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  1. U really don't need to upgrade if you are happy with the OPPO HA-2 but I got a decent deal and upgraded to be future proof. The new features in the SE may never get used, who knows... Cheers...
  2. Further information: An excellent Headphone Amplifier. Well made and well recognised for its virtues. I will not waste words in describing how this sounds as the reviews do it better. Only selling since I upgraded to HA-2 SE Comes with original packing but unfortunately missing the long cable with micro usb port from the Charger to the OPPO, but this should not be an issue for anyone as these cables are there in every home. Price includes AUS wide shipping Reviews https://www.whathifi.com/au/oppo/ha-2/review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5UQSqwRPQc https://referencehometheater.com/review/oppo-ha-2-headphone-amp-dac-review/ Photos: Cheers
  3. Cheers... I shall try to get hold of some of these valves and update what I find.
  4. The way its going the new one might hit the road the the old one back in the living
  5. Thank you for the thoughts @andrewyuri. I had not heard of Cifite valves before, and I will for sure do some research on them to see how they are. Were the back 12AU7 Brimars from any special selection like 4003 or the likes ? Cheers
  6. Thanks. Do you happen to know much about the Prima Luna Dialogue Integrated amplifiers ? https://www.primaluna-usa.com/dialogue-premium-integrated (This link has a pic to the guts of the amp but it doesn't have a circuit diagram) This amp has 6 x 12AU7 in the pre stage where I've seen some say that the front 2 x 12AU7s being the most important to changes in sound when u roll tubes. I have a few TFK 12AX7 which I Love and was wondering whether or not I could use them without damage cuz those damn things are rare and cost me quite the penny when I bought them. Thank you
  7. Thanks for the description. So Just to double confirm, Its next to no issues if I'm putting a 12AU7 into a 12AX7 socket (Cuz the gain will never be exceeded beyond the limit and the heater won't burn out) but have to be careful when putting a 12AX7 into a 12AU7 socket. Correct ? Thank you
  8. Thanks @aussievintage for the bit of knowledge I managed to gain from your post which is that you can swap 12AU7 with 12AT7. Can the 12AT7 be a suitable substitute for a 12AX7 as well ? Are 12AX7 & 12AU7 interchangeable ? Cheers
  9. Problem ----------- I used to be a very happy owner of a Prima Luna Prologue II amp for which I managed to find the best damn tube combination (after months of rolling & rolling) which made the amp just sing every time I turned it on. However, despite its musicality and all the goodness it offered, I had one gripe with this amp. The lack of a remote. (I believe that this is simply human nature where we are never forever happy and at rest with certain things no matter how hard we try) This made me go for a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated. Now this amp is a beast.. weighing just above 50kg and looking as stunning as a valve amp can be. And guess what, It has a remote. One hell of a remote... I'm sure you can already guess where I'm going with this. Despite all the new features and looks and what not, the Tube arrangement is vastly different with the new amp and even after quite a lot of rolling attempts and various changes, I still have not had a combination of tubes which could even come close to that of my previous amp. Prima Luna Prologue II employs 2 x 12AX7 + 2 x 12AU7 in the pre section and 4 x EL34/KT88/KT120/etc. in the driver section. Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated employs 6 X 12AU7 in the pre section and 4 x EL34/KT88/KT120/etc. in the driver section. I'm at a dilemma whether I should keep the new one and sell the old or keep the old one and sell the new Questions ------------- Can anybody give suggestions to how the Pre section of the Dialogue Premium is arranged ? (i.e. the internal structure of tubes and how they affect the sound of the amp) Has anybody found a good combination of tubes for the Dialogue Premium amplifier which can make it sound as it should ? Can 12AU7 be interchanged with 12AX7 ? And BTW, the winning tube combo in my Prologue II is as below. Those who have this amp, Please give it a try and see what I mean... 2 x 12AX-7 = Telefunken Smooth Plate (Selected Tube) 2 x 12AU-7 = Brimar CV 4034 (Purchased from Tubemonger who has the tooling to create matching bases that would go into the 12AU7 socket) 4 x EL-34 = Svetlana Winged C (NOS). (I tried a quad of Mullard EL-34 XF2 NOS with the above pre tubes but the Svetlanas sound waayyyy better with them) All Opinions are welcome Cheers....
  10. Thanks a lot mate, but I found a 10m pair just a while ago... Thanks for the offer Cheers...
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