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  1. Glam/Sleaze metal time 🙂..... LA Guns - Cocked & Loaded
  2. A who's who of Frontiers Records....a great song by the way too! https://youtu.be/V2kVpauNJQ4
  3. Fully agree....killer vocals and killer guitar work on this particular release....sadly they should have had much more success, however, a number of things would lead to their downfall unfortunately!
  4. Time for the mighty Crimson Glory....RIP Midnight!
  5. Inspired by 08Boss302 🙂....time for some early 90's heavy metal/symphonic metal: Savatage - Streets A Rock Opera
  6. Triple Axe Attack 😉 Didn't mind them, but thought there were a lot of other better bands!
  7. Speak to Neil at The Valve Store in Mount Waverley, Vic. He'll sort you out 😉
  8. Speak to Neil at The Valve Store in Mount Waverley, Vic. He'll sort you out 😉
  9. That's a favourite of one guy we both know very well 😀
  10. Yeah, read somewhere the original vocalist is back and they are recording a new album....want to take their time and do justice to a new album....want it to sound like the early stuff. I guess we shall eventually see 😉
  11. @08Boss302...Icon were a great band...loved the song Killer Machine!! I believe the original lineup is back together and recording a new album for a 2021 release!!!
  12. Time for some Cradle of Filth - Cryptoriana Solid album....one of their better recent albums!
  13. Jon Schaffer has a real presence about him live. I actually thought Stu sounded pretty good live that night!
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