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  1. For all who are interested the first big post on diyaudio: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/314935-es9038q2m-board-461.html#post5841340 Matt
  2. Hi Clay, on diyaudio appear the first listening impressions with the AK4499 Evaluation board: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/314935-es9038q2m-board-457.html#post5830912 Do you have one? Best Matt
  3. The mentioned link: https://www.phileweb.com/review/article/201812/11/3270.html Use google translate or similar. Matt
  4. I would say it is the same. I did not make any photos, I was happy that they did the comparison. They had two boxes in the same size, one with the 4497 the other with the 4499, they simply swapped the boxes. Both boxes were switched off before listening, not perfect! There is somewhere on the internet a story about AKM and the 4499 where both boxes can be seen. Matt
  5. Just coming back from High End Munich. AKM had a booth and performed listening demos for manufacturers by appointment of the 4497 vs 4499. Though consumer without financial interests they did a comparison for me and my wife. First three pieces with 4497, then the same with the 4499. The 4499 is a clear step above the 4497. More musicality, better musical understanding, better musical performers. But Clay is right, it is a pity that he can not use the output transformers with the 4499. Matt
  6. Hi Clay, congratulations for Fein II. Will there be a Groß II as well or is because of the larger output transformers no place on the circuit board for an interior power supply like Fein II? Thanks Matt
  7. Certainly the USBridge is a good device but you listened to it with three additional devices between it and the Klein. How does it sound alone and remember the replacement for USBridge is not far away. Matt
  8. 1200 AUD? You can buy one USB-Klein and one SPDIF-Klein for nearly the same. Matt
  9. Haha, the Klein III is already a great bargain. Like DSD this would add more complexity and would end in a much higher price. Further a one input Klein sounds better than a three input Klein. Matt
  10. Guys, Clay answered this point at page 1 of this thread. Matt
  11. My pleasure! It seems to be very interesting, but we are OT now. Matt
  12. The USBridge and Sparky will be replaced by an audiophile SBC based on the processor of the RPI this year. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s-bazaar/294940-fifo-buffer-rpi-sbcs-305.html#post5678861 Matt
  13. +1 Did not know that DSD runs in software mode only. Thanks for clarification. ATB Matt
  14. @Gieseler Audio Hi Clay, do you think it would be possible and make sense to add DSD playback via an internal pcb jumper to the Klein III like the switchable filters? IMO, this should not increase much the manufacturing costs of this great DAC. AFAIK, the AK4495 allows up to DSD128 so it would be a nice option to upsample via software to DSD128 and convert with the Klein III. Thanks Matt
  15. Hi Bill, so the GN Volta is the best DAC you ever heard? Better than Killer and Chord M-Scaler + DAVE? Thanks Matt
  16. There is a link in the first post here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/46501-chords-new-m-scaler/ Hope this helps Matt
  17. For me a big drawback of the M-Scaler is that it works in the Chord ecoystem only. Ask Miska on CA forum, the developer of HQPlayer, what he thinks about taps. Now we have one million taps, in two years maybe 2 million , in four years 4 million and so on. The obsolete gear appears then on the second hand market. Taps is a great buzzword for marketing. Good luck for all who want to go this path. Matt
  18. As I said M-Scaler makes sense only with Chord DACs. Nearly all other DACs are limited to 192kHz with SPDIF and 28MHz is a little bit higher than the DSD512 of the Gross. How is the sensitivity of the speakers you want to drive with 18W? Thanks Matt
  19. That means you have not listened to it yet? Matt
  20. Hi Bill, do you see any advantage with the M-Scaler in comparison to software upsampling with HQPlayer or Audirvana+? With non-Chord DACs you can upsample with the M-Scaler via SPDIF to 384kHz maximum. Which DAC allows 384kHz via SPDIF? So I think it makes sense to use M-Scaler with Chord DACs only. In comparison you can use Gieseler DACs or a good NOS-DAC like the new Holo Spring2 and reach 1536kHz or DSD1024 (if you want and with a capable computer for software upsampling) I prefer software upsampling because it is much more flexible and much less expensive. Best regards Matt PS: Another point: Maybe in two years Chord launch a new M-Scaler which makes the existing one obsolete. With software you are always up-to-date.
  21. Thank you for clarification. I would like to listen to a comparison of Gross with Kraftwerk vs. the new Holo Audio Spring2 DAC. Both should be superb with higher rate DSD. Matt
  22. Hi Clay, is it possible to use output transformers with the Current Output Architecture of AK4499? Thanks Matt
  23. The chip for the next generation Gross? https://www.akm.com/akm/en/product/datasheet1/?partno=AK4499EQ&link_id=link5073 128 pins to solder !!! Matt
  24. Thanks for the review though a little bit confusing. Maybe you can give us your ranking from top to bottom of all combinations you listened to. Did you have an USB only Fein for review? Did you listen to Holo Spring always as combo with Sonore Sig. Rendu or alone as well? What would you say about comparison Gross vs. Fein? Thanks Matt
  25. Hi Clay, I do not want to be picky but when you feed with 9VAC you get 12,7VDC so 13VDC maybe worth a try as well. Thanks ATB Matt
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