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  1. It's not an off-the-shelf chip, it's a beta of a custom solution which isn't fully debugged for Linux yet. I'll probably get the v1.0 next year sometime, but until then... OK, thanks, I will look into Haswell T-series. The million-dollar question is power envelope. The lowest TDP I can find for a consumer cpu is 35w. Can I power the motherboard, 35w cpu (downclocked as far as possible), onboard graphics, and one ssd from a 12V 4A power supply?
  2. The other 200w pico that was recommended still seems to be available, so am thinking I might go for that... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32836338204.html Thanks! will look into that. The JCat card more or less came about by chance - someone I knew was selling one at a good price. (In fact, I actually had no plans to upgrade my server until that came up.) Don't know if it's the preferred option, but it does seem to be very good. BTW, I got my 1R ram from MSY: https://www.msy.com.au/kingston-so-dimm-kvr1333d3s9-kvr13s9s8-4gb-single-ddr3-1333-notebook-memory
  3. Thanks, both. For simplicity, I'm using one SSD at the moment and that seems to be sounding pretty good. This PD10RI motherboard isn't great. Much noiser than the D945GSEJT. I guess the DC-DC is inferior. I'm thinking I might try an ATX motherboard with picoPSU instead. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mini-ITX Celeron/Atom with ATX power and a PCIe slot? The reccos on this thread are old enough to be impossible to source. ... with this being said, with the JCAT USB card fed external 5v power from a @Gieseler Audio LPSU the sound is a LOT cleaner than my previous server. This is a very high quality setup for the price.
  4. Hi all, great thread! I have been dipping in and out of it with interest as I am currently upgrading my music server. At the moment I have: - Minibox M350 case (https://www.cartft.com/catalog/gl/55) - a TINY mini-ITX case (2.5 litres) - Intel D945GSEJT (Atom N270) mainboard - 2gb single-sided RAM - small internal SSD for OS and music (64GB?) - Zero-Zone 12v 5a LPSU I was using AES to my DAC via a Lynx AES16, but USB has leapfrogged it in the latest update, so right now I am just using the onboard USB. Now, I had to upgrade to Windows 10 because I need USB Audio 2, and my DAC doesn't like Linux. With the new OS the Atom cpu+onboard graphics are struggling to say the least. So, I am revamping. I am getting: - Mitac PD10RI (Celeron J3160) from here https://www.cartft.com/catalog/il/2064. Mitac are the OEM for the Intel DN2800MT and this is a compatible update of this board with a more recent CPU. - 8gb single-sided RAM (maybe 4 is better?) - PCIe riser kit for the M350 - specific to this motherboard - (https://www.logicsupply.com/mc-bp-mtx/) - JCAT femto USB card. The board is still 12vdc input so I can reuse the LPSU. Because of the riser kit I can reuse the case as well. The question I have is about storage. I'll be getting an internal SSD large enough to hold all my music (say 500gb). In due course I'll get a 5v LPSU which can power both the USB card and the SSD. In light of that, would I be better off in terms of SQ: - putting the OS on the same SSD as the music; or - getting a separate, small, mSATA disk and putting the OS on that? I can see advantages to having the OS on a separate disk. Against that, the mSATA is going to inject noise which I can't mitigate. Any thoughts gratefully received!
  5. Lovely piece of work. Would you mind sharing where you had it built? GLWS!
  6. Item: Klein and Hummel O300D active 3-way studio monitors (pair) Location: Sydney Price: $2500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fantastic pair of 3-way nearfields with a detailed, balanced sound and snappy sealed-box bass. They dig deeper than you would imagine! These are the "D" model with built in DAC (never used) and transformer-balanced rather than active-balanced inputs. Manufactured by Klein and Hummel who were subsequently bought out by Sennheiser and continue today under the Neumann name. This model is no longer in production but is still serviced by Sennheiser Australia in Sydney (Chatswood). In great physical and electrical condition - purchased new in 2009 and used in a smoke-free home studio since. Nice review here: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/kh-o-300d-pro-c28 Tech specs etc are here: http://www.neumann-kh-line.com/neumann-kh/home_en.nsf/root/prof-monitoring_discontinued-monitors_studio-products_O300D Inspections welcome - I'd strongly prefer to sell these locally but have original boxes and I am happy to discuss shipping. Photos:
  7. Item: Herbie's Audio Lab HAL-O III 30 titanium tube dampers x4 Location: Sydney Price: $40 each, all four for $150 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer use tubes of this size Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Herbie's top-of-the-line tube dampers: https://herbiesaudiolab.com/products/hal-o-iii-stabilizer These are the 30mm size, and it says on the website: Fits narrow, straight-sided octal tubes and all tubes approximately 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" diameter (28mm to 32mm), including 0A3A (straight-sided), 1266, 12AX3, 12J5/GT, glass 12SJ7, 12SJ7GT, 12SL7/GT, 12SN7/GT, 3CM, 437A, 4P1L, 5691, 5692, 5852, "slim" 5AR4 (G.E., Sovtek/Reflektor, T-9 bulb), 5Y3, 5Y3GA, 5Y3GT, "wide" 5Z4, 6106, 68HC, 6AH4, 6AU4GT, 6AU4GTA, 6AU5, 6AX4GT, 6AX4GTA, 6AX4GTB, 6BL7, 6C5S, 6CJ3, 6D22S, 6DA4/6DA4A, 6DN7, 6EA7, 6EM6, 6EM7, 6EW7, straight-sided 6F6G, 6FD7, 6FY7, 6H4GT, 6J8P, 6K11, "slim" 6L6, 6N8P, 6N9P, 6R7GT (glass T-9 bulb), 6SF5-GT (glass tube), 6FM7, 6SC7 (glass tube), 6SH7, glass 6SJ7, 6SJ7GT, 6SL7, 6SN7, 6SN7GT-series (6SN7GT, 6SN7GTA, 6SN7GTB, 6SN7WGT, 6SN7WGTA), 6V6, 6V6GT (GE, Sylvania, Tung-Sol), 6X5G/GT/WGT, 6Y6, 7355, 7591, 7868, 7N7, C3G, C3M, EC8020, "narrow" EL34 (E-H, Mullard, SED "Winged C," Siemens, Svetlana, Telefunken, NOS Tesla, Tung-Sol), EL34/6CA7 (Svetlana), EL34B (Tung-Sol), GZ30, MT8 bulb, OA3A (straight-sided), PL504, T-9 bulb, VT-231.* I used them with 6SN7, and they work very well. New cost would be 45 USD = 68 AUD per damper. Photos:
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