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  1. Same, it's moved (and I can't find) or appears to be on holiday.
  2. Kogan is known to do this. They back down if you start talking ACCC and/or advise you'll be asking your credit company to reverse the charge for goods not as described. See how they run when these come up! So long as it's advertised somewhere that it works with Tidal, then you'll be fine as you're claiming it doesn't fully work with it.
  3. CCA doesn't play well with Tidal: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/chromecast-audio-tidal.791689/page-2
  4. It's a LOT more complicated than this. I've bought from Amazon before and the price went DOWN straight after. It's based on interest, stock on hand, sales history, competitor pricing and more! I've been monitoring for trends for months now. Big data indeed!
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