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  1. In all fairness Sir Sanders was trying to be helpful and wasn't being rude. He and the other people mentioning that leveling matching is important are correct. It will account for some of the difference. The other difference your hearing will likely come from the tube output on the Pagoda. That 2nd order harmonic is very sweet and the reason why I still use a tube preamp. I'm guessing the highs are better and the bass is fatter. Maybe even a sweeter midrange. To a lesser extent the PCM1704 dac chip might change the sound. This will be less evident then the voltage output and tube stage though. If you have access to a tube preamp, maybe try that with the Topping D90 and see how you go. Either that or move it on. You may just need a tube based DAC. In saying that, the Pagoda is very good already.
  2. Also consider the Parks Audio Puffin. A DSP based phone much like the DSP based phono that PS Audio sells. Costs about $750-850 landed from Amazon depending on wether you require the optional digital out. Also available with a COAX digital out. Comes with tons of options and even volume control if you want to bypass a preamp or internal volume control. I rate it but it's the only good phono preamp I've owned.
  3. +1 This is what I will do if I ever feel the need to upgrade to a D70 or D90.
  4. Although speakers image better and sound much more natural, headphones lack the issue of being surround by a room and are probably better for critical listening. They are a much cheaper alternative to reach 'high end' and have phenomenal detail retrieval. What I'm getting at is headphones would be a better indicator of a DACs performance as very subtle things can make a DAC unlistenable.
  5. Asking for a replacement fuse isn’t good enough. If the unit keeps blowing fuses this could be indicative of an fault with the unit which should be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. I would email the company directly and then send that correspondence to A2A with the preamp so that they are responsible for sending the unit back and having it fixed.
  6. I spent far too much time on Eve. I ended up giving my two characters (150mil combined SP) to a mate. I would like to get back into Elite Dangerous again though, that definitely scratched that Eve itch.
  7. I own a few consoles including a PS4 Pro but I do the majority of my gaming on PC. If the PS5 or new Xbox ever have native Keyboard and Mouse support, I probably wouldn’t upgrade my PC. It really is easier just to insert a game and play.
  8. I don’t see the point of posting this statement in the thread considering you think it’s ‘useless’.
  9. I would love to try one at some point. Not sure if it’s worth making one or buying it tbh.
  10. Looks like you have your answer. Time to build a linear supply. The DIY pages will be full of people that can help and might even be able to offer a better linear supply then the one I mentioned. Also a wealth of knowledge when your building and unsure about something.
  11. I have a D50 myself so I know the PSU your referring to. DIY would be about $90-130 for parts and a case, if you can try and remove postage costs you could save money. Or if you have some of the parts already. You’ve also have to factor in tools if you don’t already own them. The problem then is that the linear PSU made for the topping stuff suits the DACs so it will look better and can be displayed with the gear. There are also much cheaper ways to make a linear supply. Our DIY section is really helpful and could probably point you in the right direction.
  12. It’s fairly well known in the US. It does everything in the digital domain and then spits out the result as analogue. This is akin to the PS Audio Nuwave Phono Convertor, although these are about $1000 used. You probably lose about 5% of the magic of your vinyl set up but I am willing to lose that for the convenience of it. It also has about 72dB of gain, which is insane. I don’t know how quiet it would be though.
  13. Depends on how it’s made and the how the voltage regulation is implemented. I’ve read stuff on DIYAudio about how some of them are ok but not as good as an actual battery supply or low noise linear supply. Take that with a grain of salt though. I haven’t tested any of this. Honestly if you noticed a difference then that’s all the proof you need. I wouldn’t worry about a low noise linear supply unless you can DIY one. A guy named PMillet has a lowish cost 5V USB DIY project on his site that looks interesting. I’ll probably try to make one of these eventually.
  14. Instead of using a switching supply your now using a battery power supply. Although not as clean as it could be, it will induce less noise than a 5V phone charger.
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