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  1. Been some time since we have had so many different types of birds in our backyard. Spent about 45 minutes just before lunch and managed to get the following, I did not get a shot of the Eastern Spinebill, Yellow Rumped Thornbill nor the Little Wattle bird. Scarlet Robin, female. Yellow Throated Honeyeater. Superb Fairy Wren. Green Rosella. New Holland Honeyeater with fly. Late afternoon visitor, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo.
  2. Have a firewall active, for Windows 7 and up try Tinywall at https://tinywall.pados.hu/. This application will only make itself known when it has a outgoing request from an application it does not know about, managed via a list Most routers have firewalls in them, worth a look. Fully BACKUP your DATA, with at least two copies, applications can be reinstalled, your data cannot be easily recovered or remembered. Schedule a regular data backup to a USB HDD, as an example see https://www.instructables.com/id/1-How-to-Schedule-a-Backup-in-Windows-7/ Try to have an off site backup, a bit difficult now I admit, but it can be done. Run a spyware scan regularly Superantispyware from https://www.superantispyware.com/?tag=SUPERANTISPYWARE and Malwarebytes from https://www.malwarebytes.com/ Install HTTPS Everywhere https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere on your browser if you can (if it is not installed) and if not sure check security of sites before using them by clicking on the little key as shown in this link . Doing this will open a new window with lots of details about the security of the site. I also have PiHole https://pi-hole.net/ running on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/ . This way you can blacklist nasties easily via a blacklist and also stop a great many adverts at the same time. A bit of IP addressing (DNS address) knowledge required, but worth it. There a large number of black lists available, you can also make your own.
  3. Its big, its long and fat, a big black freckle and a big hole near one end. Getting it up once in 11 months is something to write home about? One up, one to go. Well done!
  4. @BioBrian Been passing Mountain River for the last four days and have not been able to stop, the virus situation not the reason. Good to see that you are making progress, above and beyond as usual, was not disappointed with knowing the tractor still comes in handy in the "listening room". I would assume that you have now heard them in your system and are worth the effort? One of these days I may be able to visit and listen.
  5. Spent some time in the garden just after rain this morning.
  6. I did not hear the joke, it must have been very funny?
  7. Showers and overcast here today, but that did not stop a lot of the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos from feeding on a neighbours bottlebrush.
  8. Wolf Spider outside our door, was removed from inside the house earlier.
  9. Little Wattle Bird on our flowering gum.
  10. Had over 20 New Holland Honeyeaters in the garden this morning, I found 8 in this shot, watch out for the eyes.
  11. I agree that you would need a "Smart UPS" to allow the UPS to shutdown important equipment properly and also be able to notify someone about any problems. Use a sine wave UPS if possible. I have been using a second hand APC Smart UPS 3000 (3000VA) for about 10 years now, bought off eBay for $300.00 and have not in that time replaced the batteries, the UPS does a regular test on them. It is quiet, unless it is working, sits in a spare room inside, but it is not a rack mount, it is large 460mm H X 200mm W X 540mm D. The UPS has two 15A inputs and 8 outlets, quite a lot of overkill, but the price was low for what it is and does. I have my UPS connected via the local network and use the APC software "APC PowerChute Business Edition" (Windows version) for remote setup and control. I did need to use a special cable to alter the initial settings on the network card, that may not be needed now with newer UPS's. I would let the server run for 5 minutes on the UPS as a lot of outages are not of long duration, can save a server restart. It would be worth looking into the motherboard BIOS settings of the server to check if it can be restarted without intervention when the power is restored, that was possible on the server boards I was responsible for.
  12. Sunny today on my walk and saw the Frogmouths again.
  13. Late afternoon walk on a dull day, saw three Tawny Frogmouths, this one was in a tree I had looked at earlier in the walk and not seen it.
  14. Frustrated that this Grey Currowong started eating this Gum Moth in just the wrong place for a clear shot, could not move to a better position. It was all over in a few seconds.
  15. Just came back from a walk next door. Found this Cuckoo Shrike with a Gum Moth.
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