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  1. audio_file

    Spendor speaker bargins

    The special prices show after you logged in.
  2. My musical fidelity amplifiers have black chassis and aluminium front panels.
  3. My silver amplifiers are in boxes in the garage and only have black components out, looks so much better. They also fit into the same size rack spaces. All the wood is cherry so that goes as well.
  4. audio_file

    How quiet is your background?

    I muted the output in one of my REW sessions to see what would happen and got this:
  5. audio_file

    Speaker Recommendation

    I agree, and the 24 sounds like the 22 with added bass.
  6. audio_file

    Speaker Recommendation

    I have the PMC Twenty.23 and ATC SCM 19 speakers, and my room is 6.8m x 3.3m. I usually place them 65cm from the back wall (measured from the front baffle back) and between 70cm and 90cm from side walls. The PMCs have a stronger treble overall than the ATCs, but both have a slight but noticeable peak in the treble. The PMCs' peak sounds like a microphone artefact to me when playing sibilants, while the ATCs' one sounds like a slight boost. The two speakers peak at different frequencies, which means you don't always hear the effect with both speakers on the same songs. Neither is intrusive and would only be a problem when used with a bad matching amplifier. Both speakers have quite accurate high frequencies, but the ATCs have a darker sound and the PMCs more open. However the 22 and 24 models in the same range have a more open sound if that's what you want. The speakers sound quite different, especially in the mid range and bass, not only in the high frequencies.
  7. I should probably mention that the two sets would both be on, and that you can't switch one pair off using the pre amp controls, you'd have to disconnect them manually.
  8. Yes you can, but I wouldn't recommend using lower than 8 ohms per speaker when four speakers are connected.
  9. Relisted with a price drop
  10. Item: Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR pre- and power amplifier Location: Sydney Price: $2000 + shipping costs if not picked up Item Condition: Excellent (See pictures) Reason for selling: Moving towards an integrated amplifier. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal (+$50) Extra Info: These have a smooth and relaxed presentation, and quite powerful. They have a refined treble especially. Power - 130W in 8 ohm and 225W in 4 ohm. http://www.musicalfidelity.com/uploads/manuals/English/a32crpre_eng.pdf http://www.musicalfidelity.com/uploads/manuals/English/a32crpow_eng.pdf I have the original box for the pre amp and a Musical Fidelity M8 box for the power amp. I also have the remote control for the pre amp. There's a faint mark to the left of the pre amp led, which I tried to show in the last picture, but it isn't easily visible.
  11. I had to read it a couple of times before I realized what you meant. You had me quite confused at first.
  12. Do you mean groß as in the German word for large? The ß is more like an 's' than a 'b', so I wouldn't substitute it for a b.
  13. They did mention 79 strands, but I tried cables of different strands and didn't notice a difference. Maybe they meant that most cables of less strands would be too thin and low gauge?
  14. I also have the ATC SCM 19s and also used the Van den Hul Clearwater on them. After noticing a paragraph in the speaker manual stating that less than 2.5mm cross sectional area are incompatible with their speakers, I looked at thicker cables. The Clearwater is 2.0 and the CS-122 is 2.96. I decided to try these and found that the Clearwater limited the bass power. My speaker punched harder with the CS-122. This might also depend on how long your cables are.
  15. audio_file

    Best Amp for PMC speakers

    I don't like how Bryston sounds either with PMC or with Bryston speakers. The top end Bryston sound alright with the Dynaudio Confidence range.