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  1. Been out to look about 5 minutes before I saw this post. Did not last long, cloud cover shut out the sky.
  2. Cold windy walk this morning, some birds are now starting to reappear. This Eastern Spinebill was busy on a grevillea and performed a hummingbird type hover to reach flowers at the end of a branch. More practice needed, more speed, more light, but take what you can get at the time.
  3. Yellow Wattlebird having problems with his wattles when having a scratch.
  4. Cold on the walk next door today, but was totally worth it as I did see what I think is a Shining Bronze-cuckoo for the first time.
  5. You tee off the river with pipe, the inlet pipe (eg perforated ~4 inch stainless steel pipe with screen over holes) is laid near the bottom of the river as far above your power generator as possible, location restrictions usually apply here. This does not stop the inlet being damaged but reduces the possibility. The outlet water from your generator is piped back to the river, preferably downstream of a big rock, you have plenty of big rocks to choose from! Generators can be made from discarded washing machine motors (Fisher and Paykel are favourites, can be stacked, etc) and a pelton wheel or similar. Lots of videos on YouTube. Now back to the topic.
  6. This little bird visited our garden today, as you can see it is raining. Details for this bird here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superb_fairywren
  7. Everything is pretty much OK with some one listening in, so long as you don't turn on the light! So work in the dark, most of us here do that normally don't we? The listening in to another persons system whilst interesting however difficult it may be, say with a 7.1 HT system, how do you manage to get them to provide the music you prefer?
  8. Seems that others have had are having issues with Tidal?
  9. Another thought is to ping one of your service providers network addresses (perhaps the DNS server?) from each of your local connection points to check the connection to the service provider, your problem may be there, not locally necessarily, you could also ping the Tidal server ip address (if known) as well. Most service providers list the ip addresses of the server/s they use, but you can find the DNS server ip address from your local computer/s. If you use a Linux box ifconfig in a "terminal" should list all the relevant information. If using Windows use "cmd" (Windows key and R, type "cmd" in the "Open" box), then type "ipconfig /all | more" should list all the relevant information as well, press space bar to page forward to read all the results if necessary. I agree that you should ensure that your local Ethernet infrastructure is sound, good cables, switches etc. Check the speed of your internet connection to see if it is running as expected, check using both wired or wireless from each of your computers, https://www.speedtest.net/
  10. Kingston, Tasmania. Peter Murrell Reserves, https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/peter-murrell-reserves Birds and animals not as common as they once were, unfortunately we have dog owners, orchid hunters and bird watchers who do the wrong thing, the wildlife has suffered. Native orchids still one of the main attractions for me.
  11. In the local Reserve again today, this Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo was particularly content eating seeds in the tree.
  12. @davewantsmoore Parkdale. Worth looking at. Results for each result can be copied and pasted to a text file. It can also compare with others on line, not recommended. @wikeeboy Any results with Parkdale? My results ranged from 102 to 254 MByte/sec read - 101 to 253 MByte/sec write. The results included some WD EFRX disks. Lexar SSD was the quickest, a WD EFRX 3TB the slowest.
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