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  1. Going back to an earlier comment on open-backed headphones: the first time I heard a pair of Grado open headphones at A2A it was an utter revelation. I'm not sure Grado specifically would be the answer for the styles music you listen to (and their foam ear cups also get mixed reviews from a comfort level), but if sound leakage isn't an issue open-backed headphones would get my vote!
  2. Hi Tom, I have a direct drive Yamaha turntable from Japan of similar vintage, and use the 50w model on the page you linked to (when you change the wattage to 50 a sturdy black plastic unit comes up instead). I only purchased it 3 months ago and works perfectly. That said, Tortech are very helpful and if in any doubt I'd just call them.
  3. This is "80% Scando 20% Retro", and 100% convenient ... if I had $10-$15k to play with (😆) this would be close to the top of my list. Pic taken (with permission) about 3 months ago at Addicted to Audio Newtown. Naim Uniti with Focal speakers and it sounded absolutely sweet. The Naim/Focal package prices were much better than each item individually (furniture is for sale too). Re new turntables, I'd consider looking at the Clearaudio Concept They have a wood trim version which gives the Scandanavian look - although admittedly there are a lot of less expensive new TTs including the
  4. Hi @davidSun could you provide the serial number, top right of back sleeve? Thanks!
  5. The best combos that come to mind (like a Weston valve amp with fairly sensitive speakers) probably just exceed budget. That said, I'd be loathe to do an "all out and change" unless you can trial the proposed solution in your room first. The two main things that come to mind: - Is it the room and the piano, given you liked the speakers elsewhere (and while everyone has their favourite speaker, B&Ws rarely seem to "offend"). Could you move the piano out and try them? If that fixes it and you're not hugely attached to the piano, would you swap for an electric piano instead?
  6. @evil c thanks for the advice and supportive words! I know the tonearm is the same as found on the more widely available D8 and the D7 (this has been a godsend already, as there is a set of downloadable instructions for the D8 in English rather than just in Japanese!) The Vintage knob suggests the GT series had a slightly revised tonearm - but I'm not sure if they are referring to the tonearm itself or the broader assembly. From what information I've received so far, the original weight supplied was either 50g (as per eBay ad) or *maybe* 25g. This weight also goes arou
  7. I had been weighing up between buying a new or vintage turntable for some time. Recently, I took the plunge and chose the latter, a Yamaha Yp-d10. Fundamentally the Yamaha is in excellent condition and I'm looking forward to the challenge of getting it to sound its best. But ... it's missing the tonearm subweight / collar. I can balance the tonearm without this subweight but can only just get the recommended cartridge tracking force. I've located a reproduction 50g subweight on eBay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/YAMAHA-YP-D7-YP-D9-YP-D10-Subweight-50g-Record-Disc-Stabili
  8. My impression is that apps created by audio component companies (and likely often outsourced to a digital agency) usually vary from awful to average, with BluOS being one of the better ones. There are still fundamental issues with BluOS (especially the lack of visibility to the user on what's happening during setup and upgrades) but at least IMO it's usable and shows signs it will be supported for some time. As @PhilY mentioned, I wouldn't rule out hardware issues accounting for some of the faults. That said, I'm continually amazed that hifi magazines give software and usability su
  9. Must admit I agree on hearing before you buy. I once bought an Exposure amp and for all the great reviews it simply didn't match my speakers. Fortunately the seller also had second thoughts after selling, so it was relatively simple for us to reverse the deal. I know some people really enjoy trading gear second hand, but to me, all the reselling and re-packing etc is just a headache Interesting choice between the 2 Marantz amps ... The PM 45 must be 30 years old so unless it's been serviced could well be performing below it's best. Surround sound amps rarely sound as good as stere
  10. A pair of Beyer Dynamic headphones, bought for $50 off a fellow student back in my senior school years when I was a boarder. I had an Onkyo CD player and played it through a ghettoblaster (no prizes for guessing the weak link in the system!). But the headphones were great, and kept me going until I had more space (and money) to buy better components.
  11. They're around at that price although they get snapped up quickly. People are trading up to the Node 2i so The gen 1 devices are coming into the secondhand market. You might even get a gen 2 (without the 'i'). Same with the Powernode.
  12. Congratulations on the speakers! For the best bang for buck, I'd consider a Bluesound Node gen 1 - there have been a couple second hand on Stereonet for about $250, Len Wallis even had one second-hand recently for ~$300. The Bluesound has decent sound quality, and a well-supported, user-friendly app. Also note a streamer like this doesn't rely on the signal from your phone to transmit music - effectively, your phone is just the remote control. That then gives you more options to choose an amp with the sound characteristics and power you need. It's two boxes
  13. Those photos remind me of when I used to study the Onkyo product brochures, having bought the DX-1500 cd player in the late '80s. Thought I'd see if I could find a copy and yep, the product brochures are available here. https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/onkyo/high-fidelity.shtml. Does require a free registration to download which I haven't done yet, so usual caveats about downloading at own risk etc. Looks like a good resource to me though. I'll be having a bit of a nostalgia trip later this weekend ?
  14. Must admit I saw Rob's Facebook re his dad's hifi gear a few days ago, and was about to suggest he come here, especially given the circumstances. If there's any forum likely to give a realistic value of gear without lowballing, I reckon it's this one. Trying to work out the values of hifi gear, especially if you're new to it, is still a minefield on the 'net. @Rob770, my condolences. Like @2Brix I'm not 100% sure of value but his estimates sound in the right ball park; turntables like that can easily get four figures; Nakamichi tape decks in decent condition are generally collector
  15. I visited Addicted to Audio in Newtown (Sydney) and they've moved their existing stock further back into the store, and dedicated the front room to Naim and Focal. I thought the new Naim units looked good in magazines but it looks even better in person. I did take this picture to show my wife, test the waters for a future purchase etc ... She gave me permission to sell a kidney to purchase. I'm thinking about it.
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