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  1. Never had an issue with any record store. They know what they're doing.
  2. Shipping to Australia from US Amazon resumed on 22 November, 2018. They now collect GST on purchase (you'll see it at checkout). All other Amazon sites continue to block us.
  3. This seems the most suited forum for this, but happy for mods to move to elsewhere if necessary. Since starting, Amazon Australia has shown scant regard for ensuring vinyl is sent packed protected sufficiently to not get damaged during transit. If 1 record is being sent, Amazon AU will use a vinyl mailer. For the most part, no problems. HOWEVER if 1 record & other media is being sent together, or more than 1 record is being sent, Amazon AU will put the vinyl records in a larger box AS IS. No vinyl mailer. No protection. If you're lucky, very lucky, it'll arrive undamaged. This differs from other Amazon countries which, when they could ship to Australia, ensured vinyl mailers on every record, even if put in a box. Amazon Australia have done this since they've started 2 years ago, and continue doing it as recently as last week (as I found out the hard way).
  4. Huh? I've never had a missus in tow when I go! Back again late October - will have plenty of time (alone) to jump between shops.... as I did last time. Day = record shops; night = whisky.
  5. Good idea in principle but Australia Post being Australia Post it'll be too damn expensive. Anyone who sells regularly is likely to find reduced costs by sourcing the mailers themselves and just using AP for postage. And I can't see it being a regularly purchased item. Since you work there, please pass on how absolutely disgusting it is that 126-250g international letter size postage rates just went up ~34% on October 1. Absolute rort. You kind of gave with one hand (1-125g option), and took with the other.
  6. If they just put every vinyl in a vinyl mailer, they wouldn't have any issues (unless it was damaged when they put it in!). If your sleeve is damaged or its not as listed, RETURN IT. It's the only way they will realise their stupidity. My recent experiences: * Delivery from Germany - in same box, some in mailers, some not. Surprise surprise, most not in mailers were damaged. Arranged refund on some, another sent out on others (didn't need to return) * Delivery from France - one box, all in vinyl mailers. Merci France! * Delivery from Australia (July) - none in mailers but in smaller box now so less chance of damage (none in this case) These days I'm buying on cost reasons alone. As soon as I get a damaged cover I return it (I am fortunate enough to work near a post office where I often have to go anyway).
  7. I'm up to about 5 or 6 returns now, and damaged items are more common recently (still getting deliveries from the BOGOF sale). I'd say about 50% are coming with damaged covers, and today received the wrong item (right album, wrong version). If we're "stuck" with Amazon AU they need to get their sh*t together and stop these massive delays and package properly, or I'm done with them, cheaper or not. Amazon DE is currently doing 5 for 2 on a limited selection. Shipping is high but there's some goodies in there. Get em while you can (and yes they package correctly). UPDATE: Actually, they no longer do. Recent packages had over half the vinyl left loose and unpackaged in the box, mostly damaged.
  8. Yup, this is the current problem with Australia store. Very risky. Most of us got lucky but I had to return twice (not sure if cause was handling or postage).
  9. Confirmed, promo over. AMAZON20 also expired earlier. Done deal. Was fun while it lasted!
  10. If you buy 1 or 2 you’ll get this packaging. Otherwise vinyl put in a large box with no packaging. Failure with AU is not to put it in this packaging before putting it in the box. Stores in other countries do.
  11. AU is Pita. They don’t have replacement system yet so you have to deal with customer service numerous times for manual corrections.
  12. Then you’re at the mercy of Australia post and anyone else that handles it. These, 1 per record, in a box is what I expect from amazon outside Australia (you opt in for the box).
  13. Yup, that's how my first box arrived. Got another box today - box is OK but over half records have sleeve damage (bent corners). Seems to be handling issue in this case. Process for returning/replacing is painful, but not accepting them damaged. They need to put every record in their cardboard "frustration free" packaging, and then all of those in a box, like they do in other countries.
  14. Got my first order and they were in a highly damaged outer box. Each record not in packaging like other Amazon stores. Thankfully none with bent corners, but totally surprised given the box condition. Doesn't bode well for their start. ALL Amazon countries have incredibly slow dispatch - Australia is even less likely to split deliveries than the others.
  15. This is in the latest catalogue again, with same item number and price. Best to ring and check availability before going to a store.
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