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  1. This is one of the reasons for me going OB, I did not find an answer to that issue. I thought I could hear "boxes" in most cases when I went to listen to systems. So I did something different, there are other solutions apparently, but I took the easiest solution for me, I cannot do woodworking too well. I feel it works well, others may think not, but that is their prerogative. Your solution/s for your system/s/ situation/s, but gestating ideas is a good thing. @Auracle seems to have solved that issue but I am not aware of how it is/was done, only a few selected people know so far, intriguing.
  2. The hole for the driver may be problematic but I'm pretty sure it would be possible. Look very cool.
  3. Another bird visitor. Common Bronzewing.
  4. Solved the problem with building a sphere!! Lots of woodworking with plywood!!
  5. Don't know that these are ring tails(?), look more like sugar gliders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_glider Ring tails here look like these.
  6. Insulators. Most are not glass, but glazed ceramics, porcelain. Upturned glasses, mugs, egg cups, should work as well, lots of options once you start to look. Grandma's Sunday best cups?
  7. Don't forget to pick up something to tie the cables down, O rings in the video specially looped. Lots of other types will most likely be available, so it might be worth looking at other Plastic Reinforcing Bar Chairs that may have better stabilisation as well as some tie down locations for the cables. Let us know how it goes.
  8. Another early morning shot, the sun just would not shine on this cobweb. I like that it looks something like a port flare at times.
  9. Found a nice dew drop this morning, the photo does not do it justice.
  10. Have a look at these Brian, the first one is a spherical enclosure with woofer (sound familiar?), https://www.cepro.com/photo/10_loudspeakers_munich_high_end_show/2/ The second one is very similar to your speaker layout, https://www.cepro.com/photo/10_loudspeakers_munich_high_end_show/7/ Not looked at all the offerings at the Munich High End show but there are quite a lot of sites with pictures of the shows offerings about. https://hifipig.com A number of reports here.
  11. There was outside influence to create any sound heard, the cables by themselves without being slapped on the floor, were silent I suspect.
  12. No cable/s by itself/themselves will make any sound, so no one will "hear" cables, cables are not designed as sound producing devices, only as electrical transmission devices. Whether or not a cable/s change the sound when connected in an audio system, that is another matter that creates much debate.
  13. Nice to hear of another AE user. WinISD is used by a number of members here for calculations for boxes and can be downloaded at http://www.linearteam.org/ install (hopefully you have a Windows machine) and run. Basically insert the relevant driver details, then see what result/s you get. Not that easy but with a bit of time, you should get results that are suitable for your drivers.
  14. Had an early visitor this morning to our garden, Green Rosella, Australia's largest rosella.
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