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  1. She got the cheapest one.She has quite a few lps to play. That is a great starter deck.Was going to look on classifieds for a deck,something like a Rega P1 but that was too good a deal for a new deck. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for this.One of the youngsters at work just ordered this. Off to Gumtree to find them speakers and an amp.
  3. Think they came out the back of a white van mate.
  4. Yep And on a page full of hi fi geeks
  5. Bargain for someone just getting into vinyl. Smart looking with the orange Achromat on it. Good luck with sale.
  6. Price of postage would kill it mate.Can not believe nobody has bought it.
  7. If this was in Perth it would be gone.Only a matter of time until one of my kids friends asks me to set up a starter system again.
  8. Heard these speakers many times.Great soundstage and imaging.Pete is a great guy to deal with. Takes great care of his gear.
  9. I have a pair of these Nice SEAS drivers and a great 3 way sound. In better cosmetic condition than mine.If these were in Perth at that price I would have bought them for the shed. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/batemans-bay/speakers/tall-black-hifi-speakers/1211169767
  10. I have had one of these in service for thirty years.Once set up they sing.
  11. I have these. The box set of 12" singles was $80 on its own.The BBC sessions LP is a must for fans. Good luck with sale mate Cannot believe nobody has bought these
  12. Undertones All Wrapped Up please mate Donnie
  13. Hi Pete Can I have The American by Simple Minds please Donnie
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