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  1. Today I bought my first records , it is not new but as new cost me $30 pick up from Campsie NSW , and have a bonus Ruler , what I like is Porgy and Bess , but the price is a package.
  2. Hi I take this one and the aska lender pre amp PCB if available , plus post to Sydney 2210 . Thanks
  3. Still available and does it com with any cable ? Regards
  4. Sorry late answer , back from work last night , raining , got wet ..., my amp does not have pre out function , or physiccal RCA o/p Regards
  5. Nice build , can I ask is the powered woofer share same volume with the full range ? and the woofer is on top ? Thanks
  6. Thanks very much for your help Peter , and very sorry for hijacking this thread . Regards
  7. Thank a lot Peter , do I have to break something at the bottom , I've own these for more than 25 years . Regards
  8. How to access cross over boards of this one if anyone know , I have one pair in very good working order but wanted to rebuild crossover , this is very accurate speakers.
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