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  1. IF it were possible to observe this washer-blue Tak combination microscopically AND if you were able to discern minute changes in the diameter of the washer THEN you would have a quantum-audiophile effect and could sell for even more money... ENDIF
  2. I should also add that transients are also very well portrayed by these Western Electric cables.
  3. @Bill125812 Just a quick post to say how pleased I am with these cables. Mine are between my Kompakt DAC and my Stereo Coffee pre-amp. They replace my previously-preferred Burson Cable+ Pro impedance-matching ICs with its inline op-amp buffer. Your Western Electric cable has been satisfying right from plug-in. It gives me real presence, with no harshness and plenty of clarity and richness across a wide frequency range. Bass seems even more enhanced than I was getting before, with the Stereo Coffee pre- having oodles of clean bass in its own right. Guitars and cymbals are wonderful,
  4. That's your assumption, not mine! My question was purely budget-driven. Bill answered it separately, so I've ordered a set, for source-pre. I already have another set of Bill's cables from pre-power.
  5. hi Bill, Excuse my ignorance, but would the max effect from these be as a source-to-pre IC, or as a pre-to-power IC? cheers, Dave
  6. @DrSK It was just a little slower than usual, so not a major issue for me. I did not experience the loss of control error you report. I am running OSX's latest Big Sur release.
  7. Yes, noticeably slower even when starting on desktop iMac.
  8. I bought a Klein III from Clay about 18 months ago and also bought his Kompakt s/n 0001 as soon as it was released. Both DACs are fantastic value and I also use them with an Auralic Aries streamer (the Klein now in a separate desktop system). You can't go wrong... re-sale through SNA classifieds is going to be rapid, should you ever wish to sell, especially since the AKM factory fire late last year has dried up chip supply. Give Clay G a call. He is indeed very approachable, although he may be in E. Europe, ferretting around one of 'the -stans' researching cottage-indus
  9. Welcome, fellow Canberran. Doesn't a liking for quality audio gear foster increased appreciation of music?
  10. Hi Bill, Happy New Year mate and welcome to retiree life! The number of responses to your notice of retirement post is a clear testament to your popularity and reputation here on SNA. I enjoy listening every time to what your cables bring to my system. No doubt you will be busy now making even more cables and perhaps continuing to experiment. Best wishes, Dave
  11. The Bludento BLT (or BLT-HDversion if your phone supports AptX-HD) works well. Both were acceptable SQ and the HD version gives a noticeable lift. I now stream though an Auralic Aries but the little Bludento is a convenient way to stream from your Bluetooth device into an existing stereo/HT system.
  12. This Kompakt just gets ‘better n better’! Listening to Tidal hi-res streaming on Lightning DS ( Auralic Aries Femto streamer) to ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ on RLJ’s album ‘The Devil You Know’. She is right in front of me, as if I were listening in some bar with great acoustics! Yesterday I was streaming Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Road Tested’ album and once again the atmosphere of a live recording came across very well. @Gieseler Audio Clay, how many more Kompakt’s have you in stock, given the AKM fire problem? I’m really pleased that I bought when I did.
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