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  1. Having been on the roof, I've diagnosed that our TV antenna is "stuffed" ... dodgy connections, corrosion etc. We've had some intermittent reception issues and it looks like it's a likely culprit. While we might be able to "recondition" it, I'm just going to bite the bullet and get a new one. That said, I haven't seen many recommendations for roof antennas. Are they "all the same?" I've heard Hills are a good brand but little else. We live in inner west Sydney, there are no high rises around us but more high apartment blocks are going in. FTA digital TV is the priority; if I can get one that also improves (in order of priority) DAB+, FM and AM, so much the better. Can any one recommend good models to go for?
  2. Tone Malone

    Speakers for an Onkyo Model 725

    Funny, I was thinking Krix too. They're good value for money. I suspect if you went much above $1000/pr, the amp itself would becone too much of a limiting factor. But I'd keep an eye on the second hand speakers in Stereonet, and as ones you like the look of come up, check to ensure they're quite senstive and easy to drive.
  3. Tone Malone


    I think that's part of the problem, discs are on the way out but the streaming alternatives are missing or tenuous. Are there any streaming services that supply music concerts with the video and audio quality of blu-ray? (And if they did, my Internet connection would probably choke.) Even with straight audio ... I'm a recent convert to Tidal, but I understand they're struggling. What happens then? Back to hoping Spotify will fill the gap?
  4. Tone Malone

    Upgrade and A/B woes - advice please.

    @flanders, I think your post is spot on. As others have variously said on Stereonet, the items that make the most difference are speakers, room acoustics and *sometimes* the amp ... and then daylight. I'd add the quality of original recording to near the top of that list, but that's about it. I've also struggled to hear differences between DACs. Once the core components are chosen (speakers, amp and source), I suspect every $1 spent on room treatments will equal several dollars spent elsewhere. Most of all, I reckon this is a hobby where you can easily lose sight of the key objective, which is to enjoy great music to the fullest. I hope I can continue to keep this perspective even in the midst of A/B tests, which can be enjoyable but also utterly confounding!
  5. Tone Malone

    Suggestions for room treatment?

    Thanks Andy. I'm weighing up a narrower entertainment unit, so that should help keep the speaker out of the corner... can also do the rug. The corner behind the speaker ... would that be the best starting point for a bass trap?
  6. Tone Malone

    Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    Ok, I can now report first hand on the C64 Mini, having been suckered in by nostalgia. I was in a JB Hifi on Thursday night innocently looking for something else, they had just one C64 Mini left (it was the day of release) and I took that as a sign I should buy it. It's been fun for a late night or two over the Easter break, and the C64 mini is reasonably well set up. The main challenges with revisiting C64 memories with the Mini are: * Most of the games actually rely a fair bit on keyboard inputs. The C64 Mini has a fake keyboard ... so you're stuck with using the onscreen keyboard with the joystick ... * ... speaking of which, the supplied joystick is better than the original Commodore ones (so is a housebrick), but I've found myself fighting the joystick accuracy as much as the onscreen opponents. Not sure I wanted to re-live that part if the '80s. A couple of games I loved 30+ years ago are still great fun to play. Paradroid and Impossible Mission are truly brilliant. Jumpman is also solid. Depending on what you played as a kid you may find other gems but there is certainly a lot of rough. A bit of online research for the old manuals might also be in order. In summary, it's been fun but I might sell it soon and move on. I have a hunch that retro Nintendo players, with more arcade games and more recent & slicker graphics, might just enjoy their experience a bit more.
  7. Tone Malone

    Suggestions for room treatment?

    And finalky got the diagram uploaded successfully ...
  8. Hi folks, I'm happy with my stereo set-up but think it's time to focus more on what I can do to improve the room acoustics. A diagram showing my room layout is below. I realise the speakers are too close to the wall and my sitting position is too close to the back wall, but it's a fairly compact place and it is a "family room". The speakers are standmounts on a very solid entertainment unit. We have wooden floorboards, hard walls/ceiling etc. I would describe the sound as precise and the bass is punchy, but I suspect the room is making the upper-mids a bit harder than they should be ... the overall sound could be a bit more cohesive and "well rounded", with a better soundstage. Things I would be able to do: * Add tasteful(!) wall (and maybe roof) treatments * Add mini stands under the speakers * *Maybe* put the speakers on separate stands and move them further apart. Things I can't do: * Re-arrange the room layout significantly (if I can move anything, it might be by a centremetres) * Move the speakers further away from the wall (this has been attempted a couple of times but they mysteriously move back) * Turn the room into a shrine for black foam. Based on the diagram, could anyone suggest room treatments and where I might position them (understanding I'll need to experiment a bit). Any suggestions that keep this enterprise to a three-figure budget also greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the tip @deblur. I haven't narrowed it down consistently to when it's raining (from memory it's sometimes just "threatening" weather - heavy cloud and wind etc) and thought it might be more due to that weakening the signal. But I'll check out the wires as one possible cause. The antenna would be 12-15 years old so some maintenance might well be in order. Any other thoughts from the clan also welcome.
  10. Tone Malone

    SOLD: FS: Monitor Audio GX50 Speakers

    Thank god they're sold. I can stop drooling now.
  11. I'm in inner west Sydney and have a roof antenna pointing in "the right direction" (at least according to a phone app and everyome else in the street!). But in bad weather, I can lose some of the 2,7 or 10 network of stations. (Weak/no signal, vision freezes, audio cutouts etc). What's the best approach to fixing this? Being intermittent, it's not easy to test changes. A new antenna? Do indoor signal booster boxes help? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. I think many hifi stores tend to proactively advertise heavy discounts like $3000 down to $2500 (often due to the model being superseded, a deal with a distributor ending, or sadly due to a store closure). Otherwise, and unless the store has a high markup to begin with, I'd say discounts in the 0-10% range are more realistic in that price range. They simply don't have the turnover compared with the major electrical retailers. Make sure you're happy with the price of any add-ons like speaker cables as well. There may be higher margins with accessories. Hifi magazines from the US and UK may suggest doing home auditions. I don't know if it's more common in other countries or because those hifi journalists are in the inner circle, but I didn't have any luck when I was shopping for new gear. Staff were pretty apologetic about it - it sounds like they've just been burned too many times. Typically they will be happy for you to bring in your speakers to try with an amp or vice versa, especially if you discuss best "non peak" times to do this in advance. Not quite the same I know, but it goes some way to reducing risk.
  13. Pleasure dealing with you re the Neil Young poster - thanks!
  14. I'm +1 for the options to either: * Buy a more modest amp that provides the multizone needed (as suggested by @:) al early in this thread) and save some pennies or, * If you're a bit more adventurous, try an upgrade that includes better speakers in the mix and maximises bang for buck, perhaps like the one suggested by @Pops110 Apart from the "speakers before amplifier" argument (which I agree with), IMHO it's also great to upgrade incrementally - it allows you to understand what sound profiles you enjoy the most and reduces the chance of you blowing the kitty on something that doesn't quite match your tastes. Good luck @Serpeant - I hope whatever upgrade path you take that you enjoy the journey.
  15. In high school in the 1980s I bought a second-hand pair of Beyerdynamic headphones. Plugged them directly into my CD player and listened like a king, bypassing the ghettoblaster that served as my "amp and loudspeaker"! I still think it was the best $50 I ever spent!