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  1. Cross-posted from the new Gieseler Kompakt DAC thread ( I bought SN 0001). @gibbo9000 Thanks for alerting me to the impending cutoff for users of Roon uncertified devices such as our miniDSP SHD Studio. I used the form you linked and it probably reached Roon on 20 or 21 Sept. So far, so good!
  2. More listening today... The Kompakt just delivers a beautiful sound...the slight edge has been taken off instruments like Uilleann pipes (on albums like Davy Spillane's 'Atlantic Bridge' or the fusion of the Afro-Celt Sound System material). Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays' 'As Falls Wichita, So Wichita Falls' album is another fave of mine to test atmosphere and resolution portrayal, particularly the opening track. The final track 'Estupenda Gracia' also impressed. The lovely way bass character is enhanced is a common satisfaction, with or without my Dirac Live boost to my Sonus Faber Concerto Home speakers. I'm also now running a Roon trial for the second time and enjoying that (I may even sign up to the monthly (annual) sub). I've gone from Pic1 with Volumio, to Pic2 Update: The sax solo that features on 'The Bird Song' on Anette Askvik's 'Liberty' album ( https://tidal.com/track/5761229 ) has been restored to its full glory! The last time I had similar SQ was a couple of months back when streaming through my Auralic Aries femto into the USB of my Klein III with Enhanced Gold Tune Kraftwerk LPSU. I'm sure the Kompakt is delivering even more of course!
  3. ok, some more early impressions: The Kompakt's character is one of increased soundstage width and great soundstage depth, with fabulous delineation between instruments and voices, and a presentation that is both relaxed in a 'good analogue' way, yet revealing. Bass has more texture and presence. High notes and cymbals are deliciously refined with not a hint of digital glare (not that the Klein ever had any of that either). I previously posted elsewhere that a fave album on Tidal is a live concert for Joni Mitchell's 75th birthday. On this track Kris Kristofferson sings in a truly execrable way ...so bad, yet it's still full of atmosphere: https://tidal.com/browse/track/105048398 ...well through the Kompakt, Kristofferson's voice has even more bass texture. What was most noticeable however, was at the end the Kompakt 'makes' a single whistle from the crowd jump out in stark separation. It's a very clear example of what I'm trying to summarise.
  4. Indeed, just an example of my rushed setup... those are now re-positioned and in fact the DAC is probably too light for those isolation thingies to work! I have the Bunnings White's anti-vibration squares available as alternatives.
  5. Oh dear! I used a high-quality camera and lens, but my area was too tight, so no actual views of the DAC or certificate - BIG FAIL!! I was thinking of removing that link, however I'll leave it on there as an example of HOW NOT to do one... how embarrassing! 🤭
  6. Unboxing video link for Kompakt SN 0001 😁 The video is over 1GB so careful of downloading if you have limited storage! Two quick pics showing it a probable temporary position on top of my miniDSP SHD Studio streamer/DSP. I ordered two 0.5m (0.8m?) solid silver coax cables from @Bill125812 because I wanted to use an iFi SPDIF purifier in the chain, however that appears not to be powering up, so just using the one short cable that restricts relative positioning. EDIT and CLARIFICATION: In case there is any confusion from a quick read, it's the iFi SPDIF purifier that isn't powering on. Bill's cables are working fully as intended; one between streamer and DAC SPDIF input, and the other now between a CDP and the streamer SPDIF input. Having had to change from my USB-only Klein III because of the miniDSP outputs, I've been using another DAC for some weeks, so an A-B between Klein III and Kompakt is not feasible, other than on my computer setup. Early listening with the Kompakt (part of one day only at this stage) showed wonderful instrument/voice and inter-instrument separation, with great depth and inky blackness. I'm really looking forward to much more listening and that starts in a few minutes... Thanks again Clay for making another fine product. It's always a pleasure talking to you by phone too.
  7. That's very true! If I decide it's going you'll be contacted first... Incidentally, a fave album on Tidal is a live concert for Joni Mitchell's 75th birthday. Kris Kristofferson sings in a truly execrable way on this...so bad, it's still full of atmosphere: https://tidal.com/browse/track/105048398
  8. In the words of Scotty from Star Trek: "Ah cannae do it Cap'n" I'm currently doing an A-B test on my desktop between the Klein III and another respected but very cheap DAC. Without hearing the Klein III I would be pleased with 'the other DAC' but unless I get major pushback I think I'm going to hang onto the first device in my Gieseler ausrichten. The second was an Enhanced Gold Tune Kraftwerk but that was sold in a moment of rationalism after changing my streamer which necessitates a DAC with S/PDIF input.
  9. Another $120 option that works beautifully...I have one and confirm that aptX-HD gives very respectable quality when streaming Tidal hi-res from a compatible phone. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/163473342953
  10. I'll see what I can do about an unboxing video. ...Such an action will highlight the fact that I've bought yet "another thing", so I can expect a trough in the WAF-curve 🙄 as in the far right (when i purchased a very ugly but good TT). If so my desktop Klein III may have to be sold, to increase WAF. Perhaps I need to start a GoFundMe project to save me from that eventuality, however that would be morally wrong when we are on the cusp of The Great Depression Mk.2 Anyway, enough 6am waffle ...I can do a video!
  11. That rabbit hole will enable you to tunnel all the way down (up) to the lands of European audio, should you keep digging. Welcome!
  12. Looking really great Clay. I hope to be the first customer for the Kompakt! Congratulations on more fine products! cheers, Dave
  13. Agreed! Link to the aptX-HD version here: 5.0 aptX HD HiFi Bluetooth Music Receiver with Burr Brown DAC The other 'bang for buck' thing I bought recently that arrived yesterday and is suitable for smallish/lightish standmount speakers, is a set of IsoAcoustics IsoPuck-Minis ($150 on eBay). I placed 4 each between my 9kg speakers and very cheap stands and the difference is amazing.
  14. There's an Aptx-HD version of the Bludento. I've got one and when using it found its sound quality and ease of use to be very good.
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