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  1. @missmurphy - thanks. Don’t have anyone to pick up unfortunately. @Yarrum78 - Thanks. Will think about it.
  2. Hi @missmurphy I Fully understand your thoughts on no shipping. But if you decide to pack and ship the turntable, I will take this (to Adl, SA) Thanks
  3. Hi can I have both Revolver and Please Please Me. Posted to SA. Cheers
  4. Hi can I have both Revolver and Please Please Me. Posted to SA. Cheers
  5. Hi mate may have a few not being used. Naim uses 2 types of 5 pin DIN. Are you after 5 pin, (arranged in) 180 degrees or 5 pin, 240 degrees? Cheets
  6. Hi All You’ve read one side of the story. At the moment, I don’t really want to tell my side except to correct these 2 facts. 1. The packaging had Zero damage inside and outside. 2. I am not a Trader as Mark has stated. I do not know how Mark came to this conclusion or if it’s his nature or conduct to make baseless conclusions. i own a Record Shop in Adelaide.. Almost 60 years old now and I think quite well known as a record collector here, own multiple systems and have been an audiophile for over 35 years. As a qualified accountant and also a statistician, I can make inference from Mark’s behaviour. But I will for now keep it to myself.
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