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  1. I've wanted these for years, so wish I had the space for them! :`(
  2. I often find the high frequencies more appealing on one driver speakers, and way too boosted on most two and three ways. I agree it's a lot to ask for one driver to do everything and especially the demands of the bass affects everything upwards. One alternative could be to use a sub woofer on an active crossover so that the amplifier and speaker only play from say 120Hz up. I wonder how rough the response would be in that case.
  3. Bass is not really directional, so this might not be a problem. Also some floor stander designs have the woofer high up in the box, or the box tilted so the woofer points up slightly.
  4. I think a lot of why a three way often has less distortion in the mid range than a two way, is because the crossover in a two way is usually in the middle of the mid range and in a three way they are on either side of the mid range instead. This means a single driver without a cross over should have none of this type of distortion. I haven't compared enough speaker to say that's the case for sure, but one driver speakers do sound very natural to me.
  5. I might just not have the right music to hear that. (or the right ears for that matter) I used to have a pair of Linn Majik Isobarik speakers that were flat to around 28Hz and I haven't really heard anything they played that the Dyns didn't.
  6. I'd consider getting a 2Qute for each of my systems, haha, It's just that good.
  7. Do you feel they're not good value for money?
  8. Yeah the PMCs def drive harder than the Spendors and Harbeths. Have you tried the ATC SCM 19 yet? What did you think?
  9. The 805D has a yellow woofer with a silver phase plug. The 805D3 has a grey woofer. Spendor 3/1, Spendor 2/3, Harbeth C7 ES3, M30.2, and ATC SCM 19 will all give you that. The PMC Twenty and Twenty5 ranges are also quite good in the mid range, but maybe a tad behind the above.
  10. Yeah, but my speakers still play them. The 50 and 40 I mentioned were at the same level as the average level. They play 35Hz, just softer. I think it comes down (at least partially) to the tonal balance perhaps.
  11. The 805 Matrix had a square box, the rest are curved. The 805 Nautilus has a black phase plug in the woofer. The 805s has a dust cap instead. The 805 Signature has a silver phase plug and came in two fancy high gloss finishes. If you're after mid range detail and transparency, you're better off with a ATC SCM 19. If you're after mid range tone accuracy, you might also like the Spendor classic series or Harbeth.
  12. What didn't you like about them? Were they the 805 Nautilus, 805s, 805 Signature, 805 Matrix, or what? I agree, speakers have the added complexity that they are more room dependent than any other component in the system.
  13. The smaller the room, the more bass energy you'll get out of the speakers. This also amplifies more the closer they are to a back wall and also the closer your head is to the wall behind you. I'd think it would be best without a sub woofer, but of course I could be wrong. So I suggest you try to borrow some stand mount speakers and hear them in a small room as an experiment, using your music.
  14. What kind of music do you listen to that go that low? My ATC SCM 19s reach to maybe around 50Hz in my room and they're alright with at least 95% of my songs. My Dynaudio Contour S1.4 LEs play all information in all my songs, at least in my room. I'd estimate they reach to at least 40Hz in my room. My room is 6.5m by 3.3m.
  15. I doubt it, the only advantage I can think of is low end extension. The small woofers on stand mount speakers are likely to be more controlled IMO given good amplification.