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  1. Many thanks for your thoughtful and detailed response, I suspect I’ll come back to this as a resource throughout the implementation. I’m starting with a single sub, but may add another down the track. This does seem to be the way to get the best out of them. I have really enjoyed my WLM speakers, this little sub does need to do some work to make them sound bigger. There is a WLM bass module that would be interesting in this scenario, but I do not have it. I run them conventionally, like any other speaker. I would pick up a module if one came up for sale separately, but they
  2. I’ve had a sub in my system for the first time today, a very generous member has left it with me on trial. Looking for a few tips on set up, I’ve got it blended fairly well in that I can’t hear the sub itself and my speakers have a little more weight, though it’s fairly subtle. I’ve been watching Paul McGowans videos on YouTube recently, and he talks regularly about subs revealing hidden octaves, I would not say I’ve achieved that. The sub is a Rel T3, and I am running it with a Weston Time Machine 300b amp, and a pair of WLM Diva monitors. The room is long but fairly narrow, with
  3. That looks quite neat. Thanks for the links
  4. The shelves I had were these wider ones. Held about 600 CDs each.
  5. These sleeves look good if that’s the way it goes. Great to have a spot for front and back covers. I was wondering what to do with those
  6. Custom storage would be much nicer. The wallet idea is really a compromise to keep everyone happy, as my stereo is in the lounge room. If I can find some nice shelves that aren’t too expensive it may be a possibility. I’m likely going to buy LP storage shelves from HIFI Racks. They also offer CD storage, but by the time I’d bought enough levels I’d likely be in the thousands, which is more than I wish to spend.
  7. I have around 2,000 CDs sitting in moving boxes, and need some way to store them. I previously used shelves from IKEA that were like CD sized book shelves, but I no longer have them and they are no longer sold. I wonder if anyone has had success with throwing away the cases and putting them in folders? This would save a lot of space. I don’t want to use book cases, as they are bulkier than necessary for CDs. Any suggestions appreciated!
  8. Looking to buy the mobile fidelity one step versions of Mingus Ah Um and Monk’s Dream. Around $250 each.
  9. Item: SUT with Hashimoto HM-7 Price Range: Depends on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a SUT with the Hashimoto HM-7 transformers. Don’t really mind about brand, Choir Audio, Sound Tradition, etc. let me know what you’ve got! Thanks
  10. I’ve been listening to a lot of Psych lately, new bands and classics. A new band I’ve come across from Sweden, Vart Solsystem / Our Sokarststem. Big digs fir this spacey cruise.
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