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  1. The Baby of Macon - another twisted creation of Peter Greenaway Naked Lunch written by William Burroughs Re-animator (1985)
  2. HBO is giving $20 voucher for $50 spent on HBO titles. I got GOT( 2 for $32) x 2 with $20 voucher for next purchase. FTW
  3. Hi I’ll take : Culture Club Hall and Oates Huey Lewis Boz Scaggs Aussie Crawl Foreigner Head Games Cheers
  4. They have been sold. I updated this status at the time. Not sure why it doesnt appear as SOLD.
  5. I'll take I'm Not There Soundtrack. I'll pick up. Will PM now
  6. I found the info in these pdfs very useful: Nordost guide to use the LEDR tones for hifi set up: https://nordost.com/downloads/System Set-Up and Tuning Disc Booklet_LR.pdf Another guide which borrows from Nordost and adds diagrams: http://www.theaudiobeat.com/blog/speaker_placement.pdf
  7. Hi Monyx I'll take your CDs. I'm in Gold Coast this weekend and can pick up. I'll PM you to arrange. Cheers
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