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  1. Hey Gruffnutz, It's running a Audio Technica AT12XE The ERA actually runs pretty well and has a handy auto-stop feature, but I'm going to get my REGA synergy on and go for an RP3 to sit next to the Brio-R, then I'll begin the search for some beefier speakers. Any suggestions? I've been ogling some Harbeth C7ES3s or Monitor 30.1, but they're going to break the bank. I think an 8" driver with ported cabinets will probably suit my listening taste. I realise the tech these days is probably better, but I still don't believe any array of 5" drivers and clever cabinets is going to make up for the swagger with which a larger driver delivers a bass note. Fancy buying a French Relic?
  2. Hey Stran, Still on offer? I'm interested, sent you an IM too Kind regards, Peter
  3. Hey Guys, I'm getting into Vinyl! Currently running: A French made ERA 2022 T/T Rega Brio-R Amp Castle ISIS bookshelf speakers I like to listen to recordings of live performances mostly, folk music, some rock and some opera. I'm looking to refine the sound a little, the ISIS are nice speakers, but don't quite fill out the lows I'm after, and possibly a newer T/T, happy to mix and match with the Brio-R for now. Cheers
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