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  1. GeoffRoberts

    FS: Croft RIAA Valve Phono Stage

    Price drop: $900
  2. GeoffRoberts

    Psych Currently Spinning

    Masana Temples, the new album from Kikagaku Moyo, has just arrived. It’s excellent. You never quite know what you will get from Kikagaku Moyo. I’ve enjoyed all their albums, they’re consistently recording good music, but the style varies widely. This one is pretty laid back, very 70s feel, but difficult to describe. Have a listen, it’s worth your time.
  3. GeoffRoberts

    FS: Croft RIAA Valve Phono Stage

    Will consider reasonable offers.
  4. Best of luck with sale, I owned this turntable fir a few years and loved it, never had an issue. The polishing job looks great, and it sounds as good as it looks.
  5. FS: Sampson era Matchless Dirt Box Location: Sydney Price: $1,000 Reason for selling: not playing much guitar Selling my Sampson era Matchless Dirt Box, very rare, and easily the best over drive pedal I’ve used. Two 12AX7 valves, ptp wired, and just wonderful tone. I’ve owned it 17 or 18 years, but really haven’t played much guitar in the last 10 years, so it’s time to move on. I’ve sold a lot of my guitar gear, but this is one of the few things I’ve held onto despite being used rarely. It has that signature Matchless tone, so if that’s something you like, here you have it in a box. This is 110v (I’m pretty sure they were only made in 110v), so a step down transformer is required.
  6. GeoffRoberts

    FS: Croft RIAA Valve Phono Stage

    Weekend bump
  7. GeoffRoberts

    FS: Croft RIAA Valve Phono Stage

    Thanks Andy. I was actually very happy with my system, and had no plans to change the Croft. An EMIA popped up for sale, which got me curious and I as it’s not something you see very often, I decided to check it out.
  8. Item: Croft Acoustics RIAA MM Valve Phono Stage Location: Sydney Price: $950.00 Item Condition: Pretty much as new Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I've really enjoyed this phono stage. The sound is lovely and natural, with a really nice percussiveness. Croft have a really strong following in the UK, they don't do much marketing, but word of mouth is strong. They are had wired in the UK, and high quality. I bought it new about 2.5 years ago. It has been in my rack since then, and I can't see any obvious blemishes on it, it works perfectly. This is a MM phono stage, I've used it with MC cartridges with a step up transformer, which worked really nicely. It really responds to different valves, so you can really taylor it to your ear. The tube rollers will enjoy this one. I will supply with the original JJ valves, which have very low hours. I used them for the first couple of weeks to get a taste for the sound, then put some old stock valves in. The RCA valves pictured are not included. Pictures:
  9. I really like band camp - direct from the artist. I also like that the album goes out into your collection, and you can download whenever you like..,.handy fir when the net drops out
  10. GeoffRoberts

    SUT Upgrade

    Thanks for dropping by with some nice records and gear. It was nice to meet you and hear some new music.
  11. GeoffRoberts

    SUT Upgrade

    Have you tried moving it to a different position? Mine is silent.
  12. Kodak are still around and making film. They’re even bringing some discontinued films back at the moment.
  13. GeoffRoberts

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    A few years ago I was unsure about this, and even a bit skeptical, and decided I’d see for myself. I picked up a Giggawatt PF-1 power strip, which is their entry level model. For me it made a huge difference, and I think it’s one of the biggest bang for buck improvements I’ve made in my system. All my gear is valve, perhaps something wasn’t happy on the wall power. I’m still using it, and will probably one day upgrade.
  14. GeoffRoberts

    FS: Transrotor Darkstar Turntable

    A nice pick up for someone. Transrotor make great sounding turntables, and the precision and build is very impressive.