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  1. Item: Schiit Valhalla 2 Location: Sydney Price: $550 (plus $20 for shipping and plus PayPal fees) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Consolidating Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with two full sets of the stock tubes and two sets 6CG7 upgrade input tubes (Electro Harmonix Gold Pin and Sylvania NOS). I have some more tubes too if interested. I have of feedback on Head-fi under the same username. There's more too from the old version of the site. Pictures:
  2. Just reviving this thread... I have just picked up a used Cambridge Topaz SR10. I realised after I got it there was a revision that added a sub out to this. I got the V1 without. So now wiring the sub, what's best amp>speakers&sub (the amp has two sets of speaker outs) or amp>sub>speakers? I don't know much about the speakers. They are think Kenwood fronts, 3-way, 6 drivers, each with 5 x 7cm cones and a tweeter. Rated 48Hz to 30KHz. The sub has a frequency control knob that goes from 40 to 180Hz.
  3. Sub is now hooked up and thumping. I don't think the auto-off feature is working though, is this a common fault or is it possible I've done something wrong? Another question... what do you guys think about the 2x22w receiver powering the Kenwood speakers. I'm wondering whether I'd get get better quality out of them with a bit more juice. I have very limited space so can't really upgrade to anything bigger. But I could stick a still amp in the chain?
  4. Ah yes, pre out will mean before any of those adjustments won't it, so I can adjust there. Thanks everyone.
  5. Okay, thanks for the help. Will probably go with mono-RCA initially for simplicity, then have a play if I'm not happy with the results.
  6. But is it okay that there'll be no filtering of the bass going to the front speakers? Or does the Denon handle that automatically if a sub is plugged in?
  7. I've just picked up a Jenson Qx-80 sub. It's the first sub I've owned so I need some advice on setting it up. The system is very basic and cobbled together. a Denon micro stereo receiver (UDM31; 2x22w into 6Ω) and a pair of Kenwood LS-9070 floor standing fronts. The Denon has an unattenuatted full range subwoofer out via a single RCA jack. The Sub has L/R (paralleled) "low level" RCA ins and outs, plus double speaker wire terminals in and out. The floor speakers are 3-way, 6 driver; 48Hz to 30kHz 8Ω, 130w max I don't think the Denon has any settings to designate speakers as small. So, the first question is whether to just go the simple route and connect the sub to Denon sub out via a single RCA cable. Or, wire the sub to the Denon, then wire the fronts to the sub?
  8. Hi All, New member from Sydney. I'm mostly a headphones guy due to space and budget restrictions but I've joined here for some advice on setting up some very modest and cobbled together home audio gear. We'll see where things go from there... Cheers, Richard
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