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  1. Thanks Clay, just a question because you mentioned 14VDC in your first post. Maybe there is a sweetspot to explore between 12 and 15VDC. Matt
  2. Hi Clay, thanks for reporting. Did you have the possibility to try 14VDC as well? Matt
  3. Thanks Clay, nice to know that they provide some galvanic isolation. IMO, it is the best to leave the design as it is. So one can start with the AC supply and upgrade later on to the DC supply, a perfect upgrade path. What do you think, does the Klein III have a similar benefit from the DC supply as the Gross? Matt
  4. @Gieseler Audio Hi Clay, would it make sense to place jumpers inside the DACs for bypassing the rectifier diodes when feeding the DACs with DC or as alternative a separate DC input ? Thanks Matt
  5. Clay, how is the procedere then? When ordering a DAC we can choose either AC or DC input ? Or have alls DACs both AC and DC inputs? Thanks Matt
  6. Hi Clay, very interesting! Will the 9VAC input of all new DACs now replaced by a 14VDC input? Thanks Matt
  7. matth

    Klein III owners thread

    @pete_mac Great review and great pictures! @Gieseler Audio Clay, well done. I like the minimalist approach of the Klein. Great details with additional cap to the Amanero! Matt
  8. matth


    IMO, this is how all well designed audio devices perform. Matt
  9. matth

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Hi Clay, is it possible to listen with this optional DSD vol bypass mode with the Gross? Thanks Matt
  10. matth

    Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

    Clay, sorry, but I see no gain to put the USBridge inside. You would have USB out/in inside the case, it does not make sense. And you would need something like an OEM contract with Allo to do this. Anyway, I like to get your feedback about the USBridge. Thanks Matt
  11. matth

    Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

    There are reports from the Roon and Computeraudiophile forum that the Allo USBridge is on par with the Sonore microRendu even when the mR has a better PS. It is the best to power the Sparky and USBridge separately. The Gieseler PSs are certainly very good, for lovers of SMPS Allo will launch in two months a 5V Super SMPS, named Nirvana. Matt
  12. Hi Bill, looking for the best DAC there is a life outside the dCS/MSB cage. I would listen to the Aries Cerat Kassandra: https://www.monoandstereo.com/2016/04/aries-cerat-kassandra-mk2-dac-review.html Best regards Matt
  13. matth

    Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

    Guys, I would combine an Allo USBridge with an USB only Gieseler Groß DAC: https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge.html I do no think you will get better sound with a RPi inside a Gieseler DAC. Matt
  14. It is much more reliable to refer to what the designer says about his DAC. Native DSD is without conversion to PCM, definitely not what the Soekris does. AFAIK, the Holo Audio Spring DAC is able to do native DSD conversion. Matt
  15. There is no native DSD playback by the Soekris DACs. All DSD content is converted to PCM before feeding the ladder DAC: http://soekris.dk/products.html Matt