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  1. Item: Tascam UH-7000 DAC/ADC USB Audio Interface and Mic-Preamp Location: North Melbourne, VIC 3051 Price: $300 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this unit in April 2016. I bought it because my set up had a CD player to DAC/Preamp into a Power Amp. But I wanted to use a turntable. I was trying to avoid using a normal pre-amp, but the DAC/Preamp had only digital inputs, so I bought and inserted the Tascam as an Analog to Digital converter which allowed me to plug my turntable into the Tascam, and then into the DAC as a Pre-amp. Because it has balanced inputs I was also able to keep this function right through to power-amp. Eventually I was offered a pre-amp at a super-low price, which I purchased and used instead. This therefore made the Tascam redundant. Sonically, there was no difference in quality, but my amp set-up is all valves which I have found a preference for. It has many other uses - as a well-reviewed DAC, and as an industry standard computer-based 4-channel recorder with Mic inputs. I never used it for that, but if you want to record your own music, it is noted as a very good unit for that. It also has a headphone input and can be used as a headphone amp/DAC. I can include in the price, 2 additional cables I bought to convert from XLR to 1/4 inch phono jack. This is what I used to connect to my turntable (which has XLR outputs). For an additional $50, I can include some Mogami cables for connecting XLR to XLR. Quick note that I have the original inner box (see pic) and outer box, and can therefore send around Australia. https://tascam.com/us/product/uh-7000/top - manufacturer description https://ask.audio/articles/review-tascam-uh-7000 - review http://everythingaudionetwork.blogspot.com/2015/03/home-recording-review-tascam-uh-7000.html - review http://performermag.com/home-recording/best-audio-interfaces/tascam-uh-7000-mic-pre-ampusb-audio-interface-review/ - review Pictures:
  2. tfj100


    These remind me of when I was just getting into hi-fi...they were the mutt's nuts back then. I see you have some LS50s (I just bought some for a 2nd system) - is it possible to say how the compare? If I had a bit more time I'd see if I could book in a listen with you, I wouldn't mind buying the 104s.
  3. tfj100

    FS: Cables Lot1

    Anything left? I'm interested in some Osborn RCAs
  4. @Hipper - thank you very much for taking the time to provide some informed observations. Your opening summary is correct. Room is probably 5m deep and 4m wide Having cleaned out the room while the kids are away, I now have the desk set up in the middle. So, I now have really good stereo imaging while I am working. The monitor perhaps does get in the way of treble a little, however it is more the psychological effect of it blocking out the system that I find a bit annoying. I quite like looking at my stereo system and find it a bit off-putting not to be able to see it, even though looking it is has no real rational benefit. What probably offsets this is that my main speakers are Osborn Eclipse Reference (with the Focal tweeter) which are known for being on the bright side. So a bit of blocking might be a positive. The other point I didn't mention at the beginning of my post is that one reason why listening in an office chair is better than an easy chair is that the tweeter height on these speakers is office chair height, not easy chair height, so if you sit in an easy chair, you don't get the full benefit. The other option I starting thinking about a few days ago, was one of these: This would solve the problem of the monitor being in a blocking position. Unfortunately, they don't seem easy to find in Australia. I can buy a flat pack one in the US for USD$600 plus they don't do shipping so I'd have to arrange that. Custom making in Aus could be pricey. I'm happy with bass, I have 2 subs and can easily modulate. With the Eclipse providing decent lows, then the subs don't do much work as it is, but do they fill out the bottom octave nicely. When I am next in the room, I'll take a photo so you can get a better visual understanding. Torben
  5. Right, I used to have a set up like this. I had a full 5.1 set up with a Denon amp. I have now pared that back to a Sonos Playbar/sub and 2 Play 1s. The TV decodes the 5.1 from Apple TV/Foxtel etc. It is a bit more discrete, which creates home harmony, while I am allowed a bit more latitude to do what I want in the listening room.
  6. Hmmm, interesting solution. Quite a simple set up? I have something a bit more complex I guess, with 2 large Osborn speakers and 2 subwoofers. Interestingly, I have just bought a pair of LS50s for another application, a typical lounge room setup. I have only heard them once before and don't recall them too well, so it will be interesting to see how they perform.
  7. Hi everybody, In our modern world where we always seem to be multi-tasking, I was curious whether people's Hi-fi listening approach has changed. After a house renovation a few years ago, I got an (almost) dedicated hi-fi room. I put a small computer desk in there which allowed me to work/browse while listening. Unfortunately it is off centre, because a desk in the middle of the room is a bit overpowering. So I then bought an easy chair which went dead centre. But I found I almost never used it because I am always either working or doing personal computer-based tasks. In the old days you'd always have to change music but now it is all computer based, so that reason as gone away as well. The small desk could be re-positioned fairly easily so it was closer to the "hot seat" of the system if I was doing some serious listening/ Now I am getting rid of the easy chair and have come to the conclusion that I may as well get a normal desk and put it in the middle of the room. The computer monitor can be dead in front meaning it shouldn't impact on the sound comping from the speakers on the left and right. I could use an Surface/Ipad instead but I like the power and capacity of the desktop for photo editing etc Has anybody found similar changes over time to their listening furniture and what was your conclusion? Torben
  8. I'm interested. I'll send you a PM to start the conversation
  9. tfj100

