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  1. Hi, I turn the KLEIN off only when I leave home for several days. I think this is recommended by Clay. This is also in line with my CAPS. Just the pre and the power amp are powered down regularly. Cheers Tom Gesendet von meinem ALE-L21 mit Tapatalk
  2. ok, now it is really time to start raising funds for the not so klein pre-amp <:o)
  3. Very good, Clay. Is it then a DSD-DAC-Pre with HP-output? I AM ON THAT BUS ;-) Cheers Tom
  4. The world of Oz: Cappucino Lifestyle [emoji4] [emoji41]
  5. Bonsoir, As owner of KLEIN Standard, I'd opt for the dsd-KLEIN with a pre that has also a LPF-SUB out, HP amp and phono stage, something that betters the TEAC UD 503 and my NAD pre-amp. Even the phono stage might be expendable, and the size would not be so important, ymmv Cheers Tom
  6. Very nice, Clay. Actually my KLEIN LED brightness matches perfect the one of the LED from the Hdplex PSU. Just sayin' ;-) Cheers Tom
  7. Matt, it is very sweet from you to let others participate in your analogue world view. Everything is possible, just think positive. Cheers Tom Gesendet von meinem C6903 mit Tapatalk
  8. Matt, if you limit the choice to native DSD you are probably right. The native dsd music homepage shows about 750 dsd recordings and part of them are transfers from analogue sources and yes Sound Liason has just one direct transfer available. Nonetheless, I was much more referring to Clay's music taste than to the technical pureness of native dsd. In addition, the recordings of Sound Liason are quite excellent, even in PCM. Ciao Thomas Gesendet von meinem C6903 mit Tapatalk
  9. Clay, you may have a look at Sound Liason from the Netherlands, they even have some test files in dsd available. http://www.soundliaison.com/ For the ifi sampler the coupon code is: ifimicroidac2 Cheers Tom Gesendet von meinem C6903 mit Tapatalk
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