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  1. I will take them if the sale to the first poster falls through. GLWTS Cheers
  2. I have these blu rays that I’d like to do a one for one swap for anything on the list below. My Blu Rays: Alien Covenant (disc only) Allied (disc only) Avatar Baby Driver (disc only) Batman v Superman (disc only) Big Lebowski Blade Runner Blade Runner 2049 (disc only) Bride over River Kwai (disc only) Close Encounters (disc only) Coco GONE Dunkirk (disc only) Expendable (disc only) Enders Game (disc only) Fast n Furious 7 (disc only) Fifth Element Forbidden Kingdom Guardians of Galaxy (disc only) Great Gatsby (disc only) Goodfellas (disc only) Ghostbusters (disc only ) Hacksaw Ridge (disc only) Independence Day (disc only) Justice League GONE Last Jedi (disc only) Life of Pi (disc only) Man of Steel (disc only) Matrix trilogy Murder on Orient Express (disc only) Oblivion (disc only) Patriots Day (disc only) Prometheus GONE Rear Window Ready Player One (disc only) Revenant (disc only) Starship Troopers (disc only) Thor Ragnarok GONE Three Musketeers Blu rays I’d like: Kill Bill 1 and 2 Pulp Fiction (This list to be continued) PM if you are interested in a swap Cheers all [emoji3]
  3. Does the transformer have its own power switch , or is always on ?
  4. I’m totally up for this. How does it work exactly - do we list what we are offering and seeking and then liaise via PM? Is intended to a permanent swap or is this negotiable? Cheers
  5. Thanks for the pic and info. The mid range driver on the R speaker seems to be a lighter colour than the L - is this just the camera angle ?
  6. Hi your speakers look good. Can you post pics of the rear? I assume they have the original binding posts? Have the electronics been serviced by the owner do you know ? Cheers
  7. I switched my USB in/out on the sotm today as per Bill’s suggestion. It works well. No issue accessing the library on my outboard hard drive. I can’t discern any SQ differences. I’ll leave it this way for a month and switch back and I should be able to hear any differences then.
  8. I did it!!! I got my music library remounted. I can know blissfully enjoy 39797 tracks at my leisure. Thanks Mark for your help. You were right that the NAS setting was a red herring. I upgraded to V 4.59 and all is back on track. The process to update the sotm software ain’t so easy first time around but I got there in the end.
  9. I did it!!! I got my music library remounted. I can know blissfully enjoy 39797 tracks at my leisure. Thanks Snoopy for your guidance. I couldn’t have done it without your help. As a first timer upgrading sotm software via micro SD card, I’ve learned a bit. Here’s my tips for others in the same situation : 1. Use 16GB micro SD card ( the sotm file is over 7GB and approx 90% of the stated storage capacity is available to utilise 2. If using Windows to burn the disc image file then know that it will work but you will get error messages telling you that you need to reformat and the file system is not recognised. This because the file is in linux os and not readable by Windows and Windows will prompt you to overwrite it. Insert the SD card into the sotm and it should boot up. Go to upgrade screen to confirm the upgrade is in effect. 3. The default file format FAT32 seems to be fine to use to burn the disc image file even though the file size exceeds 4GB. 4. Rescan the library to ensure all files are present and accessible. I use LMS set up page to do this. Now to send some music to my ears..........
  10. Hi Bill when you update Eunhasu using the micro SD card, what file format do you use ? I can’t get it work with FAT32 or EXFAT. The utility program attempts to transfer the update file into the card but then says the card needs to be reformatted. I’ve been trying to update to 4.22. I notice that you’ve updated to 4.59. I wasn’t sure why three such a pick step up in the versions available on the sotm website.
  11. Hi Snoopy I’ve hit another snag. The upgrade img file is 7GB which exceeds the max file size for FAT32. I’ve tried reformatting the SD card to ExFat but for some reason this reduces the available space to 6.GB. I’m using a 16 GB SD card. I’ve downloaded SD Formatter (the recommended utility to reformat SD cards for maximum file size efficiency) but it only formats to FAT 32. Catch 22 !!! Do you know if SoTM accepts NTCS formatted SD cards ? There must be a way through this. Just not easy the first time!! Thanks again.
  12. Is there a way to tell if an Eunhasu upgrade is effective ? I upgraded from V 0.4.17 to 18 but it stalled at 90% download and when I rebooted it prompted me to upgrade to V 0.4.19. I did this because but it stalled again , I rebooted and so on an so until V 0.4.22 which like every upgrade before stalled and had to be rebooted. I think I will have to contact SoTM to get back to V 0.4.17. In the meantime , I will try upgrading the firmware of the sotm device. I hope this is not an incremental process. Oh the joys! Plug and play it certainly is not
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