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  1. Steve. I did look into valves but im more interested on SS. Also would rather have more power just incase upgrade bug kicks in lol
  2. New or used dont bother me. Or my other option is using a pre pro 2 channel power amp as i already have a old amber pre and could use the oppo 105 and my digital stremer/ cd player. Meaning all il need is a 2 channel power amp could possibly save $$
  3. Near future im planning to build a system around my 1sc. For now im looking around and seeing my options. For source il.be using my oppo105 as a streamer and dac. Brands im interested are Rega brio, Marantz, MF, Arcam, Audiolab and Hegel. Looking 2k mark Must be integrated amp with phono stage ,pre outs as il be hooking up a sw & digital inputs eg optic/usb/coax. Il be taking my 1sc around to some local shops in melbs and see what i like :). Any recommendations would be good.
  4. Pm bt3 thanks
  5. Cheers. Need it gone as it will be gathering dust soon.. what a waste
  6. Sold. Thanks for all your enquires.
  7. If anyone is interested, il be in melbourne tomorrow so let me know tonight so i can take the speakers with me.
  8. Im surprised its still for sale.
  9. Still selling price now reduced $1100 can post at buyers expense.
  10. Item: oppo 105 Location: gippsland Price: $850 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: new project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, may drop off melbourne this saturday Extra. Oppo 105 high end blu ray player, not much to say about this product as it does everything well. Comes with remote. Pictures:
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