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  1. Hi Gurl, Yes i also agree with everyone here, that's a very nice thing to do, and extremely gerourus. Drive safely.
  2. I would feel sick If I ever could hear distortion from any of my beryllium components in my Ns2k's, luckily enough i have spair parts for my Ns2k's in abundance.
  3. I love the way this pair of Yamaha NS-2000's are all original just from the factory. This pair looks gorgeous.
  4. Absolutely amazing bargain at this price, if this pair was full functional expect to pay anywere from $4,500 - $5,000 Such truly incredible sounding Yamaha speakers are these Yamaha NS-2000's It's the berlliyum that makes them sound so magical and the carbon fibre woofer. Absolutely Love my 2 pairs I dont think I could bring myself to ever part with them. GLWTS
  5. I agree also, best speakers ever made, I also have 2 pairs of the Yamaha NS-2000's and I am lucky enough to have acquired a stash of spair parts for my 2 pairs.
  6. If anyone would like the steel stands you may have them for free.
  7. Item: 2 Pairs of speaker stands Location: Jamisontown NSW 2750 Price: $250 neg Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Need the space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have 2 pair of speakers stands for sale, 1 pair is made out of steel and is very heavy, good solid speaker stand. The other is a custom made pair of clone Yamaha SPS-2000 speaker stands, there are made out of timber and black in colour. There are a few hair line cracks and light marks on both off the stands. Pick up from Jamisontown Pictures:
  8. In 1974 who else was doing BE Midrange domes, none that I know off. Yamaha was the fist to do Beryllium Tweeters and Midranges for the NS-1000(M)'s
  9. My comment about the Yamaha BE Midrange driver was that Yamaha was the first to do it in 1974, that was all. Yea I agree there are some manufactures that have started making BE midrange drivers in the last 10 years or so
  10. Its good having healthy discussion like we are having
  11. Jake I thought you have gone on me, dont run away, like that again
  12. JBL are great loudspeakers, but I have know a lot of people that have listeened to Yamaha BE speakers (NS-1000m's and NS-2000s) and have changed speakers from JBL to Yamaha, know this is a revelation as they have heard what a Beryllium midrange can do in a speaker System.
  13. At the end of the day you shy away from the technology that Yamaha put into making the BE tweeters and Midranges domes. no other manufacturer has done it since, yea they can make a BE tweeter but not a BE midrange. And I certainly have not made any loss, as you are referring two, as you are unaware of the sale price, only the list price.
  14. Why would I sell my pair for $6,000 my pair are not in mint condition. Again $5,000 - 6,000 is for a absolute mint pair.
  15. There is a reason why people are after the Yamaha NS-1000m's/ NS-1000x's and NS-2000's, because the technology is 40 years ahead of its time even by today's technology. These speakers are Legendary for a reason.
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