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  1. Further information: Recently purchased this via SNA, but older version and not what I was looking for, price adjusted and includes shipping. Photos:
  2. Item: Isotek initium or Premier (C13 Standard) Price Range: 100-150 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After one of these, possibly 2 if you've got it, ping me.
  3. Great speakers would have certainly been interested if it was in Melb - not very keen on shipping!! GLWTS
  4. Looks like it's a bit dry on the B&W front recently.. so thinking of moving laterally to anything in a similar category as the CM10's. Let me know what you got? Should match with a Classe amp thanks!
  5. *bump* - OK someone with decent 805's surely?
  6. Item: B&W 805 / 804(S) or CM10 Price Range: Market rate depending on model Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Must be Mel/VIC pickup Have not seen these come up in awhile, esp CM10's but let me know if you got something you want to move along
  7. i got Sonus Faber toy towers thinking of selling.. let me know if interested. Welcome to audition.
  8. the 851A is also a cracker of an amp.. have a listen if possible 👍
  9. CHORD / USB and 12AWG cable now sold. Available Wireworld OASIS & STARLIGHT. Free postage anywhere in AU
  10. Chord / USB and 12Awg pending sale / pickup Available wireworld oasis and starlight
  11. Item: Various Cables Location: MEL Price: SEE BELOW Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 1. Wireworld Oasis 7 directional interconnect cables - 0.5mt $80 FREE POSTAGE AU Great interconnect for the money, crisp and detailed sound 2. Wireworld Starlight coaxial cable - 1mt $75 SOLD Wireworld make some great cables and this was used for streamer out to DAC with excellent results 3. Analysis Plus Purple USB cable - 1.5mt $75 - SOLD For anyone looking for an awesome non-expensive USB cable, neutral and detailed 4. Chord Silver Screen shielded cable 3 lengths - 1.2mt / 1.8mt / 3.5mt $50 for the lot - SOLD These were my first investment in a 'decent' speaker cable, recommended by store audio expert of course great cable nonetheless 5. 12AWG Speaker Cable - Around 5mt pair $15 SOLD I think i got this from bunnings or somewhere, just normal but solid/tough feel cable, probably good for HT setup etc.,
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