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  1. soundbyte

    FS: SB acoustic TW 29B Tweeters

    @BioBrian ?
  2. soundbyte

    Gold Coast visit

    Soundbyte is now on the Gold Coast for the next week! Would any local GC members be willing to arrange listening sessions or GTG? Have GPS so can find most addresses, well none have escaped us yet. There was one attempt in Adelaide but we managed to get to the front door without detection. Thanks, Russell.
  3. soundbyte

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    You might like to take this to this topic? https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/253997-power-regenerators-are-they-worth-it-do-they-contribute-anything-to-the-hi-fi-system/
  4. soundbyte

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    My excuse also was I was going to be too far away, @Kensell21 wins hands down for distance at least.
  5. Yep, left over from a server room, does service with the computers at home as well. Nothing like a little overkill!
  6. My audio system power supply is a APC 3000VA UPS, a sine wave output device. Never had any issues with it and it does help if there is a power outage, nothing just instantly loses power and I can arrange a proper shutdown of amplifiers etc. Whether it makes any difference, I have not tested, maybe time for another GTG to test that out?
  7. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    This little frog was another "what are you looking at?"
  8. soundbyte

    How to Get Back Access to my I7 NUC based ROCK

    This obviously looks like a network problem, but may not be. To find what is on your network and ip addresses you should use something like Nirsoft netwatcher on the Windows computer. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_network_watcher.html I would also return your modem to default settings before you start testing. This will set your modem to a designated ip range, set your windows machine to DHCP, not static, reboot the Windows machine and see whether it gets an ip address. Do all testing via wire, not wireless at this stage. Can you boot the NUC on USB or does it perhaps have a DVD drive? If so, you might try loading a Linux distro and see if the Linux live version holds up on the NUC, ie does not reboot or anything strange. I set all my devices with a static address as well as an entry in the DHCP table in the modem. Write down what your settings are at each stage, keep this when it all works.
  9. soundbyte

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    Thanks for the impressions of the day. I can confirm the great S.A. SNA company, I have experienced it recently, just like being at home.
  10. @davewantsmoore I could if you really, really like it, strap it on the roof for you Dave? Do you want it with the driver and amp or just the box? I agree a VERY nice looking box and I LIKE the driver, I have a few. GLWTS.
  11. soundbyte

    Post some pics thread...

    A couple of "what are you looking at" shots from today. Forest Kingfisher and a jumping spider. These a just cropped and resized to 800X600.
  12. soundbyte

    Siegfried Linkwitz

    Very sad news. I have followed his loudspeaker design ideas, after seeing the article in the 1978 edition of Wireless World http://linkwitzlab.com/sb80-3wy.htm . I think I still have an original copy cut from the magazine. A thinker, sharer of knowledge and loudspeaker DIY kit maker / supplier. On my list as one of the all time greats of audio.
  13. Surely it would be "Game on"?
  14. soundbyte

    Where was your lunch location today?

    One that I forgot to post for yesterday, be back at a different beach today, 25 degrees now at 10:28, nice.
  15. soundbyte

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Different makers? "Supposed to be the same" but you never know...etc...