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  1. Love it! His actions immediately reminded me of another video at a Canadian parrot rescue centre, or rather a parrot rescue centre in Canada ( Norwegian Blues are irretrievable):
  2. Hi Blah Blah, I was referring to the quality of the piano playing, not to a general character of the Kompakt, although that certainly doesn’t mean that I find it harsh or digital in any way. Like the Klein III I had before, and still keep for use through computer desktop playback with a Cavalli Tube Hybrid headphone amp, my experience with Gieseler DACs is that they are very resolving, but not harsh. Compared with the Klein, noting that a direct back to back test between the two isn’t something I’ve done, the Kompakt adds a wider stereo image, and even more s
  3. The love affair with my Kompakt in my system continues... listening to this, selected from one of my Tidal playlists. There is such transparency, yet appropriate mellowness. I can hear all of the actuation of the piano keys, and pedals too I think. I like classical music but not often piano, however I can listen to this as a different style to my normal enjoyment of baroque or early medieval classical. A couple of days ago, listening to completely different music, I was triggered to share the track with Clay in an email. That time it was a track
  4. Sorry Blah Blah, don't know where I thought your profile showed you as Ray!
  5. Len Wallis may do Zip or Afterpay : zero cost staged repayments. Edit: I note that it's now sold.
  6. Hi Ray, The combination is fantastic as far as I'm concerned! The SC already gave a very strong sense of presence 'in the room' and the Kompakt's extra stereo separation over the Klein and lesser non-Gieseler DACs adds to the mix. That summary of course, is over-simplifying what the Kompakt brings to the mix. Many people find that the Auralic Aries' Lightning DS sound quality is preferable to Roon. If I had to choose further I would add that I think LDS is a tiny bit more delicate than the miniDSP SHD Studio streaming. The Aries uses wi-fi and the SHD Studi
  7. There's a Rega Elex integrated being sold by LWA in the Commercial Classfieds.
  8. Well, I finally received my Aries Femto from a US seller. Yesterday I switched the LPSU from 120V to 240V (a simple jumper switch, thanks to advice received via a query to the Auralic Community) and it's now plugged into the USB input of my miniDSP SHD Studio. I now have the luxury of: 1. streaming directly through Lightning DS, 2. using the Aries as a Roon endpoint 3. Using the SHD Studio's own Ethernet-wired streaming All of the above enable Dirac Live to be switched in or out (4 target curves) and if I wish, I can even plug the Aries directly into the
  9. If it's the same Nik I recall (originally from Slovenia), he was someone who was always up for a chat. I bought quite a few things from him some 15 years ago. I flew his two sons in separate glider flights from Bacchus Marsh in early 2006 and he was clearly a devoted father. I liked the man and I'm sorry to read of his passing.
  10. Yep, Duratone guy is the biz!! I had one set up just under a year ago and the same guy is still there. I also just bought a cheap used TT from him a week ago, for my daughter.
  11. Nothing esoteric here from me. Spun these two yesterday when testing a cheap old Sansui, bought for my daughter who had suddenly asked if I had any turntables she could buy! I bought the Sansui cheaply at a local hi-fi shop. It has a Shure M75ECS and sounded tolerable when plugged into my system.
  12. Two from yesterday. Leica M9 with (1) Voigtländer Nokton 50 f/1.5 LTM at f4, or (2) M-converted Contax G (Zeiss) Biogon 21 f/2.8 at f6.3
  13. A recent one at my gliding club. Samsung S9 Pro photo
  14. I've just added that Peter Gabriel album to my Tidal library - up for a listen this arvo. ...Testing a cheap TT that I bought for my daughter. It has a Shure M75 ECS cartridge that actually sounded pretty reasonable. I can see that I bought this album pre April 1989, when I migrated here!
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