    The Antipodes Thread

    Hi All, I haven't posted for a while, but time for an update. I have been using an Antipodes Edge for the last couple of years and been very pleased with its musicality. I managed to get a long demo of a CX/EX when I was in NZ recently and I can report that it is Absolutely Amazing! This review popped up recently and I can say that from my experience, it seems very accurate: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-cx-ex-part1/ Conclusion is: "The EX is a great Music Server and an even better Renderer. Just the same, the CX is an amazing Server. But when combined, the two perform at an unprecedented level. All the qualities of the EX remain present but are enhanced with the qualities of the CX and then taken to an even stellar level. There comes a time when a reviewer just lacks the superlatives to describe the latest experience and for me, this is it. How do I describe the CX+EX delivery if I have already used all the superlatives that I can think of for earlier reviews? This combination is, quite simply, the very best digital front end that I have heard." My experience is that it was clearly better than my Edge...it has a much more analogue feel to it, with smoother mids and uppers and punchier lows. Much more air around the instruments and voices, and much better imaging. Pricing is a bit higher as well - I would guess that there would be a lot of high-end vinyl junkies who would move to digital if the quality was the same as their vinyl rig, and if you are Antipodes Audio, you may as well aim for being the best in the market (or maybe retaining you position as best in the market) to pick up all those consumers. Has anybody on this thread been upgrading recently? Torben
  10. tfj100

    The Antipodes Thread

    hi there Dilettanteque, It sounds like an interesting journey - have you auditioned an EX? I have a Antipodes Edge, which is the predecessor to the Edge. Mark Jenkins claims a big SQ improvement, and in the past, I have been able to trust what he says when he makes these claims, however I don't currently have the time or money to trade-up. In fact, I am looking for a Core instead to add to my system as they sound better when you split the functions between Edge and Core. I will try and answer your questions as best as I can: Looks like Antipodes a little more complex to set up than Aurender - what is the experience and why do you think it is worth it? I haven't heard an Aurender, so I can't comment, but I have always felt that Antipodes rank amongst the best SQ out of the digital brigade. Only thing is that I am now almost exclusively streaming, and I wonder if that makes less difference compared to competitors. has anybody had meaningful experience with the Antipodes EX yet, and if yes, what are your thoughts ? I'm happy with my Edge, it is very musical...however I am certain that it can get better again. An EX would be nice Antipodes support - Aurender is well regarded....what has been user experience in the Antipodes camp? Top drawer. Always available when you need it, always obliging and so far, always successful. In regards to the hardware, one of my earlier units developed a fault and it was immediately replaced, no questions asked. MQA - I am not a Roon user....but just in case in absence of Roon does that mean Antipodes is MQAless? Does use of Roon in the EX provide the MQA decoding? (that question will probably appear appropriately naive as i have largely avoided Roon due to $ and i don't stream from other sources). I use Roon, so not sure about what happens without it. It is a pretty good interface. I'm not that much of an MQA addicianado - my DAC doesn't handle it natively. Does yours? Reminds me of my TV not handling 4K...
  11. It is good to read everybody's highlights of the show, so I can compare to my own. I missed the Kharma room but definitely enjoyed the SGRs. A pity it requires $80k to bring those speakers home. One that hasn't got a lot of mentions so far is the Involve Audio room with their Akoustos Sound system. I found it difficult to divorce the sound quality from the quadrophonic trial they were running, but was anybody else surprised by these electrostats and their decent SQ plus the lack of need for a sweet spot? Maybe others have seen them before and so it was not new but, at the lower end of the audio price range they certainly got my attention. Not the most visually appealing, particularly on the industrial looking stands.
  12. tfj100

    SOLD: FS: Topping D30

    Hi. I'd like to buy. I'll send you a PM, and discuss a Sydney drop-off (I'm in Melbourne but I travel to Sydney quite a bit for work).
  13. tfj100

    Voltage Optimisation

    There is a datasheet here, although not that technical: 70aa06_dfd0722531884b48bb9a5f0d5eab38ee.pdf
  14. https://www.edgeelectrons.com/edgeiq This is designed to reduce costs through managing the voltage in your house down to 225v. I would guess most people here would optimally run at about 240v? Would this be an interesting way of keeping the household voltage stable? I guess it would be better to have an isolated optimisation system for your hi-fi system only since you can then also have clean electricity for your system. I don't know how much this costs. Comments?
  15. tfj100

    Statement Speakers

    These look really good!