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  1. Thanks Bill Just personal message me the price and air will contact Cate at work. She knows they are expensive. Donnie
  2. Item: B&O MMC5 cartridge Price Range: Market value Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, One of the women I work with daughter has just inherited a B&O Beocenter 2200. Unfortunately the cartridge is missing. She really wants to use this as it has great sentimental value. If anyone has one lying in a drawer or even a broken one that could be re tipped it would be appreciated.Internet search in Australia has drawn a blank.Only ones I could find were in America and Denmark.Due to Covid this is impractical postage wise. Might even be other B&O cartridges that fit this. Thanks for looking. Located Perth. Donnie
  3. Lucky for someone local.I run a Cyrus amp and power supply and am delighted with it.
  4. Wall shelf was the best turntable upgrade I did. If you have a suspended floor this is a no brainer.
  5. I am still using occasionally a Systemdek 11X with a Roksan Tabriz arm.Still spinning 33 years after I bought it. Great deck and much easier to set up than an LP12.
  6. Currently singing on my RP6. Fantastic bargain.
  7. Mine arrived today. Off to the tech to get fitted. Thanks again for the heads up.
  8. I just want something with rubber not spikes to lift my VAF speakers off my floating floor.
  9. Following I am in the same position as you.
  10. Ordered mine yesterday $250 free postage. Thanks for the heads up mate. Can't wait to get spinning.
  11. Item:Simaudio Moon LP5.3 plus PSX5.3 Price Range:Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info:Looking to buy these units preferably in black to match the rest of my system but not too fussed if you have silver. I am currently borrowing this item from a fellow SNA member and would be keen to buy depending on price and condition. Located in Perth. Thanks for looking. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. If you are worried about the seller in Queens Park WA they have been selling quality gear on Gumtree for a few years.
  13. Digging through crates of records.
  14. My Systemdek 11X has been spinning since1987. Love it.
  15. Hi from Perth Australia I was supposed to be in Scotland at the moment. Always used to love crate digging in Edinburgh. Loved Vinyl Villains. Avalanche as well.
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