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  1. The trestle-bridge is between the main road running past to Wonthaggi and the beach. I passed it twice daily over a 2-3 day period twice annually, going to Moto GP and World Superbike events pre-COVID!
  2. Congratulations on your milestone Bill, and Mrs. Bill!
  3. Hey Bill, Just saying I would gladly wait 3mths if it meant getting more of your cables, such is their quality and value, combined with your superb friendly communication. As it is, I have a full complement of your Western Electric cables, and earlier iterations of both your boutique and COVID-busting specials. Cheers, Dave
  4. I don't think my review description skills will match that of others like @RankStranger above, however here goes: Background: I leapt on these W.E. cables as soon as Bill publicised them, however I started with ICs and copy my earlier statements on those here for completeness. 'Mine are between my Kompakt DAC and my Stereo Coffee pre-amp. They replace my previously-preferred Burson Cable+ Pro impedance-matching ICs with its inline op-amp buffer. Your Western Electric cable has been satisfying right from plug-in. It gives me real presence, with no harshness
  5. A band discovered through Roon radio. Sounding sweet. Bit-rate on Auralic Aries is OS and 32-bit padded. Native resolution from Qobuz is 16/44.1
  6. My newly-acquired Moto Morini Corsaro (corsair) 1200. Sony A7RM3, with vintage Pentax Super Takumar 50 f/1.4 lens
  7. I bought Isoacoustics Aperta stands from them when on special. Quick, efficient and very cheap postage: recommended!
  8. I went for the wider soundstage models today. Not sure there's any audible effect however it's an interesting experiment to see how long it takes my wife to spot them (she once spotted a redback hanging off a wall-tap at 15m range).
  9. Seems like my Soundiiz problems were due to having a Qobuz(US) account. The Soundiiz support was excellent from Thomas ("co-founder"), and it showed that indeed a transferred playlist could be seen within my Qobuz(US) account when viewed from within Soundiiz, however: No such playlists showed when using Qobuz as a standalone app, or within Auralic's Lightning DS streaming app. So, today I took advantage of Audirvana's three-month Qobuz free trial and opened up another Qobuz Australia account to replace the US one. Soundiiz transfers all worked seamlessly this time.
  10. Within hours of cancelling my future Tidal payments, they sent me an offer of $17.99 monthly ...yeah, NAH!
  11. Five or more I believe. However, why sell, unless of course you already have a system(s) you are already happy with?
  12. Listening a lot today as I laboriously add every artist on Tidal to my Qobuz account (none of my Soundiiz premium account attempted transfers are showing up on Qobuz, hence the slow approach). I decided also to bypass my SHD Studio for a while and exercise the USB input on my Kompakt (using the SHD Studio requires the SPDIF input). Everything is sounding magnificent, whether 44.1/16 or true Qobuz Hi-Res. My chain is: Auralic Aries Femto, Curious USB, Kompakt USB input, @Bill125812’s Western Electric ICs (WEICs) to Stereo Coffee pre, WEICs to Gamut D200 Mk 3 pow
  13. I agree on Tidal's frustrating proliferation of same-named albums. My Soundiiz 'transfer' of multiple playlists and followed artists has had zero success in the day since actioning. I've registered a support enquiry.
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