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  1. Item: Hypex NC400 (stereo power amp) Location: Booragoon, WA Price: $1400 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: I'm on the amp journey Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with XLR-RCA Cables just in case Purchased from jeffreyw here, who decided to go in the HT direction. Origional builder is James Romeyn. http://jamesromeyn.com/product/hypex-professional-build-service/#tab-description Amp is 200w - 8 ohms / 400w - 4ohms. And has an inaudible noise floor, total black. Runs cooler than other amps I've owned, as is expected with Class D. I really enjoyed my time with this amplifier. I've spent the last 2 years finding the speakers I like. And now exposing myself to many amps. It sounded very similar to my previous tube-SS hybrid. And unlike my solid state amp, it has complete control over the bass. Liquid mids, and no compromise in the bass, very neutral tone, neither warm nor cool. Would be interesting to see how it pairs with different pres, I used a cheap one and it sounded great. Best thing about the amp, is how small it is.
  2. Frameperfect

    SOLD: FS: Rega Elicit-R - Brisbane

    @GGoOrz if you're still looking for one of these mate
  3. This was a FS advert for a 1070. I have deleted the ad, to comply with the rules of another forum I am listing this on. Thank you SNA.
  4. This is a seriously cool video if you havn't seen it.
  5. Frameperfect

    Relist FS: Nad M51

    Hmm, I thought black was American market only. Havn't seen a black one before. GLWS though, don't think you will have any problem selling this.
  6. Frameperfect

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    At the 3k point I would firmly be in the passive camp. But since this is for a bedroom, maybe there are space or heat considerations. Still, a small Class D amp like a Nord paired with a pair of bookshelf speakers would give you a wide range of options, on time and under budget. If you're committed to actives check out the Elac AIR-X 403. I havn't seen one pop up used though, but I heard it when I was buying some gear awhile back and it really impressed. When I heard that new Kii speaker the other day I thought back to the Elac, with its clear, powerful sound that seemed to be impervious to any distortion, even at ear melting volume. Good luck.
  7. Frameperfect

    I think I’m becoming a hoarder.

    Do you need the Sansui(?) with the VU meters?
  8. Frameperfect

    A5+ or Aktimate mini+ for house/rap/hiphop

    I thought they updated it and put a DAC in the back, I see it's just for power. That's a shame. If I had speakers on my desk I would want Iso stands, but I just can't see how to justify it when that money could go to better speakers, or a used DAC or sub. I started off with A2s nearly a decade ago, good speakers but there's a lot of good speakers. Main point is for trap and hip hop I'd want a sub or bigger drivers. For EDM it doesn't matter, since I think the magic is in the mids for electronic music.
  9. Frameperfect

    FS: Nord One Up NC500 2 Channel Power Amplifier

    If you want to hop on the Class D train, this is one the best prebuilt amps to get.
  10. Frameperfect

    FS: Vincent 237 with NOS Tubes (Perth) - Sold Pending

    Amp is still FS
  11. Frameperfect

    A5+ or Aktimate mini+ for house/rap/hiphop

    Don't be scarred off from studio monitors. An A5 is practically a studio monitor, it just has a DAC bundled in. There's heaps of ways to get a DAC from $50 to $150 that will do the same thing. An audio interface being the most useful. Here are two studio monitors that are ahead than A5s for what you want them to do. Focal Alpha 65s ($714 from DJCity with ebay code) - Focal Inverted Dome Tweeter and a 6.5" woofer. Yamaha HS8s ($570 on the for sale forum) - An 8" woofer. Both of these will have tighter more defined bass, and go louder. The A5s have a 5" woofer, it's just physics. For a lot of music this doesn't matter, but for EDM and trap they are superior. The Yamaha will go deeper, 35hz, but the Focal is the better speaker. If you really don't want to think about it, the A5s are good. I see JB hifi and Harvey Norman stock them now too. My friend was in the same situation as you, and I tried to get him to go for studio monitors, but he just wanted to plug and play. I told him to get the subwoofer too, and he was really happy with his purchase. Blybo has great taste in gear, but I've got to disagree big time here. There is no way $250 isoacoustic stands would be worth it. That's half the cost of the speaker! This isn't exactly high end. Ofcouse they would improve things but you can get rubber stands from Audioengine for $30 or you can use $40 foam. Or simply a couple of books stacked up. Save the money, you could get a nice DAC for that much, or be into a new league of speakers.
  12. Frameperfect

    FS: Beyma 15" concentric high effciency speakers

    Very cool. Reminded me of this video I found a while back. It's a TAD TH-4001 clone with a 15" Beyma driver.
  13. Frameperfect

    FS: Vincent 237 with NOS Tubes (Perth) - Sold Pending

    Yes this is still FS.
  14. Really enjoying reading all the comments guys. Although we are going into summer we can use this bad luck to educate ourselves on how to protect our gear.
  15. Thanks, I'll pass on that onto my room mate, I think it will be fine since there is insurance. The lesson I learned was that surge protectors don't do squat!