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  1. I only ask because the PPP manual states that the output THD should be displayed as approx 1/10th of the input THD. If the display isn’t functioning then it may be worthwhile confirming that the regeneration is effective by connecting a mains noise analyser. This will put seller and buyers minds at rest.
  2. Can I ask , if the digital display is not working , how you can tell whether the regenerator is reducing the input THD to a much lower output THD? This display normally shows both values.
  3. Hi I’ll that the unit plus the cables. I’ll PM with details Cheers
  4. GLWTS! Legendary vintage JBLs. 48 years and going strong! I hope I get a chance to listen to them before they get sold. One thing for sure , they will hold their value over time. A high quality design and build
  5. Looks neat. Are you keeping the JBLs against the wall?
  6. Not really. Not yet anyway. Im using nordost blue heaven on my JBLs but I haven’t swapped out yet. Im getting a new TT soon and then I can try different cables once I have a proper reference point. I really want to suss out the bass levels on the BH. I’m lucky I’ve got a frequency controls on my mcintosh amp so I can raise 200 hz to 1000hz. I’m missing the mid bass otherwise. I’ll know how the speaker cables perform once I get the TT hooked up. What cable are you running ?
  7. Killer amp! 500 watts into 8 ohms , must light up those JBLs !!!
  8. Magnificent! Selling for a fraction of their value. I dream of magico in my life some day. GLWTS
  9. I must be doing something wrong with the web browser version on my phone. I can’t locate notifications- there was an earth symbol in top right corner saying I had 1000 + but when I clicked it on it they weren’t from my subscribed threads and then disappeared. What I really liked about Tapatalk was the ability to click on an email notification in my inbox and it would open up my app and go straight to the post. Now it takes me to the login screen on the webpage . It’s a PITA to login 5 times a day. Ive tried selecting ‘remember me’ but no cigar. I’ll keep at it, but would be happy to receive any tips for a novice user. Cheersx
  10. How are you enjoying your JBL sound ? I recently got a pair of JBL 4430 and can’t stop listening to them. A massive change in sound from my Maggies. Much more dynamic bass and treble for rock tracks. I had them modded to remove the switch for the external crossover -it was a tad corroded and now it has been strapped out it has a tighter bottom end. A reversible mod but I’m very pleased to keep them this way.
  11. That’s. Very impressive set up and listening room! Filled with natural light and great space to the side walls and listening position. I enjoyed your description of your listening experience. I agree that been more emotionally involved in the track is the best way to know if the system and room is working for your ears. Thanks sharing. Something for me to aspire to. Cheers
  12. Does anyone know If there a replacement app to access SNA now that Tapatalk is discontinued? @Marc
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