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  1. Soft furnishings, bean bag type thing?
  2. Paper machè horns.

    Had the opportunity to visit Linc and his new system this afternoon, thanks for having me around for a listen, most enjoyable and enlightening discussions on the next iteration or two. Very impressed with both the workmanship and the sound coming from this small horn / box combination. Some further miniDSP tuning is to be undertaken when Linc gets more of a handle on what this system can and cannot do, it will get a lot better I would wager. "More to come", by the sound of the proposed new horns lots more to come, stay tuned. Well done Linc.
  3. Something similar to you bass stack? http://www.soulsonicspeakers.com/hologramm-x.html
  4. Thanks @norpus for the update. I would normally be able to ask a friend to assist but as he is in Tasmania at present and will not be back in Melbourne for some time, so that option is sadly not available. If only I could drive there easily, I would be there and back by now. Here's hoping that someone closer will step up soon, plenty of interest, little in the way of commitment? Still salivating.
  5. If I did not already have plans in place (hole cut) I would have bought these items by now. In my opinion some of the better IB drivers around with an amp included a no brainer. Says it all really. Can't help myself, @norpus how much for postage to 7051?
  6. There may be a possibility of ceiling or wall IB options? Seems that the equipment is taken care of here. Might be someone nearby to install? The "no postage" causing some to hesitate?
  7. Paper machè horns.

    Would a couple of pieces of the construction ply (if you have any left) mounted vertically ~30mm apart with holes the diameter of the magnet (? the silver part) be able to hold it place? Some threaded rod to make some studs for the mounting?
  8. Paper machè horns.

    Nice work Linc. Closer and closer.
  9. Paper machè horns.

    You laugh but I'm scratching my head wondering where the the hell I'm going to put them! Just build a bigger shed from paper machè?
  10. I understand that there are issues with doing the hanging blanket. The "blanket" should confirm a further reduction in soundstage. No he is not a poster on SNA.
  11. Your efforts at apologetic humor failed miserably, sorry. Casting aspersions might have been the words to use? The speakers I listened to at home were bare, others have been bare as well. Listening at home the speakers were at least 1.2 metres from the rear wall and 1 metre from the side wall. Your situation looks like it may benefit from the "blankets" to test what is going on with your listening environment. It would seem from this comment you are not getting best out of them either? As for what was done to the crossovers that is up to my friend to reveal the details, it is his business, he thought the modifications were an improvement.
  12. I have had pair to listen to in my house for a couple of weeks. The crossovers were modified at the request of a friend, so I do in fact know a little about them, but only a little. I do know I am prepared to try suggestions from others for my system, even though I think they may be of little benefit to me, I have been wrong though, some have worked and worked well, go figure.
  13. I suggest that you might try reducing the level of all frequencies from the rear of the main speakers (dacron, foam 25 mm thick, acoustic batt about 50 mm deep, full panel length) suspended approx 50 - 100 mm behind the panels, between the two uprights of the metal speaker stands.
  14. Going active - sort of

    I agree with you about being able to stuff it up (done that, often), but with software control it is easily changed, generally in real time, unlike passives where you may have to buy many more components for any change. Aligning(?) the bass drivers, in my case delaying the frequencies above 180Hz by 2.5 ms made a big improvement for me in my system. miniDSP is used to provide the delay. Best of luck with this, it seems pretty similar to what I have now, I found it very worthwhile going active, sort of.
  15. Post some pics thread...

    Great lunch spot. A nice walk from the Margate end.