kingston, Tasmania. Price: $350 Negotiable, PLUS postage. Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Not suitable for the new camera - lens combination. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank transfer Extra Info: This tripod has served me well, but I now have a heavier camera - lens setup and this tripod is not up to heavy weights hanging from it when setup horizontally (second photo down), especially when photographing orchids. It does have a few scratches but nothing that affects the usage. Photos:-
  3. This morning there were quite a number of birds in the garden, this wren was scouting about under the low hanging branches.
  4. Out at the local dam just before dark, saw the frog spawn and heard and heard these frogs. I counted four frogs. Surface with a lot of spawn on the surface/
  5. One option Searchmyfiles ||| W ||| Searches your system disks ||| http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/search_my_files.html Search Mode: "Duplicates Search", fill in the information for your system, click "Start Search". Image viewer ||| W,M,L ||| XnViewMP ||| https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/ This image Viewer / Editor allows thumbnail viewing (good for checking what each image is), searches for similar files, use "Tools, Search for similar files" add your search areas "Add Folder..." check "Same file data", when satisfied click "OK"
  6. Handy software for watching folders / directories like a photo directory and make a backup or open image viewer for example, after all photos are loaded from a camera. Directory Monitor ||| W ||| Watch for folder/directory changes real time and run other applications / other options ||| https://directorymonitor.com/download
  7. Everyone, please follow the preferred method of listing any software suggestions. Name of Package ||| OS (Windows, MAC, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Other) ||| What the software does ||| Download site Thanks.
  8. Easy as. This is a screenshot of the WSUS 6.5 setup used to get Windows XP updates. This is a screenshot of the WSUS 11.8.3 setup used to get Windows 7 64bit updates. Click "Start", a DOS window should open and downloading will begin. WAIT. Once the DOS window closes check the \wsusoffline\iso directory for the results "wsusoffline-w61-x64.iso" (5,177,085,952 bytes) which includes the update install software "UpdateInstaller.exe". Once you have the resulting iso or other files, you can mount the iso on a virtual disk drive ( see https://www.elby.ch/products/vcd.html ), USB drive (see https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-burn-an-iso-file-to-a-usb-drive-2619270 ) or burn a DVD (see http://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download ) and go from there. See easy as.
  9. WSUS Offline ||| W ||| Downloads various Microsoft (OS's, OFFICE etc) updates / patches to use offline, various OS from XP to Win 10 ||| http://download.wsusoffline.net/ The latest version 11.8.3 does 7-10, XP is not listed. I found that version 6.5 will download XP updates. Keeps record of what is downloaded and will not download files already downloaded. BEWARE, can / will use large amounts of bandwidth on the first download.
  10. Golden Stag Beetle, Christmas Beetle Lamprima aurata(?) In the garden this afternoon.
  11. Resident in the garden this morning, stitched panorama from three images.
  12. If you are not aware of them, what good would it do to have me telling you what they are? Look it up, I'm sure there are plenty of web sites that will inform you. I'm done here.
  13. Please read what I have written, there are problems and ramifications for people trying things that are for others easy. I think a lot of people will not fully understand what is being spoken about, that could cause problems for some. I will leave it there, getting too far off topic.
  14. There is no magic bullet software, that is why other options were listed. I agree it is easy. Easy to say, not so easy to do for most people, that is why there is a need to think first. To help people get over the problem of "too hard" I used the option of giving options for others to try that I have found to be helpful to me. Quite so, easy for you and I, but probably double dutch to most. After 25 years of looking after all the computing needs of a department, that had one PDP 8 when I started and ended up having around 250 Windows PC's, several servers and about 600-800 users that was part of an even larger enterprise, I do understand some things, so much more to learn.
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