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  1. $519 last time I checked I think you’re looking at the Saga + maybe
  2. Not to worry. You can get this unit new from A2A for a good price
  3. Hi do you know how old the preamp is ? Does the switch on the front put it into stand by or just mute?
  4. Jon Snow


    How about Class D ? PS Audio M700 monoblocks. 700 glorious watts into 4 ohms. Brand new - I’m still burning them in. Super impressive in all areas. Matching , if not exceeding the presentation of my Musical Fidelity M6 500i - a powerful beast in its own right. Tossing up which to keep and which to let someone else enjoy.
  5. Would it work with an input impedance of 38K ohms ?
  6. That’s right. I’d forgotten that. Whilst I do have a few DSD albums I think I can live without it. It would be nice to have decoding ability. Ares has got a lot going for it.
  7. @john001 I was keen on getting a used Ares 2 to live with for a while. By all accounts it’s a terrific sounding dac. If I have to buy new , the pricing puts other DACs into consideration.
  8. I do 🖐 just don’t know much about tubes or tube preamps though. Do I need to match the input impedance of my SS amp ? Can I get a pic of the rear panel?
  9. I’m 90% sold on the Orchid. Just want to suss out the Audio Mirror Tubadour III. It’s a few hundred more again but has a chip that plays 24/192. I asked for thoughts from a reviewer who has reviewed both DACs.
  10. @DSD_Fan @hiya looks like there is no buy direct option for us in Oz. The extra $400 to buy locally pushes the Ares into the next bracket for me - I think I will buy the MHDT Orchid DAC for a few hundred more.
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