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  1. I believe the grille is upside down, if you turn it around the tweeter won't stick out.
  2. I have heard several people claim the Roksan Caspian M2 is a very good match for the PMC Twenty.23, but I don't know anyone who has the K3 on them, nor have I heard the K3, so not sure how similar it is to the M2.
  3. I meant the following comments sound like the speakers are not bass heavy and might need a sub woofer: (or did I misunderstand?)
  4. I suspect the difference in presentation is due to the combination of crossover and woofers, not just the woofers or box height. I have the Beethoven baby grand SE and don't know what you lot are on about when it comes to bass. Mine slam so hard and puts such an emphasis on the bass that some songs just don't sound good any more. The treble is too strong on my Naim system, but on my Cyrus system it is well balanced. I don't see why anyone would need a subwoofer with these though.
  5. I have this configuration: Naim ND5 XS Naim CD5 XS Naim Flatcap XS Naim Nait XS2
  6. I auditioned the Dali Rubicon 2 on a couple of different systems from Rotel, Creek, and Electrocompaniet. These speakers had a soft mid range with more focus on treble and bass, so that could be the reason for what you hear. The problem was much less apparent on the Electrocompaniet. If you don't want to change speakers or amplifier, then your best options are room treatment or equalization. I don't think a DAC or cables are going to be enough. Then again you never know, you can always try.
  7. Item: PMC Twenty.23 Location: Sydney Price: $ 2500 + shipping costs if not picked up Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Want speakers that are easier to move around Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal (+$50) Extra Info: These speakers have a fairly neutral balance, and excel at projecting a large sound stage. The high gloss black looks elegant in any room. They have a stronger and deeper bass than suggested by the small woofer, and this is achieved by the well tuned transmission lines. Rhythm is good with a fast bass. The two drivers integrate very well, which might have partly to do with the small woofer. They are not quite as forward and exciting sounding as the Twenty.22, and are more laid back compared. However they are not laid back compared to the average speaker. Specifications: 87dB sensitivity 29Hz - 25kHz 8 ohm impedance Link to PMC site: https://pmc-speakers.com/products/archive/archive/twenty23 What Hi-Fi review: https://www.whathifi.com/pmc/twenty-23/review The one speaker has a faint line imprint on top (not a scratch), which you might see in the picture of the top. Pictures:
  8. My comments were specific to Dynaudio stand mount speakers, but also applies to other rear ported designs to varying degrees. I don't have any issues with my front ported or sealed designs, and those have much less issue with being close to a rear wall.
  9. I forgot I also tried them on a Lavardin IS, and this one made them sound very light weight with weak bass. This amplifier sounded good with my other speakers, and might be too low in power for the ATCs. Note that I have never felt my Naim to have too little power for them, even though it's only rated at 70W.
  10. I have the ATC SCM 19, which has the same woofer and similar box size as the SCM 20. I have used them on a Rotel RB-991, which is a predecessor of the RB-1582, and also on these: Naim Nait XS2 with Naim Flatcap XS Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR pre and power Cyrus Pre2 Qx with Cyrus Stereo 200 Audio Research Vsi75 In my view the Rotel was too strong in the treble and too soft in the bass (relative to the treble and mid range) for most of my speakers. These ATCs aren't bright though, and the treble is not that bad, but to my ears sound far better on the Naim. They sound a bit dark on the Cyrus and a tad bass shy on the Musical Fidelity, but have strong bass and beautiful mid range on the Naim. The Audio Research has excellent mid range as well, but its treble was too strong for my taste.
  11. I listened to the Classic 20 at Len Wallis and found them to have both recessed bass and treble, but then so did most of the other speakers there, I think the room might be treated to not reflect anything but absorb everything. My feeling is that it would be a tonally balanced speaker with it's strength in projecting a sound stage. I think if you like strong bass, you probably need to look at their models with larger or multiple woofers on the sides.
  12. When I say "distance from the rear wall or back wall" I mean from the front baffle to the wall behind them, but when I say "distance between the speaker and wall" I mean from the back of the speaker.
  13. Two speakers I have had sometimes go for $1000 second hand. I liked both, but the second is a bit better overall. Bowers and Wilkins CDM 1NT Jamo D830 (or Concert 😎
  14. Pioneer CS-53 Pioneer SHF-7 Jamo Classic 4 Jamo Alto 130 Wharfedale Diamond 8.4 B&W CDM 1 NT Jamo D830 Quad 12L Linn Majik Isobarik PMC Twenty.23 ATC SCM 19 Dynaudio Contour S1.4 LE Spendor SP2/3R2 Vienna Acoustics Beethoven baby grand SE
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