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  1. I had the chance to hear these a few years ago, and I was very impressed. glwts.
  2. This morning the damn thing set itself to line level when it powered on. I'm usually quite careful, but it's so hard to tell where the volume's set - so for a second and a half my headphones blasted my ears at foll volume.
  3. Thanks for the info. This one is a tough nut to crack. A local dealer tells me that the Chord Clearway interconnects will fit the Hugo, so I might give that a try. Or the Jaycar cables Galactic Soap recommends.
  4. Item: RCA interconnect (flexible on length) Price Range: $100 or so (but I'm flexible here too) Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I need an RCA interconnect for my Chord Hugo 2. The trick is that the RCA ports on the Hugo 2 are recessed, which means that many cables don't fit. (The diameter is around 13mm.) My understanding is that the Chord Clearway and various Analysis Plus cables work, but I'm open to other options!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure I'm comfortable changing the housing on my existing cables, but I'll keep it in mind.
  6. Cheers, mate - I'll take a look. Thanks too for getting it to me so quickly! 😀 So far, I'm really enjoying it.
  7. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I need an RCA analog to RCA analog connection to go from the Hugo 2 to the headamp. They take the same kind of connection. (It's not BNC - it's the normal one, or at least the kind of RCA connection I'm familiar with.) The problem is that the Hugo 2's RCA connectors are recessed in the case, and the diameter of the cutout is too small to accommodate the housing of many high end RCA cables. According to the Hugo's designer, the diameter of the cutout is 13mm. The trouble is that I'm finding it hard to find information about the diameter of the casing for RCA cables.
  8. I've just picked up a Chord Hugo 2. When I went to connect it to my headamp, I found that my Audioquest RCA cables don't fit in the Hugo's housing. I'm wondering if any Hugo 2 owners can recommend moderately-priced RCA cables that fit. Thanks!
  9. Wow, that was fast! I'm sorry I missed it.
  10. This is a sweet setup. I have the Clears and absolutely love them. They provide excellent detail retrieval while being enormously engaging with a wide variety of music. I haven't heard the CMA400i, but Questyle makes amazing gear. (I love my QPR1.) Someone will be very pleased with this package!
  11. I doubt you'll be sorry. I use mine mainly with fairly sensitive headphones (and earphones): the sound is improved considerably relative to what I was using before, and the background is black.
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