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  1. One of the Best Brands and One of their top of the line... Brilliant Amp. GLWTS !!! Cheers
  2. Beautiful setup @caminperth. For anybody who doesn't know about Cam, he is a solid chap who always goes the extra mile to help the buyers. I bought my current amp The Primal Luna Prologue II from him in 2016 (He had to ship the amp interstate from Perth all the way down to Melbourne and the packing was rock solid and arrived without any issues). The transaction was very smooth with Cam answering all the questions I had about it since I was a Tube noob back then. @caminperth The Prologue II has served me brilliantly and I'm upgrading to the elder brother Dialogue Premium (no HP) this week.. Good Luck with the Sale... Cheers
  3. Tell me about it lol... [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Sorry.... False Alarm... Was put in my place by the Boss GLWTS...
  5. An absolute beauty.... I salvaged a SX-1050 from a junk pile which was restored last year and its just amazing... GLWTS Cheers
  6. DAMN !!!!! But yeah I'm not too jealous cuz I have a Prima Luna Awesome combo for an Awesome price Cheers
  7. Haha I would've.... If I hadn't committed myself to a certain Prima-Luna upgrade just a few days ago Cheers...
  8. This Baby is the Bomb!!!! Very musical and precise. I have the same one hooked up to a Prima-Luna.. Would be a very nice addition to any Stereo system GLWTS Cheers...
  9. I've got a pair of GX-100 s and they are the best I've heard so far. These are an absolute steal for the price. I would've jumped at them if I had space to keep them GLWTS Cheers
  10. Just Yesterday a Debussy went for $5900 AUD on E-Bay US.... 😣😣😣 Just wish I had $2000 more.... Ah Life.... GLWTS mate It's a beautiful product.. Cheers....
  11. I'll take the Step Up/Down if still available Cheers...
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