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  1. Mungbean66


    Price reduced to $550. Can do postage to anywhere in Oz for $50; I will wear any extra. Package will be insured and registered and well packed.
  2. Mungbean66

    Hulgich Audio Serenade Review (KIND OF!)

    Lucky for me you didn't 😉. I actually prefer the way the grill and port are presented on mine. First time I saw them, I knew I could live with them long term.
  3. This will mostly just be some thoughts on what I've observed and how I've felt these wonderful speakers have performed. I will try and steer away from describing music choices as I listen to most music and I don't feel it will add to this 'review' as so much can change based on the source and amplifier. Although I don't really believe in burn in, I've waited around 300 plus hours to do the review so as to be fair to Nick from Hulgich Audio. The Serenades are a statement piece. Beautiful like a painting, slightly imposing but impressive, they make the room feel like is has a purpose without overpowering the room like a set of floor standers can. They have a high WAF and the finish is top notch; many of our friends (including women) comment on how nice they look. The high gloss white is gorgeous. Nick must be a perfectionist because it has a finish that looks like it would suit a piano. Even the speaker connectors are top notch and look all class. The speakers’ cabinets feel really inert and easily pass the knuckle test. So overall, build quality is what you expect from something made in Australia. The matching stands really do make the speakers and are equally well made. Mine are a gloss black, with an unmistakable style, a beautiful match for these large standmounts. Although you could live without them, I don't think I could, now knowing how well they suit the speakers. Undeniably worth every penny and very stable (child proven). The speakers were delivered packaged better than anything I have seen to date. They would have survived anything including a drop from great heights. Too give you an idea, it took me 45min to unpack the speakers and stands (frustrating but worth it). In terms of sound: The sound seems to be generated from the ether, almost like if you’re were floating in the inky blackness of space and somehow music just started to flow out of nowhere. Another thing of note is the amount of bass generated by the 6 inch driver. This is a speaker that does actually reach below 40Hz. How Nick does this is anyone’s guess. You can hear kick drums and bass guitars and I've found that a sub for music isn't necessary unless you need depth below 35Hz or love chest thumping bass. Although the mid-range is magical on these speakers the treble is detailed without being too bright but won't be polite if the recording is 'hot' or a singer/instrument is hitting powerful high notes (this is how a speaker should sound...'live'). Live music is awesome, well recorded music is equally fantastic and even poorly recorded music is still listenable. You will hear and understand what makes it so. The Serenades really are a window in the music without feeling that something artificial is helping create the sound. The biggest thing I've found though is what people call tone. Does it sound right? Spendors, Harbeths, some higher end speakers and now the Hulgichs are the only speakers that have done Missy Higgins' voice justice. Having heard her live on multiple occasions, I would always feel disappointed hearing a song of hers on a hi-fi system. For information, the worst audition demonstrating her voice was on a KEF LS50W. This is not a knock on the KEFs but unless the room was at play, they did not reproduce female vocals well. Not only are female voices created beautifully with the Serenade but so are their male counterparts, instruments feel equally well developed and honestly just sound 'right'. I have yet to hear something and felt it sounded 'wonky'. I am also a huge fan of drums and the Serenades do really show what great recorded drumming sounds like. An example is how good the recording at Sound City was like for drums. Tool's Undertow, Rage Against the Machine's self-titled album and Nirvana's Nevermind; all excellent examples of this. Hearing every strike of a drum or the rim and how hard it was struck is something new to me and I quite enjoy it with the Serenades. On top of this is the fact that every instrument, voice and nuance has its own space and it is easy to track each separately. With every DAC I've used this remains true, even the NOS based Paradesia 3, Aune X1S, Hifimediy UDA38 and the PDX DAC (level 2). Two of these DACs contain tube outputs if that helps. I found that these speakers are far from coloured and really do give you an insight into what is feeding it. DACs (within this, even tube choices) and amplifiers make huge differences; this was not the case with my previous, rather modest speakers. It was during some testing that I realised that my NOS Paradesia 3 paled in comparison in terms of the 'width and depth' compared to the PDX DAC (this was alleviated somewhat with a tube and op amp change in the Pardesia). On my old speakers (Monitor Audio S6) the DACs sounded quite similar but after changing to the Serenades the gulf widened to the point where, I simply couldn't listen to the Paradesia 3 on my main system. I never really knew what people meant about pressurising a room but now I do. These speakers can easily pressurise my 3.5m x 4m room with ease without losing composure and do this without having to increase the volume to ear splitting levels. One of the best things I've discovered is that like most people my lounge is a shared space so the speakers need to be close to a wall, fortunately these speakers are made to be close to a boundary. Are there negatives? Of course, all speakers have some. For example, these speakers need power, 80W into 8ohms is just enough but I would say that over 100W is more ideal and after getting a 130W amplifier they just opened up another level. They do take a bit of power to come 'on song' as some people might say, which means that in some instances a preamplifier with gain may be needed. They will need the additional compensation circuit to be able to be driven from tube amplifiers. The stands are expensive but after seeing and using them, I believe they are necessary and the cost is justified. They are just as gorgeous as the speakers and I imagine, probably take as much work if not more to produce. When it comes to music reproduction or when watching a movie, I don't hear any shortcomings and this seems like the end goal for many people, including me. The serenade is a very well rounded speaker that I believe would not be embarrassed being driven by high end amplification and sources. If people would like me to give a detailed breakdown of some of the songs I used to test please just ask and I'll add to the end of this review after I've sat down for another critical listen of a few songs. In case it's of merit I am currently running the following gear (Pic attached): Power Regulation: 700W pure sine wave UPS Streamer (USB): ALLO USBridge running DietPi Media player (TOSLINK): PS4 Pro Source: HIFIMEDIY UDA38 PRE: Schiit Saga POWER: Sansui 707i Cheers, Mung
  4. Wow. 20 year warranty. These things must be built like the proverbial tank. I've heard these are giant killers. GLWTS.
  5. Mungbean66


