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  1. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Well done Daz, trust you to get a fat one.
  2. soundbyte

    Annoying SNA pop-up

    That would be the better solution, user selected publication, nice. Thanks.
  3. soundbyte

    Annoying SNA pop-up

    It is not really a "solution" that would be welcome when you are overseas, just another hassle to deal with, every 12 hours it would seem. Once you have told SNA you don't want to read the local publication that should be the end of that, period, no more pop ups, not even after another 12 hours. Flag the site selection of the user in their profile, they can then change the selection if necessary. People usually are capable of deciding for themselves which site they want to visit.
  4. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Oh what an opportunity! Will pass though.
  5. This was also happening in the UK with geo-redirection being used to show only the stereonet.co.uk web site in the last few days, not happening for the first four weeks of our visit. Started to happen a couple of days ago, but yesterday everything reverted to normal and seems OK again today from the UK. Found this situation very frustrating. I did get around this by using TOR https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en, not an ideal solution, but it did work for me. The number of people that would need a IP whitelist would become rather large and unwieldy to manage so that may be why the geo-redirection was turned off, at least I hope we have seen the last of it. Russell.
  6. Great job Dave. Nice to see you progressing along the OB (the dark side?) path. Will look forward to the next iteration, suggest that you look into some made for purpose bass drivers. A DSP active system is also a worthwhile effort, albeit more expensive. MiniDSP boards do come up for sale now and again on SNA, love mine, mainly just for the ease of adjustment of the crossover and equalization capabilities. I now have a 15 inch driver for up to 80Hz and one from 80Hz to (EDIT 25Hz) 250Hz, made a big difference. Have one driver for each frequency band, two driven in parallel did not do as good a job. What are the dimensions of these please? Russell.
  7. soundbyte

    Amazing Cheap Desktop Speaker | Build Video

    Good work, nice result, liked the music as well. Noticed though that there are a couple of times in the movie your fingers seem to have been very close to that spinning blade, TAKE CARE, don't want any fingers damaged or missing.
  8. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    Caught the villain who was dirtying the passenger side rear mirror.
  9. A set of simple DIY spikes would be a cheap method to make some comparisons?
  10. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Perhaps you should get the two test tracks I use, StereoPhile Test CD2 tracks one and two, or others, to test these things? They are very simple tests One tests the channels are correct, left, right, not phase. Second tests the phase of signal on the two channels that are correctly connected from the previous test. The second test will sound very much like the channels being reversed if the phase is incorrect. There are test tracks for surround systems, but as I am away from home I cannot help too much with what they are. Just had a quick search and there are some on Discogs such as this URL https://www.discogs.com/Various-Audio-System-Test/release/7776497
  11. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Yes is does, very good indeed. As I reckon most of us that have done it, me included, know how easy it is to do and also how easily it is fixed.
  12. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    OH NO! Is there is another opportunity for problems? 🙄 NO, track one will solve that. Hope it all goes well tomorrow, really.
  13. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    No worries. Nothing like having the channels reversed to make a system sound thin.
  14. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    I think I will leave that information to @Darren69 to reveal.
  15. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    What to say about @Darren69 's new setup? Looked fabulous, but it sounded rather thin and there seemed to me there was something not quite right, promising but no cigar, yet. After one simple test track the issue was found and quickly remedied. After the fault was remedied, a completely different system, really, really good sound, with lots of everything. Not sure there is much more to do really apart from settling back with a cool beverage of choice for an extended listen. Maybe look at the sub integration with a mic and REW? Thanks @Darren69 for having us to stay with you both and your wonderful hospitality, as well as the listening experience. If anyone is passing through Grafton do yourself a favour and ask if you might be able to have a listen.