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  1. Welcome back...does your return not make you feel more like Jonah than mobydick? 😀 I love the visual of you cruising nature strips for old valve gear. I've just got into streaming (properly, as opposed to formerly using iTunes, and Spotify through desktop) and I'm loving the experience.
  2. Sorry folks, I have now read this fascinating thread form the top and realise that I really dragged it off axis with my canine subjective assessment post. Thanks for not flaming me. I have a background in defence science and tech so I do find this thread rewarding.
  3. John, Sorry about the loss of your dog Sherlock. He sounds like a character all right. They are such amazing creatures and faithful companions. Our daughter's dog Marlo, is 13 as I said and she has only had him 15 months or so from a rescue service. He is probably the most characterful dog I have ever known and I know I'll be extremely sad when he time-expires.
  4. Have you ever considered canine approval as a qualitative mark of your audio system? Our 13yr old Golden lab is totally 'directionally deaf', but picks up on sounds anyway. He is reacting more frequently to hi-fi emanations with the Klein in the system. In the pic he and I are chilling to Holly Cole.
  5. ...Listening to a Tidal 16-bit 44.1kHz stream of Ben Harper's 'Welcome To The Cruel World' album from 1994 - absolutely stunning. My system as per signature block (running Naim amps currently and an awesome Gotham Audio GAC-1 IC from the Klein DAC to NAC32.5)
  6. Update: I've been listening extensively to my new Klein III (USB) in the system with Naim amps in my signature block. Since the NAIM amplification is temporary until I get my Bryson BP25 pre- back, I wasn't too bothered with siting the components, so as shown in an earlier photo, the NAIM pre was sited next to the power-amp and the Klein sat between dormant CDP and TT. Anyway, I loved the SQ I was getting out of well-recorded music, but perversely, some of the other material could sound lacking in bass. I experimented with changing out the Chord USB cable for a Belkin Gold 2 series and at times I felt that I preferred the latter, but it was inconclusive. Late yesterday I re-sited stuff, so the Klein now sits on top of the Naim pre- and so nothing is close to the functioning power-amp. See attached pic 1 and 2 for the old and new arrangement. The sound of mediocre recorded material is much better and the good stuff is awesome. Another significant improvement was finding an old IC. It didn't have clear markings but eventually I found it said 'GAC-1'. Luckily I had seen that cable type (Gotham Audio GAC-1) being sold by a UK cable specialist ('UK-CBE' on eBay UK) and that's what I'll use when I need to source a couple more XLR ICs, this time from the Klein to the Bryston. With the re-sited equipment the Nordost Solar WInd ICs also sound great, however I give the edge to the GAC-1 cable, used to connect the Klein O/P to the Naim pre-. When funds permit, I'll order a PSU from Clay. For now I am blown away by what I'm hearing out of the system.
  7. Welcome Diego. There's some fantastic innovation in your impressive setup!
  8. Clay Gieseler might have a demo Fein available. The Fein replaced the Gross.
  9. Suggest you visit the Gieseler Audio website and search out the reviews of his DACs available as a compilation here on SNA. I'm listening Day 2 to Clay Gieseler's budget Klein III ($650) and loving what it gives me (rest of system in signature block). I had the Schiit Modi 3 and was quite happy, but the Klein III is another level of detail, enjoyment and ease of listening for extended periods (all styles of music being tested). I have written more in the Klein III Owners thread. Your budget sounds like it extends close to his Fein range. I have no involvement with Gieseler Audio - I'm just another happy customer supporting local audio-engineering talent.
  10. This interests me too. I saw Mike Moffat of Schiit waxing lyrical about his design in John Darko's interview with him (Darko YT channel). Of course, as the designer he's going to do that, however it fits with Schiit's approach to shake up the market.
