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  1. Unfortunately tye soldering looks sufficiently bad enough to cause issues.
  2. I would start at the start again by redoing every joint. What equipment are you using to solder? Hopefully a local can offer their assistance. I wouod happily redo this for you if you were in Canberra.
  3. FS: Eaton 9135 (Pure Sine Wave) UPS with EBM

    It runs off battery all the time. The sine wave is created from the supplied dc from what I've read.
  4. SOLD: FS: Schiit Modi Multibit

    Its a small stain on an otherwise brilliant piece of kit. I was lucky to get my first one replaced under warranty. I gave up after the second one. I'll miss it but unfortunately life requires that I sell it.
  5. Item: Schiit Modi Multibit Location: Canberra Price: $320 Delivered Australia Wide Item Condition: 8/10 due to tiny speck on face of the dac Reason for selling: Car repairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Had this DAC for 2 years and currently need to fix my car but I prefer my MHDT Paradisea NOS Dac. I unfortunately had to choose between which one to keep and having the ability to tube roll and tweak won out. These units are the cheapest modern multibit dac implementation I know of, and are exceptional. I will be revisting Schiit dacs but only when I can afford the Gungir or Yggdrasil. A quick google will reveal how sort after these are. I would love to give an explanation of the sound but I wouldn't do it justice, I am happy to have people come and audition the unit it that is what they prefer. One thing of note and something I haven't heard of before is how horrible the AC adaptors are. I have had two fail due to the plastic cracking as pictured but because I've had issues, I will be including a brand new one I bought because of my previous issues and the one picture which still works. I will cover postage on this sale but will also happy drive it to any interest party in Canberra if anyone here buys it. Please feel free to inbox me with any questions. Pictures:
  6. Item: Eaton 9135 UPS Location: Canberra Price: $1000 priced for a quick sale Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: Need cash for car repairs and I miss the space. Downgraded to a smaller unit due to a change in amps. Payment Method: Pickup or Freight - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used this UPS as a power conditioner until I downgraded to a smaller 700W UPS which does the same job. Now this takes up a lot of space. This UPS will power 1kW plus Mono blocks and is amazing if you want to clean up the power for your audio gear. I have quite bad power where I am and so my SET suffered from a lot audible transformer hum. After installing this in between removed the hum completely, plus this also isolates your equipment from power fluctuations and surges. This is a pure sine wave UPS which means it recreates a pure sine wave and thus will not harm your equipment. This was used for about 2 years but was turned off for most of that time, although it does have a fair bit of cosmetic wear from that use, which is clear to see in the photo. I have tested the batteries and they all test great and just need the unit to be turned on to reach full charge. These cost about $2000 without the EBM and cable to connect the units together so it's priced for a quick sale. If someone is interested please keep in mind that it is a big unit, weighing about 130kgs combined and will most likely cost a bit to freight. If the buyer is in Canberra, I am happy to dissemble it and reassemble it for them at their home. As always, I am happy to talk about trades for potential gear. Pictures:
  7. FS: Hifiman He-500 Headphones

    These look immaculate. If I wasnt servicing my car today, I'd be all over this. I've heard people keeping these over LCD2s and other more expensive planars. Shame your moving them on. GLWTS
  8. SOLD: FS: Holo Spring Level 3 plus

    The SuperAudioBestFriends forum has a comparison against the Yggy and Holo. The Holo will do NOS PCM and it compared favourably to the Yggy. This unit also has a upgraded trabsformer and caps.
  9. FS: Snell Type E (IV) floorstanders

    Someone was looking for speakers like these. @TheOnlyGirl_InSight
  10. F.S. Aslan Acoustics C6 Standmounts

    Wish I had the funds for these. GLWTS Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  11. SOLD: FS: Legend Kurre 8 speakers

    These never come up for sale and this is a fantastic discount on the rrp. If I had the money, these would be mine. GLWTS
  12. PDX DAC

    This is a fantastic price. GLWTS
  13. This is one of the days I wish I had the money. Bargain. I've read good things about these speakers. Fortunately, they look the part too. GLWTS
  14. SOLD: FS: Marantz SR5006 (FREE - not working)

    I'll take it PM sent
  15. SOLD: SANSUI AU 3900

    All good. Thanks mate Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk