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  1. What HiFi Review if you're on the fence: https://www.whathifi.com/au/yamaha/ysp-2700/review
  2. Bought the YSP-1600 from them a few years ago, even though it was 'refurbished' it was pretty much brand new in retail packaging. Just ordered the YSP-2700, never seen it at this price. Grab it while you can!
  3. More people (including myself) would jump on board if they had a monthly option. I keep saying 'next month I'm going to sign up' but some expense or the other comes up and I keep putting it off.
  4. Are you the one that picked up the demo pair from Klapp?
  5. I think this will be my new listening position. I previously sat on the couch which formed an equilateral triangle with the speakers (2.5m). Now. Sitting about 5 meters from the speakers and the speakers are still 2.5m apart. I'm enjoying this position more.
  6. Hey Doug, what tubes have you got in the LS100?
  7. For anyone interested in the vinyl rack, here's the link from Gumtree, no affiliation with the seller. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/rosebud/other-books-music-games/vinyl-records-storage-/1238840529
  8. DIY Holtons are some of the best bargains of the hi-fi world. Go on, snap this up.
  9. Picked this up off a seller on gumtree for $150. It's a pretty cool rustic looking unit. Probably holds around 200 ish records.
  10. Jeez that's pretty heavy duty for a bedroom set up!
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