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  1. Further information: The Oppo BDP-93 needs no introduction. Simply superb build quality and great picture/sound quality. Bought the player new in 2012, from A1 Audio in Clayton. Unit has been very well looked after and presents like new. We have been streaming movies the last couple of years and I have not played a disc for a couple of years Will be supplied with all original accessories. Product Key Features Features Up-converting, USB Input, Internet/Media Streamer, Full HD, BD-Live, HDMI, Ethernet Input. Playable Media Format A
  2. Further information: I have a 7m Supra Linc 2x2.5 loudspeaker cable made in Sweden. I've had this in storage for a number of years with the intention to use in a second system, but have gone down the active path. The information below is from a German website - https://rms-store.eu/en/supra-linc-ice-blue-2x2-5mm2-shielded-speaker-cable?campaign-id=10#opis_marki Supra Linc Ice Blue The Supra Linc 2.5 cable is a cable equipped with a shield in the form of aluminium/PET, which reduces the impact of the electric stray field. The cable has tight twisted conductors that minimiz
  3. Further information: Selling my Curious Regen usb cable. I sold my Sonore microRendu and l no longer have any use for this cable. Happy to ship at buyers expense. PayPal family & friends accepted. Photos:
  4. Absolute Hiend is now the SOtM distributor in Australia according to their website.
  5. They are! I went from the CEC TL 5100 to the CEC TL 1.
  6. Further information: This is the rarely available (because it is much sought after!) demagnetizer for the vinyl enthusiast who uses MC cartridges. Over time, the MC cartridge becomes magnetized which can impact its performance. And this is where the FB-1 comes in. Just plug your RCA phono cable (4-pin too via its own jack) on to the RCA jacks of the FB-1, turn it on (operating LED will start blinking) and when it is all done, the “END” LED will turn green and your cartridge is all set. Quick, simple and effective. Original packaging and paperwork included. Happy to do PayPal (family
  7. I have an Altmann DAC BYOB - (Bring Your Own Battery) that is powered by a 12V battery. It’s an R2R DAC and sounds very analogue with great detail.
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