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  1. Found this Pink Robin at The Springs on the mountain.
  2. You are not comparing apples to apples, a little electrical theory would point you to that. How often does this subject of Certification to Australian Electrical Standards have to be mentioned on SNA for people to get the message?
  3. Not for me, sorry. Too many security questions, no obvious answers. Too much like phishing for me.
  4. If you have not done so already, get your ears checked, I was low on the left side. I personally would change my miniDSP level settings to suit my needs for balance if everything else fails.
  5. Late very overcast afternoon walk I saw one of the best displays of "see how big I am!" with this Superb Fairy Wren on top of the dry ferns.
  6. Had this Superb Fairy Wren in the garden just now.
  7. OP wants to solder, no external plugs SO.... This suggestion or something like it is Simple? This suggestion or something like it is Complicated? I must be in another universe? By all means solder the resistors inside your equipment. My thoughts are that you take care to be able to return the equipment to standard if not the result that you are looking for.
  8. The requirement to change resistors was not mentioned but can easily be accommodated by using a longer lead on the board side of the the first resistor/s installed. When you need to change values, cut the installed resistor at the junction of the resistor body and lead going to the board, then solder the new resistor to the lead coming from the board. You could also unsolder the wire/s on the connector/s, remove the nut and put in place a suitable solder lug, replace the nut, resolder the wire and solder in new resistor/s to the new solder lug/s.
  9. I would examine using the elliptical shaped plated through holes to the left of the nut/s if you want short leads, larger pad easier to solder and larger pads not so easy to damage?
  10. Another flying bird. White Bellied Sea Eagle.
  11. Sort of getting the hang of birds in flight, these birds are from yesterday and today. Fairy Tern(?) Apparently a Greater Crested Tern. Masked Lapwing White Faced Heron.
  12. Out and about this afternoon, found a Tasmanian Native Hen on the banks the Snug River. This bird is one of the three birds in Australia that cannot fly.
  13. Morning walk today, there were lots of Silvereyes about.
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