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  1. I had a Denon receiver on here, was getting ridiculous low ball offers here and mucked around alot.. On thebay got more for it then i had advertised in here for
  2. How do these new JVCs compare to the X7900. Worth the premium? Ive been looking , but cant seem to find any direct comparisons. Would love to see a comparison of x7900 vs N5 or n7 in various sources in a light controlled room. Alternatively can someone please point me to a comparison.
  3. If i hadnt of bought a new x7900 recently i would have been all over this. What a bargain
  4. Item: Denon AVRX 4100w Location: North suburbs Melbourne Price: 600 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi All, selling this as im upgrading. Comes complete with remote audyssey microphone.Sounds excellent dolby atmos etc audyssey xt32 Pictures:
  5. Definately miss Audyssey from the Denon. Was tempted by a Yamaha 2085. But the lack of Audyssey through me. Dont understand why all manufacturers dont use it. There own systems are pretty crap from what ive seen.
  6. I Have the Panasonic ub420 player. Anyways i bought a Sony SDr 1080 from ebay pretty cheap just to see what all the fuss is about. Its great that i can just plug everything in and HDR and 4K now work through TV and projector via all sources. Shield and Player, but man the sound is real tinny. So many people rave about the sound of these Sony's but the Denon 4100 is infinitely better sound wise. Just doesnt sound like its able to drive the speakers. Is there any thing to be aware of setting up these things. I may sell both and get a Denon 4500w . Even the sub sounds very flat and its a SVS PC13 ultra
  7. Thanks. Will look into the bluestream splitter. Is it a big downgrade to the Denon avr3500. Looks promising price wise.
  8. Hi All, Having upgraged to the jvc x7900 at the start of the year. Im finding myself needind a receiver with HDCP 2.2. Currently running a Denon x4100. Love the Denon sounds fantastic. But i have to plug projector HDMI direct to player every time i want to watch 4k bluray. I dont want to spend a great deal this time around. Sick of AV receivers going out of date when the next codec comes out. Need a receiver with 2 outputs. Its connected to a 75 inch 4k tv and the JVC projector. Noticed on ebay this Yamaha RX v685. Will sound quality differ a great deal. Love the Audyssey on the Denon. Setup the subs perfectly. What else would be recommended around the 1k mark
  9. My shield was doing the same.So i started using Netflix And youtube from the panasonic UHD player. Must say,some of the 4k files on youtube look better then 4k bluray.Absolutely loving the 7900. Big upgrade from the x35. The only thing i dont like is all the ratchet noises when it detects a 4k HDR source.then again when u switch to non hdr.
  10. Oh,i dont know about that. JVC 7900 for around the 5k mark is much better bang for the buck. I think my old x35 is probably better for standard bluray watching then the epson
  11. Hi guys, have received a few PMs for those wanting to buy. Will respond to in the order they came.Have been working all day.
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