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  1. Mungbean66

    What brand of resistors to use?

    Woah! That escalated quickly
  2. Mungbean66

    What brand of resistors to use?

    Some people stand by vishay or dale but any resistor should be fine. Some people claim that carbon resistors sound different, I can't back this up but that also might be a choice.
  3. Mungbean66


    Trust me to balls it up. Now corrected
  4. Item: MHDT Paradesia 3 NOS DAC (396A tube installed) Location: Canberra Price: $400 + post Item Condition: 8/10 (bit dusty and some slight scratches) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is a wonderful NOS DAC with the ability to tube (5670 tube and variants) and op amp roll. This currently has a Western Electric 396A tube installed and a MUSE01 op amp (combined cost of around $170-180). The caps have been upgraded to auricap capacitors (around $30) which helped smooth out the 1545A DAC chip and bring out more detail. I will include the original 4562 Op Amp which came with the DAC and my favourite tube, a RAYTHEON 5670 with the sale so the new owner can decide on what signature they prefer. This is a beautiful sounding NOS DAC with plenty of detail and the ability to play around with the sound signature. The only issue I have with this DAC is that in order to use it with my ALLO USB Streamer it needs to turned on constantly and unfortunately I don't want to be replacing the tube every few months. If I can sell my amplifier first then I may just keep this as I don't think I will be able to replace this easily, especially at this cost. Pictures:
  5. Mungbean66


    Item: ASPEN NAKSA 80 Location: Canberra Price: $600 + postage Item Condition: 8/10 (minor scratches on the chassis) Reason for selling: NLR, after finding a amplifier with much more power for my low efficiency speaker Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: A good friend has given me the opportunity to buy a Sansui AU-707i which at 130W works much better with my Schiit Saga PRE (unity gain) and my speakers. Although this amplifier has a beautiful sweet tube like sound with decent bass, I've found that at 80W (NAKSA 80) my 85db speakers cannot get loud enough with my vinyl set up. This is likely due to the unity gain of my PRE. My digital sources don't exhibit the same issues and sound very sweet with this amplifier. Unfortunately there are some slight caveats with the amp. It does work perfectly and has worked without issue the whole time I've owned it. It does display a small speaker 'thump' on power on but this is something that wasn't ironed out until the SAKSA 85 and is normal with this amp. The amplifier has been modified at some point by someone and I was not made aware of this when I purchased the amp (I have attached photos for any potential buyers). The work is serviceable however and has not caused any problems with day to day operation. I have bypassed the two front switches myself so the amplifier could be used with a separate preamp and therefore bypass any possible degradation from the pots being in the circuit. I can reconnect them for potential buyers if required. Physically the amp is in pretty good condition and only has a few slight scratches on the chassis. This is an amazing sounding power amp and had I not needed to pay for the Sansui, it would have stayed with me in my second system. One of mates was so impressed with it that he bought a SAKSA 85 from Hugh after hearing my NAKSA 80 and has been happy ever since. He fortunately has 92db efficient speakers. Pictures:
  6. Mungbean66

    FS: AUNE X1S headphone amplifier

    Price reduced to $200 posted. If anyone picks up from Canberra I can take a further $20 off.
  7. Hopefully you haven't purchased something already. I'm not sure anyone has mentioned them but the Hulgich Serenades are a beautiful looking and sounding speaker. They do take up a little bit of space with their stands but I do think they look better then floor standers. Just my opinion of course. The bass they produce from such a small woofer is incredible and the speakers are refined top to bottom. They are also front ported which means they can basically be touching a wall. Best part is that they are Australian made. @HA_Nick is a great bloke. I suggest having a chat to him about the Serenades or the Nina's and see how you go.
  8. Mungbean66

    ME 550-II problem

    I would get in contact with @Zaphod Beeblebrox. I believe he is our resident ME expert. I sure he is a techo by trade so is also able to repair your amp for you.
  9. Mungbean66

    SOLD: FS: Lenehan Audio PDX DAC - Level 2+

    At $800, this is a steal. I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet tbh
  10. Mungbean66

    Vintage horns and drivers (DIY or Sell)

    Unfortunately nothing. Work this year has been even more chaotic then usual. I don't see that changing in the next year at least. Honestly, they'll likely be sold on here or gumtree because the investment to get working speakers is probably too high for me at the moment.
  11. Item: Mac Mini (2014) plus Location: Canberra Price: $400 + post (slightly negotiable) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the i5 1.4 GHz (2.7GHz turbo) dual core version which comes with a 500gb HDD. I will include her old but near new condition Apple keyboard and mouse as we no longer have any use for them. Literally bought as a brand new (refurbished) unit only a few months ago. Bought this as it was cheaper to buy the mac mini and use 'time machine' to get all my wife's data off her old imac then pay for someone to restore her harddrive. I have since built her a PC so I can maintain it myself. These make great power efficient Roon servers or can be used with Audirvana to make a music player to connect to a source via USB or optical. I would suggest that if you choose to use it for Roon, you install a 250gb or 500gb harddrive as this makes the mac mini much more responsive. Pictures:
  12. Mungbean66

    SOLD: FS: Hifiman HE-4XX headphones

    Price reduced by $10. Updated in OP. I can now ship with the original focus pads instead of the brainwave if that is preferred.
  13. Mungbean66

    FS: Q Acoustics 3010 plus speakers stands

    Hey Clone boy, These are still available mate.
  14. Mungbean66

    FS: BEYERDYNAMIC T90 headphones (250 Ohm)

    Sold pending payment