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  1. Thanks cwt, yes that was the idea. Clearly the home theatre features are ageing, but still a great stereo amp. This is getting a feel of interest. cheers
  2. I have a beloved NAD av T 753 which I replaced the preamp jumper pins with Tara Lab Rsc jumpers, and really gave me some great enjoyment particularly stereo listening. The power supply has failed, and as I’ve replaced it with a new av receiver, I don’t know whether it’s worth selling, keeping or just ditching (hand me down to family) I mean. Would anyone think it is worth reselling?
  3. How was the process? What Speaker did you end up with? I auditioned the B&W804 d3s, great speaker but too fatiguing so I purchased 805 d2 Maserati edition instead, with Kevlar. Much warmer. I think I’ll eventually buy the SF Heritage range.
  4. I’ve gotta say man that I’m not a fan of the new 700 series compared to the old ones which I have. But I found the cables made a huge difference especially in the bottom end. This is dependent on amps, but I’ve used QED genesis and Transperant. The QED genesis are silver so you need a warm amp but they have great defined bottom end and are nice and clean. Bi-wire also seems to make an improved difference with B&w’s. I hope this helps, happy listening!
  5. Thanks for letting us know progress, I wish I was in the position of taking these off your hands. Which state are you moving to? Qld by any chance?
  6. Coincidentally, I just reviewed the Sonus Faber Olympica 1 and Homage Guarneri (standmount), I also am currently a B&W owner. My initial thoughts were that the Homage Guarneri were beautiful sounding, preferred, but at $23k AUD. As for the Olympica I auditioned with Macintosh and I wasn't really excited. They had a bit of boxing of the vocals. I'm not a fan of MacIntosh so it could be the amp as well. I went home and played the same tracks and my old B&W's I felt they delivered better vocals and base even sub priced 705s series (old). I really want to love the Sonus Faber speakers and if I had the spare cash I'd buy the Homage range in an instant. They are the sexiest speakers on the market I think. Contrary to some other comments, I think B&W's deliver the best sound for the price (but you need to match power/source/cable properly). Sonus Faber are extremely pricy and I think we are bedazzled by their looks also. I would have a pair and ideally the Homage range. I can't afford them so I might end up with the Olympica and paired with other amps. Also I will be purchasing the older 803 (or 804) D2's as I think they are nice and warm and will suffice. So I will get best of both worlds. I'd be interested in others opinions on the Sonus Faber's, as I am a potential buyer.
  7. Countcrisp, man I would love these amps!!! I'm kicking tyres in the immediate term really, but wondering if these are for sale still? Have you sold all or part?
  8. Yeh, I guess I'm hearing what you are saying, maybe not so restrictive to that degree, I hear criticism of B&W speakers (based on tastes) and I think it helps the speakers if they have a suitable match, and paring may be more narrow a choice than other speakers, I guess its trying to make the most out of the speaker which can be quite unforgiving at times.
  9. Yes I agree totally, I’ve seen B&Ws paired with amps that just do not do them justice and lead potential buys to other speakers. It’s in best invested interest to chose the right amps and cables (IMO). Being a b&w owner for many years, having the right setup is a must and rewarding due to the speakers characteristics.
  10. $145 bargin! I haven’t heard the others but this USB is pretty good and has great reviews. https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/wireworld-starlight-usb-cable.html
  11. Hi all, hope this is the best place to post. I have a music server (Musical Fidelity M1Clic) which I listen to internet radio a lot. It does a great job only with HQ stations (eg. LINN music), I have a buffering issue where it constantly drops signal and picks up again. I am on cable so its not the connection speed and I am guessing its due to the processing unit in the server. I've read a few posts but none address a fix for servers (plenty for computer software). Question: Is there any device that can connect via ethernet to assist with the loading of the streaming data? I want to keep the unit and see if there is a device that may preload the data so to eliminate the drop out. Any tech guys who may know a how to? This is not connected via computer, just straight to DAC/Streamer/Server unit to modem. many thanks
  12. I've used Wireworld Starlight for a number of years and is an absolute gem, competes with cable 3 x its value. Its about the $200 mark now .. I think. maybe a little more. This cable really made a difference. I'm a big fan of their USB and HDMI's.
  13. I never really know which string to post to, but maybe this is more appropriate. You guys might appreciate this more. I bought this album secondhand (blind buy) and I am impressed. Kay Starr - Movin'! - released 1959 by capital records. She's Jazz n Blues, bit of swing in there. I think she is a female version of Elvis Presley on some songs, a real talent .
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