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  1. Dare at your own risk...

    Dire Straits -- Sultans of Swing.
  2. Where was your lunch location today?

    Forgot to post my lunch location for yesterday. Lake Botsford.
  3. Tentative Disaster In The Making

    Thats the spirit. It'll either be brilliant or a disaster! Either way it'll be an experience. At the end of the day thats all you have. I agree, give it a go, not a lot to lose!
  4. The Twins

    A mere $US700 to deliver. Would it be worth a trip to Austin to check them out first?
  5. What makes a good soundstage for speakers?

    I find it just adds that little bit of extra "air, ambience" difficult to describe in meaningful words, but take it out and you notice it immediately. I am yet to try using it with delay via miniDSP, may get to that later this week. Making the most out of the present good weather and am out searching for orchids most days.
  6. Where was your lunch location today?

    Once again a great day out looking for orchids, this time in the north of Tasmania.
  7. What makes a good soundstage for speakers?

    ?? iterations , re-births ?? Lots of changes though, most for the better. Best result for no money was from the Soundoctor method. Still trying to nut out the IB @125dBmonster.
  8. The Twins

    Yes please and would you also touch up the internal bracing? These don't need castors they need a tow bar with troopy wheels installed ! Looking good, nice job.
  9. What makes a good soundstage for speakers?

    @zydeco Thanks for pointing us to an interesting link. I have been using an upwards / rearwards firing ribbon speaker for some time. My u/r firing Neotech JP3 ribbon has no delay, points towards the ceiling behind the main speakers and is the same electric polarity as the main Raven R2 ribbon. I could connect the u/r firing ribbon via a separate amplifier and use a delay (miniDSP), reverse the polarity (miniDSP), something to try as well as various orientations of the second ribbon. Is this sort of thing possible to try in your case @QuackQuack ? Of course after you have tried the Soundoctor method. It would be an interesting experiment.
  10. What makes a good soundstage for speakers?

    @QuackQuack @dcathro There will be lots of systems not properly setup for best results in room, I've heard quite a few. Hence my suggestion to try the Soundoctor method. Quote from http://soundoctor.com/testcd/whitenoise.htm "Here is a method for "aiming" (and learning) speakers --- for determining the splay angle AND the "lobe" of the sound coming out of [any] speaker. This method is far more accurate than ANYTHING else, even lasers. Doing it with your ears with this procedure takes EVERYTHING into account, including interchannel digital delays or anomalies, circuit group delay, phase shifts, if any, anywhere in the chain, including the crossovers, and it also takes into account mechanical interchannel timing issues (often somewhat incorrectly called time alignment) caused by the simple fact that the speakers or the drivers are different distances from your face. You will be able to aim and adjust your speakers to within 1/4" or better with this method." Quite a statement! What have you got lose? Maybe an afternoon, you never know?
  11. What makes a good soundstage for speakers?

    You might find using the setup procedure outlined at http://soundoctor.com/testcd/index.htm and the PDF file at http://soundoctor.com/testcd/Soundoctor_Test_CD_v2-7-2.pdf quite useful. You don't actually need the setup CD if you can provide the required tracks from something like REW. I did buy it as it was $US18 about $A25 which took just a week to arrive. Very happy with the results, took some time to go through the setup procedure but in my case I believe it worth the effort.
  12. Tannoy

    @Red MacKay may be able to help you?
  13. NBN HFC setup question

    Remember sitting on the floor, ladders and scaffolding doing that routine! I still have some of the terminating tools required to do that!
  14. NBN HFC setup question

    There are still a few of us PMG trained technicians about, some maybe still working, in this case it would seem making the NBN function. Probably unlikely to have actually been a PMG trained technician, but I like the inference that the PMG technicians could get things fixed. Strowger, now there's a name for you, had forgotten that one. Day after day of practice to learn how to adjust and clean that step equipment. 3000 type relays with their contacts with the long rectangular gram gauges and don't forget the uniselectors! Cleaning the rows and rows of contacts on the racks of equipment with the grey semicircular cleaning pads mounted on the blue handle. Terminating cables, some more than 200 pairs (most that size on the MDF). Lacing the cables into nice neat blocks on top of the racks with a modified hacksaw blade and twine, with each cable neatly arranged both entering and exiting the block. Blue, orange, green, brown, slate and their mates, hence the colourblind test. What about the noise of the step and crossbar exchanges when the local radio station had a phone in competition? What a RACKET!
  15. Replacement relay for Sansui AU5900?