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  1. Further information: 300 UNITS PER BOX @$300 I have been authorised to sell these genuine certified medical grade surgical PPE masks. Pricing is the same as buying bulk wholesale directly from Medcon so there is no profit for me on this and it’s really to provide people with quality PPE during this epidemic. Boxs will be shipped directly from Medcon in Victoria, these are one of the few genuine certified masks unlike the cheap knock offs on eBay that cause irritation and allergies and questionable performance. If you needing bulk amounts con
  2. Item: Chord Qutest Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  3. Item: Denafrips Ares II Price Range: NEG Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Came across this today, it’s part of ROON’s referral program. 14 days trial the extra month when you buy annual subscription. https://gross.in.ua/roon
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