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  1. There was a CXN V1 going for quite cheap, unless it's already sold.
  2. If this is a secondary system, what on earth is in the main system?
  3. @TOPSHELF Hey mate, it's probably the angle of the photo but it does have a little rake, I had the cart fitted and aligned by James at Tivoli and he mentioned he adjusted the VTA with a little rake as the cart sounds best that way. As for the cart I'm really enjoying it. It is a clear upgrade on the 2M Red. I just want to turn the volume up and up and it doesn't distort, just keeps getting better the louder you go. It's also a lot quieter than the 2M Red, less crackle and pops.
  4. How much are the Nina's going for? Prices used to be listed on the website but not anymore.
  5. A lot of people complain about the blue LED on Music Hall TTs, I quite like the ambience.
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