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  1. Tell me about it lol... [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Sorry.... False Alarm... Was put in my place by the Boss GLWTS...
  3. An absolute beauty.... I salvaged a SX-1050 from a junk pile which was restored last year and its just amazing... GLWTS Cheers
  4. DAMN !!!!! But yeah I'm not too jealous cuz I have a Prima Luna Awesome combo for an Awesome price Cheers
  5. Haha I would've.... If I hadn't committed myself to a certain Prima-Luna upgrade just a few days ago Cheers...
  6. This Baby is the Bomb!!!! Very musical and precise. I have the same one hooked up to a Prima-Luna.. Would be a very nice addition to any Stereo system GLWTS Cheers...
  7. I've got a pair of GX-100 s and they are the best I've heard so far. These are an absolute steal for the price. I would've jumped at them if I had space to keep them GLWTS Cheers
  8. Just Yesterday a Debussy went for $5900 AUD on E-Bay US.... 😣😣😣 Just wish I had $2000 more.... Ah Life.... GLWTS mate It's a beautiful product.. Cheers....
  9. I'll take the Step Up/Down if still available Cheers...
  10. I have the R305 and I can safely say that RELs are the Best Sub-Bass Systems in the world for Music!!! You have to hear it to believe it... GLWTS Cheers
  11. Can vouch for this. I use it at home as my primary DAC. The Best sub $500 DAC in my opinion. GLWTS Cheers
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