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  1. I always assumed it would be money that would prevent me from buying a set of speakers. At 3 pairs of Yamahas it's the physical space. The wood finish, and the stands, looks great, they would fit right in with a salt of the earth Australian home. GLWS
  2. Item: Chord C-Line 1m RCA Location: Melville, WA Price: 40 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Use Balanced Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: post is 8.50 Pictures: Item: PS1 SCPH1002 Location: Melville, WA Price: 100 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Use a dac preamp with no analog input (have no way to use it, so Im ripping all my CDs) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The PS1 has a cult following as a CD player, and I wanted to know (18 months ago), if this was some stupid internet joke or if it actually sounded good. So I ponied up and purchased one. The first model (1001) and the second model (1002) both have analog outs, instead of proprietary cables, which means you can choose your own cable. And I did just that. I have kept this player through 6 different DACs, and got to hear it with 8 different speakers. Enough said. Pictures: Edit - Forgot to add tube Item: Mullard NOS 12ax7 Location: Melville, WA Price: I have no idea, 25-30? Sold Item Condition: Never used Reason for selling: No tube amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: post is 8.50 satchel bag. Purchased for an amp I no longer have, and never got around to trying out. No idea about tubes.
  3. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS: JBL Everest horns + optional B&C DCM-50 drivers

    You sir are a patrician
  4. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS Vincent SA-T8 Pre Amplifier

    That's awesome reeza. I wish I could hear it. 🤗
  5. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS Vincent SA-T8 Pre Amplifier

    Hey reeza, Focal Aria 926s are a great set of speakers. You should build your system around your strongest link. My room mate ran Focals with a Vincent pre / power and they were a magic combo. A $1200 flagship quality tube preamp is a no brainer and will pair with the Focals unbelievably well.
  6. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS Vincent SA-T8 Pre Amplifier

    haha, hopefully will be sold before I can think about it. sick of shipping costs and delays True, one of a few brands I'd buy on faith alone.
  7. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS Vincent SA-T8 Pre Amplifier

    People keep telling me my Yamaha's need some tubes in the chain. Temptation Damnation.
  8. Item: Yamaha A-S700 (Silver) Location: Melville, WA Price: 450 Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The condition is flawless, has a classic elegance in person. Comes with remote and a box. An amp that can take the audiophiles criticism, and still surprise you in a number of ways (hint - sound stage). Pictures:
  9. Item: Hypex NC400 (stereo power amp) Location: Booragoon, WA Price: $1400 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: I'm on the amp journey Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with XLR-RCA Cables just in case Purchased from jeffreyw here, who decided to go in the HT direction. Origional builder is James Romeyn. http://jamesromeyn.com/product/hypex-professional-build-service/#tab-description Amp is 200w - 8 ohms / 400w - 4ohms. And has an inaudible noise floor, total black. Runs cooler than other amps I've owned, as is expected with Class D. I really enjoyed my time with this amplifier. I've spent the last 2 years finding the speakers I like. And now exposing myself to many amps. It sounded very similar to my previous tube-SS hybrid. And unlike my solid state amp, it has complete control over the bass. Liquid mids, and no compromise in the bass, very neutral tone, neither warm nor cool. Would be interesting to see how it pairs with different pres, I used a cheap one and it sounded great. Best thing about the amp, is how small it is.
  10. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS: Rega Elicit-R - Brisbane

    @GGoOrz if you're still looking for one of these mate
  11. This was a FS advert for a 1070. I have deleted the ad, to comply with the rules of another forum I am listing this on. Thank you SNA.
  12. This is a seriously cool video if you havn't seen it.
  13. Frameperfect

    Relist FS: Nad M51

    Hmm, I thought black was American market only. Havn't seen a black one before. GLWS though, don't think you will have any problem selling this.
  14. Frameperfect

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    At the 3k point I would firmly be in the passive camp. But since this is for a bedroom, maybe there are space or heat considerations. Still, a small Class D amp like a Nord paired with a pair of bookshelf speakers would give you a wide range of options, on time and under budget. If you're committed to actives check out the Elac AIR-X 403. I havn't seen one pop up used though, but I heard it when I was buying some gear awhile back and it really impressed. When I heard that new Kii speaker the other day I thought back to the Elac, with its clear, powerful sound that seemed to be impervious to any distortion, even at ear melting volume. Good luck.
  15. Frameperfect

    I think I’m becoming a hoarder.

    Do you need the Sansui(?) with the VU meters?