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  1. khairilazhar2010

    FS: (SYD) VPI TNT HRX Turntable+12.6" arm + SDS

    One of the best TT's, end game for most people. I know, I use the same - albeit a newer one. GLWTS.
  2. khairilazhar2010


    Hi@PKay May I know the year of manufacture or. first 2 numbers of the serial number please ? Cheers
  3. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS: ProJect 1Xpression Carbon with Cartridge

    Hi Is the price for the package on offer now $527 ? i.e. Trade in price
  4. khairilazhar2010

    FS: Paradigm studio 100 v.5 floorstanding speaker

    Hi T GLWTS. Do drop in the shop for a chat soon. Cheers K
  5. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS: Technics SB-301

    Hi@Max123 Will have it if you can post, please. Cheers
  6. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS: ProJect 1Xpression Carbon with Cartridge

    PM sent with interest to purchase
  7. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS: New HIFI Racks Duet speaker stands

    @Krispy Audio If still available at the $100 bump-ed price, Yes please. Sending a PM.
  8. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS:Vinyl x 145 Albums

    Hi@PicoWattson If you are willing to post, I'll take them. Cheers
  9. khairilazhar2010

    WTB : Vintage Rolex

    Hi@foryou Sent you a PM Cheers
  10. khairilazhar2010

    FS: Sonus Faber Minima FM2 Bookshelf Speakers

    @robbyvikram Have been looking for a Minima in minty condition for a long while. Please clarify the following, You have stated that the speaker have never been used, yes ? May I know how old these are? From the pictures, the back panel, and speaker connectors are of the Minima FM2 that was discontinued and not been in production for about 20 years, to the best of my knowledge . The Minima was re-released a few years ago as "Minima Vintage". The back panel, ports and speaker connections are different. Very keen to purchase, if you can clarify this. Cheers
  11. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: FS: Rega RP3 turntable, TT-PSU, Denon DL-110

    Sent PM, with offer. Thanks
  12. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: SOLD: Heybrook HBS99 Speaker Stands

    Hi I will take it, if you will post to SA 5061. Cheers
  13. khairilazhar2010

    SOLD: Vinyl Albums x 48 plus bonus box of 100

    Hi If you are willing to post to SA 5061, I will take this lot plus from your other ads - Sheffield Labs x 3 LPs - Sealed LPs - Pearl Jam, Deathcab for Cutie and Marvin Gaye. Please let me know the total amount including the postage. i am not able to send any PM on the site now despite resetting password etc. If you are ok, please call or text me at 0411 259 336. Thanks Regards K
  14. khairilazhar2010

    FS: Epos ES14

    Sending PM with an offer.