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  1. With cables (speakers, RCA or other) you're heading into a contentious area - some swear there is a difference, others say something $5/m will sound exactly the same as something many times that - provided there is a solid connection. I think your amp is the next step - don't overcomplicate things. The MF M3si is a mighy fine amp and I've heard the a5 is great as well. But audition first if possible to make sure you like the sound. Re cables? Personally, I'm planning to go to a hifi store that will let me compare cables ... or compare a $5 cable with a highly recommended $50 cable (blind, with a friend switching between them) at home. If I can't hear a difference, that'll be my answer.
  2. Hi folks, I'm weighing up options for a blu ray player and my choice may well end up being between a 4k-capable player, or a higher-quality player without 4k. I've got a good idea of the models of player out there - just wanted to know how much I'd be missing out on if I didn't get a 4k player. The area I'm really interested in is music concerts with great 2ch stereo audio. My TV isn't huge and while I'm looking forward to the step up in picture over DVD, I'm more interested in the incremental sound quality improvements. The main questions that come to mind are: - Are music concerts on 4k blu ray also typically on standard blu ray? Or are ypu noticing standard blu ray being phased out? - Has anyone noticed significant *audio* improvements playing 4k disks vs standard blu ray?
  3. You've mentioned two compact amps (Brio and NAD D3020) - is size and "neatness" also part of your consideration? You might then also want to consider powered speakers, and do away with the separate amp altogether. Triangle and Dynaudio both do excellent passive speakers, and also active speakers in the sub-$2000 range (eg, the Dynaudio X14A). This is not to discount the Richter / Brio combo - it may still be the winner. Overall, I agree with @Irek: audition and make sure you like what you hear, everyone's ears are different. I'd likewise focus on speakers first, then amp, then source as sound quality tends to be affected most by the speakers.
  4. Tone Malone

    RCA plugs tingling - advice please!

    Thanks for the thought-provoking replies. @Zaphod Beeblebrox, I didn't even think about the antenna!!! ... but now that you mention it, I've had a tingle from that plug in the past. I also found these threads/articles interesting, having found the Whirlpool one after ZB suggested the antenna: * https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/950238 * https://www.avhub.com.au/features/hi-fi/im-shocked-why-am-i-getting-a-tingle-394771 My gut feel is ZB is right but, as usual with these things, I tried but couldn't replicate it today. We're due to get our TV antenna replaced, so will have that checked at the same time. @andyr, I'm also going to go with your solution and stop using the USB charge out of the Fetch box. The Fetch boxes really are a "marvel" of cheap engineering (I've been through three of them over four years ...) I'll add to this post if I can further diagnose it. Thanks for your help. 🙂
  5. Given you couldn't audition I think you made a great choice. Look forward to your review 😊
  6. Hi folks, I was reconnecting the my stereo system, and felt an uncomfortable electrical charge through the end of a pair of RCA plugs, just as I was about to connect them to my integrated amp. It didn't feel dangerous, but it did feel stronger and of longer duration than your average static zap. The feeling disappeared a second or so after that, but I then felt a lighter tingle when I came back to it later on. I'll describe the output devices attached to the RCA cable: I have a Fetch TV box with a digital-only audio output. My integrated amp is analogue only, so I attached an inexpensive box that converts the audio optical out to analogue RCA. This little box is charged by a USB, also from out of the back of the Fetch TV box. Yes, the Fetch TV and little box were both on at the time (understand that is not best practice, but then again I'm glad I might have found a potential fault with the system). I haven't re-attached the RCA to the integrated amp after my slightly painful experience with the RCA sockets. I'm requesting the thoughts of those with a good understanding of electronic currents in hifi systems. Does this sound like a serious issue (either safety wise, or to the amplifier and any connected components)? And what would you recommend as the best steps to diagnose the source of the problem?
  7. I have the MA Gold 100s (bookshelves), bought a Peachtree 150 and had to swap it for another amp. Everyone's ears are different, but to me the bass with the Peachtree just sounded non-organic. I'd also avoid buying on the basis that you can only exchange for one type of amp. Rega amps are highly regarded but the one I tried (the Elex I think) wasn't a good match for my speakers IMHO. *If at all possible*, audition before you get locked in. If not, I found the Musical Fidelity M3 amp excellent and their amps have been widely regarded as a good match for MAs ... so +1 for then. I ended up with a Marantz pm8005 and I'm happy with the outcome after my initial grief with the Peachtree. Roksan amps are also apparently a good match but never got to try one. Good luck!
  8. Bill, that's very kind. If they're still available and you're willing to post to Sydney that would be great, I'm happy to pay post and make a donation.
  9. Tone Malone

    Narrow Integrated

    I had a similar challenge. It's worth considering all the rear connections in depth measurement, and it will also depend on the rear profile of the amp and socket types used. My amp had a detachable power plug that was actually causing more depth issues than the speaker outputs. I replaced the one provided with a 90 degree power plug, which reduced depth from at least 50mm to 24mm. RCA sockets can also be a challenge. You can get 90 degree adaptors but they can get pretty cramped and interfere with each other depending on socket spacing. In my case I reverted to short straight ones. They fortunately bend well but they're now the sockets adding the most depth (38mm from the back panel). Finally - I'll let someone more qualified than me speak on this - but I think optical cable doesn't like tight bends. It may be a good reason to go for a straight analogue amp, and let a smaller DAC unit deal with those cables. Otherwise, you might need to allow 7cm + socket depth for a 90 degree bend. Again, I could be wrong on this but worth checking before buying.
  10. I think your amp comparison is useful for others and spot on from my own listening sessions (Rega, Cambridge, Marantz). From memory the Cambridge amps also just edge out the Rotel for clarity IMHO. Most importantly of all, sounds like you're enjoying your purchase. Congratulatioms! ☺
  11. There may be the chance to upgrade to MA GX50 or even GX100 (which I use with a Marantz amp). Other suggestions in the $1-2k bracket ... - Dynaudio x14 Excite - Quad s2 - Triangle ... make some great speakers These speakers are quite open and punchy, might complement the smoothness of the Marantz? I'd recommend trying them with your amp (unless store has the ki Pearl) to be sure ... even if it means lugging the beast to the store!
  12. There were some Marantz PM8005 amps around recently, discounted from $2495 to $1495. Also the Musical Fidelity (the M3i?) down from similar price to $1700 or so. In terms of buying new, I think they'd be very hard to beat in that range and I ended up with the 8005 but everyone's ears are different and I learned beyond doubt that speaker/amp matching is vital during my auditions. Good luck!
  13. Tone Malone

    TV antenna recommendation please!

    Thanks for the advice (and JSmith those links are great!) Advice to get a professional installer is definitely noted; that said, are there any specific antenna brands/models people recommend? Or are they "all created equal?"