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  1. Aune X1s is a fantastic dac/hp amp combo. The anniversary was released with a few updates recently. Measures really well and from personal experience can drive some current hungry headphones.
  2. Will you be offering the PCBs or is this a DIY project your working on?
  3. Looks cool man, especially with that heatsink looking top to the op amp.
  4. That's really cheap. All up over $750 worth of value. GLWTS. I'd buy this if I didn't already have a Saga and another really decent pre.
  5. Has this been drawn yet or has it been extended. I have mates that would be interested in tickets. @Marc
  6. I use mine for gaming, YouTube and a bit of music through a re-purposed DAP. Great headphones at a super cheap price. Good enough for me to think about buying a spare pair in case they stop selling them or increase the price. They also made me realise that the other two sets of headphones I owned were a little coloured and not as accurate.
  7. Keep us updated about how it performs.
  8. The Lry3 would seem good if you needed the headphone output. The phono is a slimmed down mani and the volume control is not as good as the Saga. The DS2 is more feature rich but means you will need to upgrade multiple components in the future i you want something else. The Schiit Saga is still the best Pre-amp but you need a seperate phono. Maybe look at a brand new Schiit Saga and a second hand phono stage...There are some absolute crackers on the classifieds right now. I think it comes down to whether you need that head phone output.
  9. The Topping Dx3 Pro has a AKM chip and no ESS hump. This would be my choice.
  10. The Silver has the better body. I believe someone mentioned that it has silver coated copper windings. Technically the body is between the Red/Blue and the Bronze/Black. A Silver body with a Blue stylus will be better then just the Blue by itself as the Red and Blue share the same body. The Silver is meant to be OEM only but can be bought from Wagner. I have also seen them on Ebay. I think that Ortonfon have a webpage or a manual somewhere that explains the differences of the 2M range including the Mono and 78 (which also share the same body).
  11. Looks great and upsamples incoming digital. I would buy this if I needed a all in one Pre. I dare say it will equal if not exceed the current set up you use now. Hopefully someone whose used it can add something to this thread.
  12. If you can get Schiit Saga Pre and a seperate phono preamp, that's where I would start. That way both your Preamp, DAC and Phono preamp can be upgraded later if want or need to. The Saga has a really good volume control and you can defeat the tube stage if required. Very clean and will not colour the sound of your DAC or Analogue. You could get the Schiit Mani Phono Pre but although I own this, I'm not sure it's the best choice in the $100-500 range.
  13. I use a Edsyn Fume extractor sourced from Mektronics.com.au. The website is currently down unfortunately. Works well and is a bit over a $100. Includes a light on the fan which is a bonus.
  14. Item is now unavailable. Hoping to see Deano's DIY project soon 😊
  15. Horns and Subs are Deano's. Awaiting pick up currently.
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