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  1. Hi. Just checking that these cables are bi-wired. They don’t appear this configuration in the photos
  2. Hi I’ll take all 4 LPs please I’ll PM you now Thanks
  3. Love this amp. Huge amounts of clean power at high current. Great to drive Maggies. GLWTS
  4. Further information: I bought these wonderful class D amps new in sealed boxes from a fellow SNA member in August 2020. At about the same time, I couldn’t resist buying a class AB amp at a good price. I spent a month comparing the amps. I would be equally happy with both, but alas I cannot keep both. I found the M700 to have huge reserves of power to effortlessly drive my magnepans with a full rich and detailed sound. They held a tight grip over the bass and produced a smooth midrange bloom and clear highs. They held their own against the AB amp in all areas and exceeded in som
  5. Ok found the tab. what price are you asking ? Is the Discog ‘from’ price ?
  6. Can I just check - there’s 11 records left for sale ? I haven’t used Discogs before. Thanx
  7. Ditto. I love my Mini. Wish I could have got it for this price. Auralic don’t make streamers at this price anymore
  8. Just looks it up. I think it is special mat: Achromat 1200: The Technics SL1200 has a platter with a machined lip which precludes the use of the normal Achromats (which have a diameter of 293mm).

 For these turntables we have launched a version of the mat with an undercut to overcome the problem.

  9. Do you know if this is a standard fit for all TT inc Technics SL1200 ?
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