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  1. It is I, Sad Bastard 2! The green one! Now that we have more than two subscribers we are committed to a second series (groan) so last night us 3 Sad Bastards started kicking around ideas. Obviously coming up with ideas takes time and alcohol and so I was wondering if there are any topics that the SN crew may want us to explore? Of course we'd ensure we thoroughly researched the topic and applied our high editorial, fact checking and production standards to deliver a quality episode. Or, we just might talk rubbish. Hard to tell before hand. Anyway if you have some ideas let us know. P.S. If your idea is "stop, please stop." it's already been suggested by my wife.
  2. I'd agree with that assessment, Cazzesman. I sent an email to Kii Audio asking if they had changed anything to do with the sound and they claimed that they did not. This confuses me as I now have three people claiming that the sound changed in the same way after the upgrade. Whatever the case they still sound amazing.
  3. Excellent! The BXT are on my "to do" list. I hope that they sound as good at your house as they did in the showroom - which is to say amazing!
  4. Update on the new firmware: Kii Audio called me about 2 hours after I sent the error log to them. They were very interested in understanding what led to my difficulties and wanted to use the information to improve their knowledge base. I also briefly spoke to them regarding the Kii controller - why I don't like it and how much I would like it to be a roon end-point. The man from Kii Audio hinted that they were working on a new controller. Fingers crossed. I was very impressed by the quick response and the time they allocated to me. BTW, has anyone noticed a change in sound after the firmware upgrade (and after reseting all preferences)?
  5. Update: They're back! I had to cycle the power for the controller and the speakers and then rerun the update software about 5 time. Eventually it all worked.
  6. Boy, I wish I hadn't rushed to update the firmware - it didn't work and now I can 't use my speakers. The update process failed and the controller no longer functions properly (although it does ask my to update the system. Very helpful). The updater sends an error log to Kii Audio so hopefully they can help me out.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up Gibbo. I would never have seen it myself. Fingers crossed it will work!
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