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  1. I got the Cyrus 1 from these guys about 2 months ago for my daughter's boyfriend. Great people to deal with. Great communication and fast shipment.
  2. I have the previous generation hooked up to some Cyrus amplification. Someone is going to be very happy with these.
  3. Great to meet you. Loved your set up. Definitely going to look at power amps when I have enough $$$. Dog was a bonus .
  4. His name is Chamilla. He is a member on here. He is a great guy. I have bought stuff from him. He has also repaired some of my gear in the past and is a trusted technician on the Perth hi fi scene. He also builds amps and other electronic kit. Think he is also the repairer for a couple of the hi end hifi shops as well.
  5. I have one in WA. I haven't decided whether to keep this or my Cyrus and PSXr yet. It doesn't come with the phono stage card but is boxed with manual and remote control. I am a nurse and on nights at the moment. PM me to discuss. Donnie
  6. Item: Stereo Integrated Amp Price Range: up to $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, My daughter"s boyfriend has got the hi fi bug bad. She got him an old Rega P2 clone which I did a basic service on for Christmas.He then bought a mint set of Mission 752 speakers. The weak link now is the amplifier.. He is currently using one of my old AV amps with a Rega phono.Looking for something with that warm British sound. Would be nice to have an integrated phono but not a deal breaker as a separate phono is probably the next logical upgrade. Would prefer within
  7. Mine is not going anywhere. Great player for the money.
  8. Nice spinner. I have been using one of these for five years.
  9. I can't wait to find a copy.It is the only one I don't own on vinyl.
  10. Hope you are lucky. I got an AT MC cartridge and am loving it. Great deal from another member.
  11. Item:Goodbye Jumbo vinyl lp by World Party. Price Range:Going rate. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Hi Thought I would try on here before I hit Discogs. Looking for a copy of this album. Would like to find a copy in Australia as international postage is slow and a crap shoot at the moment. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. If this had been in WA I would have had a go.
  13. I have this on CD and it is a really great compilation.
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