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  1. Weedgie

    FS: System Deck IIX TurnTable

    I have had one of these in service for thirty years.Once set up they sing.
  2. I have these. The box set of 12" singles was $80 on its own.The BBC sessions LP is a must for fans. Good luck with sale mate Cannot believe nobody has bought these
  3. Weedgie

    FS: Final Vinyl T to Z

    Undertones All Wrapped Up please mate Donnie
  4. Hi Pete Can I have The American by Simple Minds please Donnie
  5. Best value upgrade I have done. Sonic improvement was amazing on my suspended chassis turntable.
  6. Weedgie

    VINYL LOT 02

    No Worries Love the Bomb the Bass track.
  7. Was waiting for someone to spin the photos.
  8. Weedgie

    VINYL LOT 02

    If pickup only I will take K&D sessions please
  9. Weedgie

    FS: Panasonic TH-50PZ850 Plasma

    If I lived in ACT this would be active in my shed by now.Can't believe it is not sold.
  10. I have the exact same setup as my second system and for that money it is a no brainer. Check the price of the Ortofon blue alone .
  11. Weedgie

    SOLD: FS: Vinyl Box Sets

    Great price for the Go Betweens boxset
  12. Weedgie

    FS: sonique sav-4 Speakers

    I have a pair of these speakers. Great sound for the money.
  13. I have the Nad clone of this.For the money you are asking it is a no brainer. Good luck though you should not need it