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  1. Hey Pedro, Apologies about the belated reply mate. I started off with a pair of Hifiman HE300 headphones and after a year of headfi, got a cheap system my wife bought me. It was a Yamaha R-S300, a cheap turntable and a pair of Jensen X1 speakers (quickly replaced by the Q Acoustic 3010). I eventually got a very good deal on a pair of second hand Monitor Audio S6 speakers and started using them. The amp changed and the 3010s and the R-S300 became a secondary system. The sources were a Pioneer PLX-500 turntable (with a Rega Exact cartrdige) a MHDT Labs Paradesia 3 DAC. Cables have remained generic or DIY jobs. Slowly I upgraded everything and I now have a Schiit Saga Pre-amp into a Aspen NASKA 80 power amp into a pair of Hulgich Serenade loudspeakers and lastly a Lengend Acoustics Kurlette Sub. The sources are a Lenehan PDX (feed by a ALLO USBridge streamer) and I am waiting for a HifimeDIY UDA38 DAC (9038pro based DAC) to arrive for my PS4. If I am honest, for a long time I wasn't really happy with my system and I spent a lot of time and a small amount of money selling and buying. I found that a lot of 'high end' stuff I had heard (through other people) although amazing was ruthless and unforgiving of source material. After listening to a mates impressive but more modest system; I realised I wanted to enjoy all music and not only the music that was recorded well. His system was fantastic and what most audiphiles would consider 'musical'. So the PDX Dac, in combination with pre and power amp were a big step up in sound quality. Not nearly as big as the speakers though, they were a revelation. Everything became much clearer and better defined; including bass. The music is more enjoyable and some songs even give me chills. Ultimately, I no longer feel the need to change anything which I think is a good indicator that I've built a system that suits me. Apolgies about the long winded reply mate.
  2. Mungbean66

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Addicted to Audio is a seller of Schiit gear. They also service the warranty and postage is inclusive in the price. There is a few around but the closest to you Happy is in Newtown.
  3. Mungbean66

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I run one also. I'm surprised they aren't more popular. A truly transparent piece of kit. I would love to test it against a decent tube and SS pre to see which came out on top.
  4. Mungbean66

    FS: Elektra Valve Pre Amp

    Considering how much these are new, this is a bargain. I would also assume the phono stage could be retrofitted for whatever they cost to add to a new unit. GLWTS mate.
  5. Mungbean66

    Kanto SUB8 or Second Hand Sub?

    Room is small at around 3.5m x 4.5m Thanks for your reply. Maybe second hand is the way to go then. I imagine it's not too hard to get a sub under $600 second hand.
  6. Hey Guys, My speakers give me plenty of bass for music but I would like to get a Sub for movies. I found this sub online: https://www.amazon.com.au/Kanto-8-inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Matte/dp/B07D1G3W74/ref=sr_1_cc_6?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1533208833&sr=1-6-catcorr&keywords=kanto+subwoofer Seems to be pretty good and meets what I want it for. Should I try and get something second hand instead? The only problem is that being in Canberra, it's a little harder to get stuff unless you can drive to Sydney or get something posted. Thanks for help fellas.
  7. Mungbean66

    DAC Recommendation Needed

    If it helps, I just ordered the Hifimediy UDA38 which uses a ESS 9038pro chip. It's only $20 more the the D50 delivered but it's on backorder for another few days. If people are interested, I can compare it to my PDX Dac (PCM1704UK based) and my AUNE X1S DAC (ESS 9018K2M based). Link to the UDA38 can be found here: https://hifimediy.com/DACs/ready-made-dacs/uda38pro-usb-dac-es9038pro
  8. Mungbean66

    My System this morning

    These look amazing. They look like something you'd get from Kendrick in Japan. The seller has the space for them too; seems like a Ballroom in there.
  9. Thanks for the update mate, definitely answered my question. I still miss that SET sound. Your a lucky man with that system. Unfortunately I needed to go a different direction (speakers and amplification) for my system. Fortunately, I made some great choices and I'm loving the sound I get now.
  10. I had something similar to this in my old listening room. I only had two panels and it did make the bass more tight; little bit of depth as well. Huge difference in the mid to treble frequencies though. In saying that, $200 is not much to pay to see if it will work for you. To the OP, GLWTS.
  11. Mungbean66

    PDX Dac (a quick thank you)

    Hey Standards, I do vaguely remember there be a random cap there but I have since chucked that m2 board in the rubbish. I actually used a amanero for my PDX as the support was better. I had to extend some wires to fit it though. Saying all that though, if you've tested your PDX and its working, I wouldn't worry about it. Without looking at the m2 layout it could have been power related. Sorry I haven't been more help Standards.
  12. Any updates on the Line Magnetic amp Pedro?
  13. Mungbean66


    Welcome mate. Have fun but also be wary...very easy to get the upgrade bug looking at some of the systems people have around here.
  14. I have the PM44SE and its a lovely amp with tons of power. If I had the spare money, I would be all over this. GLWTS mate.
  15. I went the same route. I even bought a LISST (SS tube) for my Schiit Saga Pre. Gorgeous piece of kit mate. GLWTS