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  1. Still available, now with postage.
  2. Sold! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  3. Sold - pending payment Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  4. Item: Rega DACLocation: Manly, NSWPrice: $500 + Postage (appx $30 anywhere in Australia)Item Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Surplus DACPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only - Postage is now an option.Extra Info: I bought this DAC new about a year ago. Still in perfect condition with original box. Prefer pickup in Manly area, can post.Pictures:
  5. Item: Rega Brio-RLocation: Manly, NSWPrice: $500Item Condition: Excellent (one small defect, mute button on remote control does not function)Reason for selling: Surplus ampPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD OnlyExtra Info: I bought this amp from a fellow SNA'er a year ago, unit is great condition. Comes with remote control, although the mute button does not function. A new remote control costs about $50 on eBay. Or you could just use the volume buttons, they work fine. Prefer pickup in Manly area.Pictures:
  6. Hi Raiden, Good to hear you're having a good experience with it. I'm running an all Rega system, the components I have are all on the bright side, so I guess it has a cumulative effect. I've listened to the Arcam amps, they've got some great depth and refinement for the price, perhaps I'll upgrade my amplification and speakers in the future and give it another try. For now, I've replaced the Orto Blue with a Shure M97xe and I'm getting a more satisfying sound. RP6 Brio-R ELA 2000 Floorstanders
  7. Item: Ortofon Blue 2M Cart/Stylus (about 150 hours use) Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW Price: SWAP for Grado Prestige Silver1/Gold1 Cart with equivalent usage Item Condition: Appx. 150 hrs use, otherwise as new Reason for selling: I've found that the Ortofon is somewhat too up front/detailed, and doesn't match well with my system or musical taste. It's great for Jazz, super fast, super detailed and maintains awesome clarity in the bottom end. However, I'm looking to try a warmer, more musical cart. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures: I can take some high res pictures if required, however will wait to see if anyone is interested first.
  8. Item: The Jezebels - The Brink (Vinyl) Location: Manly, NSW Price: Donation to SNA Item Condition: New Reason for selling: After a couple listens I've decided this LP has no business being in my collection. Apart from not warming to the album, I don't think it was mastered particularly well for vinyl, so to me it just sounds like noise. But perhaps you'll have a better experience, or a system that can better handle it. Payment Method: Pickup Only from Manly, NSW (will not post sorry, too much hassle for a free item). Extra Info: Pictures:
  9. You're right, certainly a very average or poor audio source will sound crappy on a high end system because you will hear more of the faults that would otherwise be masked by a lower resolution system. I think its akin to watching low budget High Def movies, you might start noticing the nasty make-up jobs, fake props and painted backdrops.
  10. Thats a spare pair of Audio Space 12AX7s They're from my Galaxy Mini Amp http://www.audio-space.com/product/integrated-amplifier/mini-galaxy-1-mini-tube-amp/
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