    I spelt the name wrong unfortunately. Listed it as a NASKA not a NAKSA. I think James is a spelling NAZI 😉
  6. Mungbean66


    @Ian McP No offence mate, no one mentioned that there wasn't a SAKSA. I bought this off another SNA'r for $650 and fully built by Hugh (or a tech he uses) a SAKSA sells for $2000. Once you factor in a decent transformer, the case sold by ASPEN, the RCA and speaker terminals and the wiring, it will still would have cost a DIYer around $1200 (not including postage) to build a NAKSA if you bought the module today. $930 is just for the amplifier module.
  7. @Cardiiiii I have the Serenades mate. These can only be better. I could not imagine how much more tight bass you would be getting out of these. Debt is only temporary
  8. @BATMAQN You know you need these mate.
  9. Mungbean66

    What brand of resistors to use?

    Woah! That escalated quickly
  10. Mungbean66

    What brand of resistors to use?

    Some people stand by vishay or dale but any resistor should be fine. Some people claim that carbon resistors sound different, I can't back this up but that also might be a choice.
  11. Mungbean66


    Trust me to balls it up. Now corrected
  12. Item: MHDT Paradesia 3 NOS DAC (396A tube installed) Location: Canberra Price: $400 + post Item Condition: 8/10 (bit dusty and some slight scratches) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is a wonderful NOS DAC with the ability to tube (5670 tube and variants) and op amp roll. This currently has a Western Electric 396A tube installed and a MUSE01 op amp (combined cost of around $170-180). The caps have been upgraded to auricap capacitors (around $30) which helped smooth out the 1545A DAC chip and bring out more detail. I will include the original 4562 Op Amp which came with the DAC and my favourite tube, a RAYTHEON 5670 with the sale so the new owner can decide on what signature they prefer. This is a beautiful sounding NOS DAC with plenty of detail and the ability to play around with the sound signature. The only issue I have with this DAC is that in order to use it with my ALLO USB Streamer it needs to turned on constantly and unfortunately I don't want to be replacing the tube every few months. If I can sell my amplifier first then I may just keep this as I don't think I will be able to replace this easily, especially at this cost. Pictures:
  13. Mungbean66


    Item: ASPEN NAKSA 80 Location: Canberra Price: $550 + postage Item Condition: 8/10 (minor scratches on the chassis) Reason for selling: NLR, after finding a amplifier with much more power for my low efficiency speaker Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: A good friend has given me the opportunity to buy a Sansui AU-707i which at 130W works much better with my Schiit Saga PRE (unity gain) and my speakers. Although this amplifier has a beautiful sweet tube like sound with decent bass, I've found that at 80W (NAKSA 80) my 85db speakers cannot get loud enough with my vinyl set up. This is likely due to the unity gain of my PRE. My digital sources don't exhibit the same issues and sound very sweet with this amplifier. Unfortunately there are some slight caveats with the amp. It does work perfectly and has worked without issue the whole time I've owned it. It does display a small speaker 'thump' on power on but this is something that wasn't ironed out until the SAKSA 85 and is normal with this amp. The amplifier has been modified at some point by someone and I was not made aware of this when I purchased the amp (I have attached photos for any potential buyers). The work is serviceable however and has not caused any problems with day to day operation. I have bypassed the two front switches myself so the amplifier could be used with a separate preamp and therefore bypass any possible degradation from the pots being in the circuit. I can reconnect them for potential buyers if required. Physically the amp is in pretty good condition and only has a few slight scratches on the chassis. This is an amazing sounding power amp and had I not needed to pay for the Sansui, it would have stayed with me in my second system. One of mates was so impressed with it that he bought a SAKSA 85 from Hugh after hearing my NAKSA 80 and has been happy ever since. He fortunately has 92db efficient speakers. Pictures:
  14. Mungbean66

    SOLD: FS: AUNE X1S headphone amplifier

    Price reduced to $200 posted. If anyone picks up from Canberra I can take a further $20 off.
  15. Hopefully you haven't purchased something already. I'm not sure anyone has mentioned them but the Hulgich Serenades are a beautiful looking and sounding speaker. They do take up a little bit of space with their stands but I do think they look better then floor standers. Just my opinion of course. The bass they produce from such a small woofer is incredible and the speakers are refined top to bottom. They are also front ported which means they can basically be touching a wall. Best part is that they are Australian made. @HA_Nick is a great bloke. I suggest having a chat to him about the Serenades or the Nina's and see how you go.