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  1. You just can't go wrong with this amp, glws.
  2. Tannoy Glenair 10s

    Had the chance to hear these Tannoy Glenair 10s today thanks to a.dent's hospitality. I'm not in the market (wish I was) but I've always wanted to hear Tannoy's so I sent a.dent a message and went over. The speakers were in absolute mint condition. They exceeded my expectations and I've become a Tannoy fan, wish I had spare cash lying around, and a spare a room. Would be an excellent buy. Thanks A!
  3. Item 1: Schiit Bitfrost Location: Perth Price: 250 Item Condition: Mint+, its stayed in the box Reason for selling: Too many DACs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Purchased off the forums, from the original thread in August, "This is the original Schiit Bifrost with USB inputs purchased from Addicted to Audio in 2012. It's in excellent condition and has only been lightly used since I bought it." I reserve all rights. Pictures: His pictures are far better than anything I could take Item 2: 3 x ISOTEK EVO3 INITIUM1.5M PREMIER POWER CABLE Location: Perth Price: $80 each? Open to offers and negs Item Condition: Mint+, all in the boxes Reason for selling: Don't use them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Purchased from West Coast. Prefer pickup and open to offers thanks.
  4. Buy my floor stands, would PREFER btc I sold my kh120's on gumtree btw.
  5. Would kill to hear this setup. I had the KH120s before going to hifi, and always wondered what the 3 ways were like let alone the sub. Really nice mate.
  6. SOLD: FS: Acoustic Foam Panels (Perth)

    They're pretty big, I might have the box, but I'd prefer local pickup. Sorry.
  7. Item: 4 x Acoustic Foam Panels Location: Perth 6018 Price: 100 Item Condition: Good, (some have a velcro strip on the back) Reason for selling: Don't need. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://soundacoustics.com.au/product/acoustic-foam-panels/sa600-75-broadband-acoustic-panel/ That's the site. Most spaces only need 4 of these, I have 8 and I'm selling 4. They work nicely for eliminating annoying reflections, help defining instrument effect separation like reverb and layered vocals. Pictures:
  8. FS: Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand

    Thanks jakestar
  9. Item: Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand Location: Perth 6018; can post, pickup preferred. Price: 1100 Item Condition: Faultless Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these from Frank Prowse, Dec 2016 iirc. I upgraded to the Beethoven's but kept these in case I changed my mind, plus I really liked them. I'm more than happy with the Beethovens, and I could live with either speakers, but these are certainly the easier pair to sell. I have them boxed up, and the receipt too if it matters. Pictures:
  10. PC Speaker Recommdations - Help needed

    I use the notorious Beyer T90s, the soundstage and sheer resolution of high quality headphones cant be beat. Also agree, the intimacy, privacy and neighbour factor means headphones after 6pm. I get the best of both worlds because a headphones never going to output the bass. I think you won the lottery then, rarely see good actives go up for sale ever
  11. PC Speaker Recommdations - Help needed

    I think youre in a whole different league at this point. Did you buy blind? I brought the Neumanns blind, lucky it worked out so well. Congratulations.
  12. PC Speaker Recommdations - Help needed

    Woah there. You had a 2k budget for actives but brough a mha100? Congratulations You are a headfi listener first that wanted some speakers on the side? I gotta say Im pretty envious of you, its a delicious looking piece of gear and I didnt realise it does 50w too. Can you PM me the price you paid please. From what Ive read the LS50s are very competant. I have heard them and thought they were a solid speaker. I have not heard the active LS50 but reviewers say its a big improvement over the passive, especially in the lows and I know of one forum user who sold his dynaudios to buy them. Youll have to listen first. Personally the LS50s look too overstylised for me, and the wacky colors arnt to my taste. Solid all rounder wasnt what I was looking for, I was after a particular signature. Theres so many speakers in the 1-2k price range which are competant enough that the choice will come down to signature, room limits and maybe even style. Best bet is to make a cd playlist, take a pen and paper and spend the day at a few hifi stores. I have a personal bias for Vienna Acoustics, I thought it was some stuffy brand for classical music heads until I heard the spider cone woofer absolutely destroying the alternatives with tight punchy bass, profficient mids and honey like treble. Another favourite is Focal with the W cone, superior to the flax cone in my opinion. The bass is harder and will slam more than punch. The mids more extended and cleaner than the Viennas. The treble is quite cold and too icey for more liking, due to the metal tweeter. I could go on and on with so many brands; paradigm, elac, spendor, proac, harbeth, sonus faber, b&w, pmc, atc, tannoy etc. They each have their own signature and some will pair with the McIntosh better, best bet is to take the Mac to a few hifi stores and slug it out. If I remember the Mac is an SS amp, so it would pair nicely with a warmer speaker, or not, ya gotta listen. Then either buy the best or camp the forums for a great deal knowing what you need.
  13. PC Speaker Recommdations - Help needed

