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  1. Hi would you sell the rear GSFX on their own?
  2. What would be your bottom price. Would this compare to the new Sony 360ES Projector?
  3. How much are these going for? Congrats on the purchase! Looks great!
  4. As good as it was, i doubt anyone will buy this to repair for $3k Can get a new OLED for that
  5. If you shop around you should be able to negotiate around $3800. Try Big Picture people!
  6. I think your best choice would either be the Epson 9300 (full HD) around $3500-400 or stretch to the Optoma UHD-65 which is a "semi 4k" as they say for around $5500
  7. Is rainbow effect really this bad on the UHD65? Could this video been on some other older piece of tech? ***EDIT - This was on a BenQMX518*** Hoping its not as bad on the UHD65 but yes I will need to see this projector in action before committing!
  8. What do you mean by rainbows? The Optoma is available locally and have seen people pick them up from around $3800 so it wouldn't be Grey Also reading reviews for a 4k signal it is definitely noticeable that the Optoma has a sharper image than the 9300 but when a 1080p source is sent to both its hardly any difference, thus still i think leaning towards the Optoma now? Review here of the UHD65 - http://www.projectorcentral.com/optoma-UHD60-uhd65-review.htm
  9. Hey Guys My home theatre should be finished in the next few weeks and was planning on getting the Epson 9300 but now that the Optomo 4K projector has landed with a "reasonable" price tag im now debating which one to go with. What are peoples thoughts on the two. Am I better off future profing and getting the 4K projector from Optoma? What are replacement globes priced at cause I know the Epson are only around $130 to replace wihch is pretty good. Its going into a pitch black theatre room (no widows) 4.7(length) x 3.7(wide). Hoping to go in a 120inch size fixed screen (which im still unsure which to go with as prices vary from $600 to $2000!!) Any help / feedback appreciated
  10. nah the series 5 sammy doesn't have video playback... ended up buying the samsung DVD player with USB connectivity for $105.... also makes it easy cause i can use one one remote!
  11. Hey guys im bout to buy a full HD Samsung 50inch plasma and i want to also buy a good DVD player that has USB connectivity so that i can play video files off it.... Does any one know any good ones i should look out for?? thanks!!
  12. has anyone been able to beat this for the samsung 50 inch 6 series From Myer: Model No: PS50B650 $2348 with 5 yr warranty and 1.5m Crest HDMI Cable??
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