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  1. 20% off vinyl today, makes 2 for $50 down to 2 for $40.
  2. Roger Waters - The Wall should be popular. Lots of stock for this promotion at my local.
  3. Never had an issue with any record store. They know what they're doing.
  4. Shipping to Australia from US Amazon resumed on 22 November, 2018. They now collect GST on purchase (you'll see it at checkout). All other Amazon sites continue to block us.
  5. This seems the most suited forum for this, but happy for mods to move to elsewhere if necessary. Since starting, Amazon Australia has shown scant regard for ensuring vinyl is sent packed protected sufficiently to not get damaged during transit. If 1 record is being sent, Amazon AU will use a vinyl mailer. For the most part, no problems. HOWEVER if 1 record & other media is being sent together, or more than 1 record is being sent, Amazon AU will put the vinyl records in a larger box AS IS. No vinyl mailer. No protection. If you're lucky, very lucky, it'll arrive undamaged. This differs from other Amazon countries which, when they could ship to Australia, ensured vinyl mailers on every record, even if put in a box. Amazon Australia have done this since they've started 2 years ago, and continue doing it as recently as last week (as I found out the hard way).
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