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  1. Further information: I bought these wonderful class D amps new in sealed boxes from a fellow SNA member in August 2020. At about the same time, I couldn’t resist buying a class AB amp at a good price. I spent a month comparing the amps. I would be equally happy with both, but alas I cannot keep both. I found the M700 to have huge reserves of power to effortlessly drive my magnepans with a full rich and detailed sound. They held a tight grip over the bass and produced a smooth midrange bloom and clear highs. They held their own against the AB amp in all areas and exceeded in som
  2. Item: Moving Coil Cartridge Price Range: up to $500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Needs to fit Technics 1200 GR
  3. Item: Hana SL Cartridge Price Range: $600 Item Condition: Low Hours Extra Info:
  4. Does anyone remember the hifi store on Elizabeth St opposite the back of the Wintergarden ?
  5. Merry Christmas 🎄 I’m looking forward to not working and listening to nice fat choons on my hifi 😀🎼🎺🎸🎷 The count down is on! Happy holidays to all fellow SNArs
  6. I have SMS 200. It’s the standard version. Not a neo. PM if u r interested.
  7. IME these amps deliver so much impact - clear , transparent highs, solid and rich mids and very tight and kicking bass. Their control of the speakers is impressive. A constant pleasure to listen to.
  8. Item: Teradak Linear PSU 15 to 18V Price Range: $100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: To suit Auralic Aries Mini
  9. Simply stunning! I’m sure they’ll find a good home! GLWTS
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