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  1. Sorry mate, I don't have any boxes so shipping isn't an option, thanks.
  2. Further information: I knew this day would come eventually. I was hoping to have a little more time with these but unfortunately my lease and house build didn't have the kind of timelines I'd hoped for. So I'm moving in with a friend for a bit and I won't have space to set up my system there so these will need to either go into storage or go to a good home, I'd personally prefer the latter. These were my first serious speaker, upgrading from an Elac Uni-Fi UB5. I could immediately see why these speakers are so highly regarded. They have a tiny footprint but they are cap
  3. Unfortunately I don't possess the skills to build something like this so I cannot give you that information and I'm not sure if @robmid would remember!
  4. Further information: If you're someone who has a Rega P1/P2/P3 or a Pro Ject Debut Carbon and is wanting to take the next step in your vinyl journey without spending too much, you don't need to look much further than this table. It's a table that's reviewed very well and the step up from the Debut Carbon which I had earlier is substantial. This coupled with a capable phono pre amp will be good enough for most people. But once you're down this rabbit hole you always want to know what's next up in the ladder. Condition is consistent for something of this age, with the us
  5. Further information: This was the first component when added to my system a couple of years ago gave me a night and day difference that didn't require critical listening. I bought this amp off a fellow member who I believe built it. When I moved to my apartment last year, a wire could have come loose or something and one of the amp modules failed. So I purchased what was the latest modules at the time from Anthony, I believe it was the R4.1 version which was an even bigger upgrade from the originals. The work was done by Dallas Clarke of Clarke Audio who gave the amp a
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