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  1. I have one in WA. I haven't decided whether to keep this or my Cyrus and PSXr yet. It doesn't come with the phono stage card but is boxed with manual and remote control. I am a nurse and on nights at the moment. PM me to discuss. Donnie
  2. Item: Stereo Integrated Amp Price Range: up to $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, My daughter"s boyfriend has got the hi fi bug bad. She got him an old Rega P2 clone which I did a basic service on for Christmas.He then bought a mint set of Mission 752 speakers. The weak link now is the amplifier.. He is currently using one of my old AV amps with a Rega phono.Looking for something with that warm British sound. Would be nice to have an integrated phono but not a deal breaker as a separate phono is probably the next logical upgrade. Would prefer within
  3. Mine is not going anywhere. Great player for the money.
  4. Nice spinner. I have been using one of these for five years.
  5. I can't wait to find a copy.It is the only one I don't own on vinyl.
  6. Hope you are lucky. I got an AT MC cartridge and am loving it. Great deal from another member.
  7. Item:Goodbye Jumbo vinyl lp by World Party. Price Range:Going rate. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Hi Thought I would try on here before I hit Discogs. Looking for a copy of this album. Would like to find a copy in Australia as international postage is slow and a crap shoot at the moment. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. If this had been in WA I would have had a go.
  9. I have this on CD and it is a really great compilation.
  10. Thanks Steve Got a Simaudio Moon lp5.3 phono stage and getting a cartridge instalation lesson from the guy who sold it to me.Just want to play around with different carts and settings.
  11. That would be great. Better than what I am looking at.
  12. If you think it is worth the extra coin. I got a decent switchable phono stage. Was hoping to find something on this forum to see what LOMC is all about. Don't mind something I will have to send for a rebuild as long as I can use it for a little while.
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