  11. Oh happy day, my new Klein III (as pics above posted by Clay) arrived!! These notes are purely my initial impressions, and suffice to say, I am pleased. Note that apart from dabbling with cheap headphone amps-USB DACs (Ordnance Amplifiers D25 and Bitstream BTS-300) I am a very recent convert to digital streaming and very much learning. The rest of my currently-configured system comprises: Shunyata Research Hydra 6 power conditioner, Shunyata Anaconda Powersnake, Shunyata Venom power cables. Auralic Aries (Femto and Linear PSU model) streamer. Nordost Solar Wind ICs from DAC to NAIM NAC32.5 HiCAPped pre- and NAP 180 power amp. NAIM NACA5 speaker cable. Sonus Faber Concerto Home speakers. CD replay is from an original Naim CDS Mk 1 with its highly-engineered floating disc suspension system and massive outboard PS. The Klein III replaces my recently bought Modi 3 USB DAC that will now be paired with my desktop iMac. I was pretty impressed with the little Modi but the reviews of Clay's Gieseler creations were impelling, and Clay recently generously responded to my WTB: Klein III post here on SNA. Aries Settings: All Aries outputs turned off except for Lightning DS. using the Modi 3, there was a definite increase in already impressive clarity when Spotify Connect, Roon Ready and Airplay were all de-selected. MODI 3 DAC (USB) Playing: Chris Rea. ‘On The Beach’ (title track). TIDAL 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC. Cymbals sound nasty - flat and unrealistic Sara K - ‘Stars’ song. TIDAL 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC. Very revealing. Slightly hard edge to the fretting of her guitar. ———————————————————KLEIN III DAC (USB) _________________________ Hooking this up to the Auralic Aries, the only difference was a Chord USB SilverPlus Digital Interconnect (Type A-B ) replaced the freebie micro-USB that came with the Modi. This replacement higher quality cable should be factored in, yet that is the first time it was used. I have previous experience with their interconnects and of course their use by NAIM for OEM cables. First impression: The Klein III gives a more revealing, yet somewhat more relaxed sound than the Modi 3. This is straight after power up. Sara K - ‘Hell or High Water’ album. ’Stars’ song. TIDAL 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC Also very revealing, but more mellow. Opening seconds had more noticeable distant ‘shimmering bells’. No longer the hard edge to the fretting of her guitar. ’Fish Outta Water’ was highly satisfying listening. Sara K’s powerful voice was very evident. There was greater separation between her vocals and instruments than had been the case with the Modi 3 (not that it was found to be deficient without knowing what the Klein III would deliver). Sax and bass and acoustic guitar on ‘Fish Outta Water’ commanding. I would have liked a bit more richness to the sax, but it may well be the instrument. ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘I Can’t stand the Rain’ are other great Sara K tracks that sounded very impressive, involving, distinct yet rich and not digital or nasal. Chris Rea. On The Beach (title track). TIDAL 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC. Opening sound of water lapping on the beach convincing. Cymbals definitely have more shimmer and less digital glare. Once again, it’s easier to pick out each element of the music. ’Stainsby Girls’ has a rather spare lean character, however not so on the Klein III rendition. I heard elements of the opening bars that I had never before heard, even on CD. So much more going on in this song than I ever knew! It was particularly satisfying to hear each instrument accompanying Rea’s gravelly voice. The drum kit added such depth to the soundstage. ‘Let’s Dance’ from Rea’s ‘New Light Through Old Windows’ album was very forward, revealing and certainly not music that could be let drift into the background. Perhaps the Klein is more revealing of recording quality and I had just been spoilt with the amazingly well-recorded (SACD original) Sara K album. Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays ‘As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls’. The title track of this live album opens with crowd noise in a vast stadium. The Klein gave this more depth and mood, yet the opening music was well separated from the crowd ambience that continues unabated. The Klein proved to be very revealing in this atmospheric and indulgent Metheny/Mays work. Background voices were distinct and separate and the impression was one of almost being at the venue. Bela Fleck. ‘Flight of the Cosmic Hippo’ Snare drum and cymbals were absolutely distinct from Fleck’s amazing banjo playing and the bass player(s?). Once again, I’m amazed at my Sonus Faber Concerto Homes being able to deliver such a frequency range and this track is a test above most. Diana Krall. ‘The Girl in the Other Room’ album. A superb ‘in the room’ experience. ‘I’ve Changed my Address’ comes over with all of the life-experience emotion that Krall conveys on this song. Initial summary impressions of the Klein III vs the Modi 3. Undoubtedly revealing and involving. There’s a slightly dry character that creeps into some of the music reviewed and I’m interested to know if this will persist as the Klein III burns-in, not to mention the new Chord cable. I’m also using highly revealing Nordost Solar Wind ICs between the DAC and the NAC32.5 pre-amp, so a change to my Chord alternative ICs (bought too long ago to have recorded the model) will be worth experimenting with. Those comments should not be mistaken for dissatisfaction, on the contrary I have a DAC that is opening up the detail of recordings that simply wasn't done by the Modi 3 and it's a satisfying and exciting upgrade. Edit: The more I listen to the wonderful Diana Krall (all 44.1kHz, 16-bit FLACs from TIDAL) the more enthralled I become. The overriding takeaway for me is the real emotion of the vocals that the Klein III delivers (for all of the artists I've noted above). …I can’t wait to have my Gamut D200 back in my system to explore its well-known soundstage imaging. The stand-in NAIM system that I have had rigged has certainly given me renewed impetus to listen at length (its legendary PRaT!), however the BP25 pre- and Gamut combo will probably give more. The photo shows everything mentioned apart from my Bryston BP25 pre- that a friend has at present. Confession: the lack of a decent rack (and the Sonus Fabers' presence in place of original ATC SCM12s) purely due to WAF.
  12. Fantastic work @tvcollector You are an inspiration mate!
  13. From an interview in the New Yorker magazine: " What kind of music do you listen to? I love opera. It’s so terrible—I listen to it on YouTube. I’m an audiophile, but I’ve just gotten used to the convenience of being able to hear twenty-nine different performances of one role. I listen to other music..."
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