    For mixing duties in front of a PC a neirfield would provide better imaging and feedback than a passive. I had the KH120s for around 3 years. Have you heard Event Opals? Thats an active speakers I would love to own, but I think theyve cut costs over the years. Also a company called Geithain makes high end active monotors Im dieing to hear. I hope I didnt sound anti-active monitors, Im not at all. But in the sub 2k range theres a lot gear targetted at the amateur studio market that is not at all worth the money. Class leaders like NKH, Adams, Focal, Dynaudio are definetely solid active monitors. But, there is a lot of fatiging monitors which purport to offer the benefits of actives but really overempahsise the negatives.I have not heard that Accuphase or Dynaudio speaker, but I do agree that taste varies. If you are a fan of headphones like high end beyerdynamic and sennheiser headphones I suspect you might also enjoy quality active monitors for their resolution. The KH120 was easily the best nearfield in the price range for me. I did not get to hear Focal at the time though and I do not like Ribbon tweeters as a personal taste. The silkdome tweeter of the KH120 influenced my next choice of speakers in a positive way. When I did a/b comparisons to my friends passive I decided to switch from actives. The difference for me was volume. The KH120 would get harsher at higher volumes whilst my friends passives, powered by a tube hybrid were snoother. Overtime the KH120 would get a bit fatguing, even on low listening volume. I can listen through tubes all day. Finally on some songs like Enyas Orinoco Flow, the KH120s struggled to own the 50-200 hz region. I think its great you manage to get so much out of your pair. Being able to sell on expensive equipment for something far more economical because of personal taste is your win, would you ever consider the NKH 3 way? I was extremely tempted at one point, knowing it would solve my issues with the 120 except for fatigue. Another Idea I had was active monitors paired with a tube pre amplifier, If only I had the money to fund my curiosity So to the OP, go second hand and get a good pair of actives, but for pure listening why ignore the passive option? Perhaps its a matter of space? But the peripherals matter a lot. Having any speaker sitting on a desk immediately puts your tweeter 40cm or so under your ears and the woofer reverberating off the table. Stands are the sensible option, which also allows for placing them a bit further back from the table, removing the need for nearfields and opening the door to passive options. The room also matters, small rooms and big speakers don't work, doesnt matter how many basstraps you use. Finally, my experience with active monitors is strictly limited to proffesional studio brands. Active Home Audio such as the ls50 and xeos Ive never heard, except from some very happy forum members
  14. PC Speaker Recommdations - Help needed

    Hi Jimmy, I've been down the active speaker route so heres my 2c 2k buying new will get you to the entrance of decent active monitors, barely. Choices involving the Focals, Neuman Klein Hammel, and Adams are the better choices. I would not recommend Yamaha, Presonus, Event, Mackie and most other brands that don't have trickle down technology. The Yamaha is quite good but many actives in this range use 8inch woofers that will wreck havoc in a room that isnt quite sizeable and properly treated with bass traps or at least filled with some bookshelfs and furniture. Not to mention that most active monitors under 2k are quite harsh in the treble. They may seem revealing but in reality its harsh treble. They may seem bassy but in reality the frequency curve is not linear and they are notched up in the lower mids, giving an illusion of bass whilst filling your room with mud. The next thing to consider is they are amplified by Class D modules. Now Class D, properly implemented works great, but this is not cheap, and not likely in a sub 2k active monitor aside from the few class leaders. Another thing to consider is that nearfield monitoring with actives is not that enjoyable, especially in the sub 2k area. Some of the cheaper speakers will cheat with notched lower mods and treble. Others will try and get the frequency curve flat and this translates to a flat, anemic and uninspiring sound that is not in the least conducive to a pleasurable listening experience. If you consider what goes into 1-2k active monitor the economics reveal their limitations. The speaker cabinet is often sealed and made of plastic. The woofers vary in quality. The tweeters are often metal based and not implemented so well, money gets saved to pay for that Class D amp. Im not having a go at Adams, Focals or NKH but for most active monitors in this price bracket I would not touch with a 10ft pole. I would try and buy second hand this way you can get into the good territory of actives where they start to sing. Event Opals are excellent speakers but rarely come up. Second hand Dynaudios, Focals and Adam could also be solid choices. In the 5k plus area is when actives get interesting, but still they are made for mixing in film and audio studios, not for pleasure. My advice is do NOT go down the active monitor route. For 2k used off the forums you would buy a passive system that devastates anything a new active is capable of. $1300 or so on a second hand pair of bookshelfs and $700 on an integrated will provide more power, real bass, revealing but smooth treble, and mids that actually sound good, really good. I know because I ditched actives. There are some great models out their (Event Opals and Neuman being my favourite, excluding the big boys like ATC etc). But even the top of the line Focal 3 ways are not enjoyable to my ears. The flat response and detail retreval is great for production though. Figure out your room dimensions and limits first. Decide the woofer size and spend the money on the best speakers you can get. Many nice Amps in the budget range of 500-700 will do 80% of what much more expensive amps are capable of (on a bookshelf). So yes please reconsider Actives they can be good but at this price range passives will eat them alive in my experience. Good luck.
  15. Hi there!

    Well said, Lots of passionate people here who are very comfortable having a chinwag about their journey.