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  1. Thanks Warren. I have certainly seen many glowing references to the AT VM95.
  2. With a newly arrived and installed TT, listening to these today: The last track of Side 2 on the k.d. lang album is quirky but fun and the whole album is beautifully recorded.
  3. @TheWretchedWorld and @Batty Thanks very much to both you, your replies are greatly appreciated. I'll certainly use your input when I am ready to upgrade my temporary measure of a legacy Grado DJ200. I paid for the cartridge to be fitted and the ARB TT to be set up properly. The shop would have fitted an old Ortofon VMS30 Mk II that I have but the cantilever compliance was found to be too worn. I would love to chase up a replacement stylus for that even though they are expensive and pretty much unobtainable. It's sounding pretty good I must say, although I know I can do better. BTW, The Gieseler Gold Tune Enhanced PS underneath is actually for my Klein III DAC.
  4. I recently bought a British made ARB turntable. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm looking for cartridge advice, at a budget sadly. Some of the TT details include: NEW ACRYLIC PLATTER / BEARING,MOTOR AND DRIVE BELT. REGA RB250 MODIFIED TONEARM POLISHED ARM TUBE ,STAINLESS STEEL STUB,BRASS UNDERSLUNG COUNTERWEIGHTS, REWIRED WITH LITZ WIRE, TERMINATED WITH GOLD PLATED CARTRIDGE CLIPS AND FEMALE RCA SOCKETS TWO TIER OPAQUE ACRYLIC DESIGN, SOLID ALUMINIUM PARTS AND 4 ADJUSTABLE LOCKING CONE FEET. My phono amp is either a Rega A2D (MM only), or a Project Phono Box II (MM and MC). Don't laugh, but my budget is no more than say $300 and I'm open to buying from SNA classifieds. I'm initially going to fit a Grado DJ200 cartridge I have currently fitted on another TT. The other amps in my system are a Bryston BP25 and a Gamut D200 power. Musical genres extend across classical, folk and rock (no opera!). I have a fairly small LP collection however I like what I hear, even from cheaper TTs I've had, hence this purchase. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Currently playing this track...and the dog can't fathom where the singing is coming from (at 13, he's directionally deaf)
  6. Gieseler DACs fit your laudable Aussie-made criterion. I'm a very happy Gieseler Klein III owner. Check out his website, and many user reviews on SNA.
  7. Monks on a mission (Singapore Botanic Gardens)
  8. I originally discovered this artist via Spotify. I prefer Tidal now She has a pure voice, exceptionally thought-provoking lyrics and a simple but powerful style. This is just one of the albums I return to. Listen to 'Shadow of a Son' and reflect on young men and woman being sent to war by politicians.
  9. Kraftwerk Ultra or Kraftwerk über perhaps...either works well I think!
  10. Happy Christmas to all my readers ...even 'Bose-ans', may you be on a path of enlightenment. On a serious note, let's think of all the fire-crews, other emergency workers, and those who have lost lives and property.
  11. I beIieve I may be the first customer for the Gold Tune Enhanced PSU. I’ll call it the GTE-PSU for this post. Earlier correspondence with Clay had included his characteristically helpful offer of a no-commitment evaluation of one of his linear PSUs to try with my USB Klein III. In the event it was one of these new model units that Clay sent for my auditioning. My listening system comprised: Auralic Aries Femto /LPSU model streaming home-ripped 16 / 44.1 FLACs or equivalent Tidal Premium files. Curious USB cable and an iFi iUSB Nano 3.0. I intended the latter for use with my iMac with Schiit Modi 3, however both items seem to add even more to my main system. The other USB cable for the iFi iUSB is a Chord Silverline. Gieseler Klein III USB DAC. Burson Cable+ Pro between Klein and pre-amp. Naim HiCAP and NAC32.5 pre-amp, in dual 24V configuration with NAC72 upgraded boards. Gamut D200 power-amp. Sonus Faber Concerto Home speakers on cheap stands Naim NACA5 speaker cable. Shunyata Hydra power-conditioner, Venom power-cords. These are usable only on components with IEC mains-sockets, hence used on Naim HiCAP and Gamut power-amp only (and on Naim CDS and separate PSU, not featured in this review.) The addition of the GTE-PSU in place of the standard PSU immediately brought enhanced soundstage depth and a cleaner / tauter base rendition to what was already a highly satisfying system. (The Klein III had significantly upgraded definition and detail from my original Schiit Modi 3, noting that I am pretty much a noob when it comes to streaming into a main hi-fi, starting this only in August this year.) After a few days of solid listening I invited over a good friend Paul who plays both folk and especially classical violin and viola regularly in a quartet; he’s also built his own amps and other gear. Amongst material played was a Tidal 16/44.1 album: Hilary Hahn Plays Bach, Sonatas 1&2 and Partita 1, ( Decca, 2018). I conducted blind listening tests with Paul of the various configs (with, without GTE-PSU, with/without the iFi iUSB Nano, and again with without the Curious cable). He was astonished at the difference made by the GTE-PSU, as of course am I. My own reaction from day one was that the Kraftwerk gave another level of clarity, with bass getting 'tighter' and perhaps a deepening of the sound stage. It wasn't so much a veil being removed, rather it gave more of what was there before (if that makes sense). The iUSB Nano and the Curious cable each gave improvements, however the Kraftwerk GTE-PSU gave the most distinct one. On the Hahn violin playing my friend remarked that it sounded like a violin, whereas without it he missed hearing ringing on the E string (no idea what that means personally!) On Davy Spillane’s Atlantic Bridge album, we found that the GTE-PSU gave perceptibly clearer detail and on one track we both heard finger snaps that were missed before. The same enhancement character applied to other material we auditioned. All I can relate to is the difference between my Klein III with its standard switched mode PSU versus this top-of-the-line GTE-PSU. I am thoroughly satisfied that it provides me with a significant boost to a system that I already found highly involving. Bang for buck it is one of the best upgrades going, with the Burson Cable+ Pro coming in as #2 by the same measure.
  12. Jeddie could not have said it better. Welcome!
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