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  1. This week the Spotted and Striated Pardalotes have been in abundance in the local Reserve. Spotted Pardalote. Striated Pardalote.
  2. Had a good walk this morning on the local Reserve, found lots of things, some below. Getting the eye from a Scarlet Robin. Wolf Spider(?) Blue Butterfly(?). Grasshopper. Black Faced Cuckoo-shrike
  3. I would suggest the MiniDSP mic, https://www.minidsp.com/products/acoustic-measurement/umik-1 or similar, they do come up for sale on SNA, I bought one here for around $100. Then you can use with REW https://www.roomeqwizard.com/ to measure other things as well. You will need some sort of computer for REW but it is available for both Windows, Linux and MAC. Screenshot of REW and the SPL window.
  4. My time in computing / networking I have had quite a number fail, mostly the plug socket interface being the issue, most problems being the insulation displacement section of both plugs or sockets. I am sure that whilst most connectors are capable there is always the possibility of getting inferior equipment that may need replacing for better quality. It is interesting to have look at the actual connectors under a microscope/loupe, it is easy to see the differences between low and high quality components. YMMV.
  5. I have read recently in this topic more about cable (the wire) types, whether CAT 5,6 etc and no one seems to have addressed the issue of the plugs/sockets - connector/s connection/s quality used on both ends. I have found quite a difference in the quality of the actual cable (the wire) connectors and sockets, as shown in the photo. The little gold plated brass of the contact face shown, are also the insulation displacement connections for the cable wires inside the connector. This issue of quality also applies to the socket. This plug - socket quality could have at least some effect on the overall quality of the cable(including wire and plugs) and the ability of that cable to transfer data regardless of the actual cable(the wire) - CAT5,6etc itself.
  6. Had a trip to the eastern shore today, visited three sites. Tasmanian Magpie, giving me the eye. Spurwinged Plover preening after a dip in a roadside culvert.
  7. Thanks Mick, I thought Black as there is no white on the wing? This is how I normally see them around here.
  8. Late afternoon walk in a local reserve. Striated Pardalote. Scarlet Robin.
  9. Had a short walk in the bush this morning, found this Grey Black Currawong preening just after its morning bath. They sure do get into some funny positions. I got the look again.
  10. Weather is getting much better and the spring orchids are starting to flower. Acianthus caudatus. These plants are about 100 - 120mm tall and the flower is usually about 40 - 75mm long.
  11. No apology necessary, I too get names wrong at times. Great shots!
  12. @ols45 First two shots look more like an Osprey than an Egret?
  13. Hoping to attract a few Pardalotes to nest around our house, seen quite a few in the trees along the fence this year. Built two from scraps lying around. Previous attempts with timber boxes on another property were unsuccessful.
  14. Had a trip to Howden foreshore this morning, found this Little Pied Cormorant preening.
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