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  1. Why bother, trying to help but your mind is obviously made up that nothing can improve the circuit, nothing I can say or do will change that, a pity. Moving on.
  2. Found 3 Tawny Frogmouths roosting next door.
  3. Having been playing with OB designs for a number of years I think that the best bass comes from at least 2 X 15 inch drivers mounted in a V located in the middle of the other drivers. That location will not be an easy sell but I think it is the best. An issue with that is that the connections for the channels need to be swapped side to side, LH channel bass to the RH bass speaker and RH channel bass to the LH bass speaker. I know it sounds weird to wire this way but it is easy to try but worth the effort. The use of a miniDSP or similar will also aid in getting
  4. ? Really? Good to hear, just need the next 20 years to make them "right"? 🤤
  5. Orchid from today's trip to the Weld River. Strap Beard Orchid (Calochilus paludosus), plant 15- 0 400mm tall, flower 14 - 20mm X 10 - 14mm wide.
  6. A thumbs down for me, I get used to something then it gets "improved" but in fact it is worse than before. At least the number totals have disappeared from the Classifieds, not a good look. I have asked in the past for the "Marked Site Read" to be returned to the top of a page to where it used to be alongside the "Search" button. nothing worse to have to scroll the bottom of the page to access the read site button.
  7. The length as stated above should not be an issue. Use a cable of good quality, the quality of the connectors and the quality of the termination of the connectors have been a problem I have encountered in the past.
  8. @MLXXX I do understand what this thread hopes to do and to a large extent what is involved and what is being proposed to be measured and the difficulty in doing so. I look forward to the test results.
  9. I agree, the initial testing can surely be done on pretty much any cables to begin with and work your way up if needed? No need to go up in price if you cannot find substantial differences in "normal" cables? 🙄
  10. @Red MacKay Or the opposite, "the system sounds a lot better". My partner has always been very good at discerning any changes I have made, whether the results are good or bad. I do try to make any changes without her knowledge to see if I get any response. To have questions asked about what I have changed without telling her that I have done anything to the system is a priceless commodity. I have not heard a difference from changing power cables, but that does not mean differences were/are not present. There have been many other things I have changed
  11. Thanks, it was flitting around in The Springs car park half way up The Mountain, a delightful subject. It took little notice of people going by, surprisingly very few people showed any interest in the bird even though it was making lots of noise.
  12. Found this Pink Robin at The Springs on the mountain.
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