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  1. soundbyte

    WTB: 100v Step down transformer

    Some in the Classifieds? @Hiddenletters @Jesco
  2. soundbyte

    UK 2018 trip

    Some suggestions on places you might like to check out down that way. The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno Beach is next door and is an interesting cove, think communications. Lands End, Levant mine and beam engine, Tintagel, Port Issac, bridges of Saltash, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Haytor Dartmoor, the list goes on. The House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey, check out the moving sculpture on the wall that surrounds the stairs, be prepared to watch for some time. Very hard to find parking in some seaside towns during summer.
  3. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    An early morning forager.
  4. soundbyte

    FS: iFi power supply

    Item: iFi Power supply, 5V version Location: Kingston 7051 Price: $85 + Postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: iFi power supply. 100 - 240VAC 5V, 2.5A Various adapters for both AC and DC. "Active Noise Cancellation" "1uV noise floor" Suits Raspberry Pi with included adapter. Pictures: Actual Item with packaging
  5. soundbyte

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    I'm sure @Upfront as well as others would welcome you to have listen to their systems. Lincs horns are definitely worth a visit though. May be able to twist Linc's arm for a GTG?
  6. soundbyte

    Paper machè horns.

    Its a milking stool, only three legs, the cow's got the udder! Nice though Linc. The other problem is now you have it you need to use it. Not much use in the shed, as you probably have to stand in front of your plaster alter, so not much use there then.
  7. soundbyte

    Bluesound Vault 2

    At bit off topic but it may assist with networking problems and issues for Windows update for some of you? You might like to look here https://www.askwoody.com (WARNING a LOT to read!!) to catch up on just what is going or not going on with Windows updates and the problems the updates are causing. Bill Gates is not closely tied to Microsoft anymore and I think that is one reason why Microsoft is a shambles at present and with no immediate improvement on the horizon. Networking issues can be sorted if you have some tools to help you out, you might try "wnetwatcher" https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher_setup.exe which will search your network and show what is connected and the IP addresses of the various connections. Important in fault finding and seeing if any connections are being made to your network without your knowledge. The Nirsoft site https://www.nirsoft.net has some good tools for looking around your computer.
  8. soundbyte

    Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    The position of the feet, not colour has been an issue for me since I first saw a Holton amplifier in the new case format. That amplifier passed through my hands many months ago. I had thought the owner of that amplifier to whom I mentioned my opinion on location of the feet may have mentioned this to Anthony. I may have mentioned it at a GTG in Burnie many moons ago? I too was concerned with the heat sink being compromised, but as @guru says I agree, well engineered I would say. These cases are very well designed and built, not sure that there would be a mechanical issue, but time will tell.
  9. soundbyte

    Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    MUCH, MUCH better to my eyes. Try that with other amplifier manufacturers, less than 24 hour changes. That is the flexibility that you get from a terrific supplier and a terrific bloke, well done Anthony.
  10. soundbyte

    Suggestions Needed For A Cheap Music Server

    At present it is running on my PC, cannot see why it should not run on the RPI, it can be installed as I have said ,I had problems with LMS on the RPI but that was some time ago. I do not use a login for LMS on my PC, pretty sure that may have been the problem with the RPI. The RPI install of LMS needed an external internet connection to get it going, my system does not allow that from the internal music network.
  11. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    Splendid orchid country that, keep your eyes peeled.
  12. soundbyte

    Suggestions Needed For A Cheap Music Server

    Have setup another RPI (one I prepared earlier) and now can see two devices on the LMS web page. First RPI ash-hifiberry to play Radio Paradise. Second RPI to play local music. Cannot actually hear the music but both RPI's are detected and seem to be playing music. I think that setup will work, whether it suits you that is another matter, but simple and cheap. Connected to the LMS and this is what Squeezer thinks is connected.
  13. soundbyte

    Suggestions Needed For A Cheap Music Server

    I have not tried this, but I think that LMS will do multiple devices and multiple music streams. I know I can see multiple devices, top right hand corner of the LMS web page is the selector (small down ? ) not tried the multiple streams as I have only one room to listen to music in. If get time later today I will setup another RPI + a DAC and see what can be done. There is a Logitech phone app for controlling LMS information here http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Logitech_Squeezebox_Controller_App#Hardware for both Apple and Android . I use Squeezer, which is only(?) for Android, looking at it now it does have a selection for "Players" plural. App here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.org.ngo.squeezer&hl=en .
  14. soundbyte

    Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    @Jventer I agree with your mention of the feet, I cannot get enthused by them, position, type or size. I feel they detract from overall look of the amplifier, dumpy is the word that comes to mind, really due to the amplifier case not being able to have feet mounted further outboard due to the cooling fins. That said you will go an awful long way to hear and amplifier as good, maybe just close your eyes?
  15. soundbyte

    Paper machè horns.

    Seems like a lot of Australians that think Tasmania is the cold part of Australia. Canberra today was ~ 0 - 24 Hobart ~10 - 24, which city has the coldest temperature? It is easy to forget or not know about temperatures, Alice Springs and the central areas get to 0 and below quite regularly. Where are the main ski fields in Australia, not Tasmania. It does get cold here, not as cold as other places in Australia though, but I do know where I prefer to live. Melbourne eh(?) not that much difference to here. Nice solar install Linc.