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  1. Further information: In excellent condition, no visual marks/scuffs that I can see. Purchased off another SNA member in March 2020 with the Kanto stands and remote. These did not come with a box and as such I'd prefer pick up only for now as I can't guarantee they'll be safely transported to another state. Please also note that the Kef S1 stands in some photos has been sold separately and isn't included in this sale.
  2. Thanks Neo. Unfortunately a house expense has come up, so I'll have to wait until another time!
  3. Item: Matrix Audio Element M Price Range: 1800-1950 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Happy to pick up anywhere within 100km of Melbourne otherwise willing to pay for shipping. Cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Item: Matrix Audio Element M Price Range: Matrix Audio Element M - $2000 -2200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Due to lock in Melbourne, happy to pay for shipping etc if required Thanks
  5. I had buffering issues last night via bluos on my NAD M32. Unplayable at 730pm and I gave up trying.
  6. Tidal Hifi Creative soundblaster G6 isilencer+ Kef LSX
  7. Further information: Recently purchased from another SNA member only 4 weeks ago...I've realised I need to head in a different direction unfortunately. They are in excellent condition and obviously sound fantastic. Pick up preferred, but I have all original packaging and am able to post at the buyers expense. The stands were purchased only 3 months ago. Photos:
  8. Thanks for the clarification about the stands all! The floorstands have been sold. I'm now selling the Kef LSX and desktop stands as a bundle, price drop to $1100 to reflect this cheers
  9. Further information: Sparingly used in a third system. Due to not being used it's better I sell this off. In excellent condition with all original packging. Pick up preferred as usual but happy to post at buyers cost if required Photos:
  10. Further information: In excellent condition, no visual marks/scuffs that I can see. Purchased off another SNA member in March 2020, they came with the desk stands only. I only recently purchased the Kef performance stands from melbourne hifi in April. This was an indulgent purchase for the bedroom, but no surprise these wonderful speakers have had minimal use, 15 hours at most since I got them. The remote is also in perfect condition. The speakers came without a box (I still have the performance stand boxes though), so therefore I'm looking to sell as a package and
  11. Also very interested in a pair! Curious on the price too. If it's the right number I mahy need to pull the trigger.
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