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  1. tfj100

    The Antipodes Thread

    hi there Dilettanteque, It sounds like an interesting journey - have you auditioned an EX? I have a Antipodes Edge, which is the predecessor to the Edge. Mark Jenkins claims a big SQ improvement, and in the past, I have been able to trust what he says when he makes these claims, however I don't currently have the time or money to trade-up. In fact, I am looking for a Core instead to add to my system as they sound better when you split the functions between Edge and Core. I will try and answer your questions as best as I can: Looks like Antipodes a little more complex to set up than Aurender - what is the experience and why do you think it is worth it? I haven't heard an Aurender, so I can't comment, but I have always felt that Antipodes rank amongst the best SQ out of the digital brigade. Only thing is that I am now almost exclusively streaming, and I wonder if that makes less difference compared to competitors. has anybody had meaningful experience with the Antipodes EX yet, and if yes, what are your thoughts ? I'm happy with my Edge, it is very musical...however I am certain that it can get better again. An EX would be nice Antipodes support - Aurender is well regarded....what has been user experience in the Antipodes camp? Top drawer. Always available when you need it, always obliging and so far, always successful. In regards to the hardware, one of my earlier units developed a fault and it was immediately replaced, no questions asked. MQA - I am not a Roon user....but just in case in absence of Roon does that mean Antipodes is MQAless? Does use of Roon in the EX provide the MQA decoding? (that question will probably appear appropriately naive as i have largely avoided Roon due to $ and i don't stream from other sources). I use Roon, so not sure about what happens without it. It is a pretty good interface. I'm not that much of an MQA addicianado - my DAC doesn't handle it natively. Does yours? Reminds me of my TV not handling 4K...
  2. It is good to read everybody's highlights of the show, so I can compare to my own. I missed the Kharma room but definitely enjoyed the SGRs. A pity it requires $80k to bring those speakers home. One that hasn't got a lot of mentions so far is the Involve Audio room with their Akoustos Sound system. I found it difficult to divorce the sound quality from the quadrophonic trial they were running, but was anybody else surprised by these electrostats and their decent SQ plus the lack of need for a sweet spot? Maybe others have seen them before and so it was not new but, at the lower end of the audio price range they certainly got my attention. Not the most visually appealing, particularly on the industrial looking stands.
  3. tfj100

    SOLD: FS: Topping D30

    Hi. I'd like to buy. I'll send you a PM, and discuss a Sydney drop-off (I'm in Melbourne but I travel to Sydney quite a bit for work).
  4. tfj100

    Voltage Optimisation

    There is a datasheet here, although not that technical: 70aa06_dfd0722531884b48bb9a5f0d5eab38ee.pdf
  5. https://www.edgeelectrons.com/edgeiq This is designed to reduce costs through managing the voltage in your house down to 225v. I would guess most people here would optimally run at about 240v? Would this be an interesting way of keeping the household voltage stable? I guess it would be better to have an isolated optimisation system for your hi-fi system only since you can then also have clean electricity for your system. I don't know how much this costs. Comments?
  6. tfj100

    Statement Speakers

    These look really good!
  7. Location: Kensington, Victoria Model: Pioneer VSX-D209 Price: Free! This amp has just been transported from Queensland to Victoria by a friend of mine, and when unboxed in Victoria, was not functioning, so something has happened on the way. Could be something very very simple. Appears to still have a functioning remote control. If you could use it, please PM me and I'll pass on a phone number of the owner and you can arrange to come and collect
  8. tfj100

    The Antipodes Thread

    Hi John - thanks for posting your experiences. I am fortunate to be running and Edge and I mostly use it as a streamer running Rune and loading titles from Tidal. I haven't done a lot of A/B testing recently, but the sound is very musical. I think my record player still can sound better but also with a smoother approach to detail, which provides a tradeoff since I like a sharp and detailed presentation. My impression is that the Edge is as good as anything in the bottom-middle end of the range. Good to hear you are getting some positive experiences and an improvement with the upgrade...upgrading is dangerous!
  9. This article was in the AFR. I have copied and pasted it since I think it is behind their paywall...but there is a link at the bottom if you want to see the original with formatting and photos etc. What do we think? ----------------------------- Energy companies and users have identified nearly 700 megawatts of "demand response" power – similar to a single large coal-fired turbine – that they can make available to help avoid blackouts next summer. The figure rises to a "whopping 1938 MW" by December 1, 2018 – greater than the recently shuttered 1600 MW Hazelwood power station in Victoria – the Australian Renewable Energy Agency says on its website. Hazelwood's closure in March sparked fears that the blackouts and outages that plagued South Australia and NSW last summer could be even worse next summer – and calls by coal lobbyists for new coal power stations to be built to replace those being forced out by wind and solar energy. But the Finkel review of energy advocated a different course – including price incentives for demand response and other grid-stabilising services. Demand response is widely used overseas but has been confined to a few large users in Australia and is unproven at such a large scale. Energy companies and users have identified nearly 700 MW of "demand reserve" capacity they can make available next summer Joe Armao The technique takes advantage of the rapidly growing volume of "distributed energy resources" located "behind the meter" in people's homes and businesses. These include solar panels, batteries, smart appliances such as pool pumps, air conditioners and electric vehicle chargers, and automated commercial and industrial machines, refrigerators and heaters. Demand response draws on all these sources to bolster the grid when demand spikes, to help avoid blackouts and outages, rewarding customers for their efforts. It complements grid scale batteries like the 80-100MW systems Tesla, Neoen and Lyon Group are planning to install in South Australia and Victoria by the summer to reinforcing the grid. Not without smart meters The companies have to follow through with formal proposals for a three-year pilot being run by ARENA and the Australian Energy Market Operator. AEMO chief executive Audrey Zibelman is a strong advocate of demand response along with Chief Scientist Alan Finkel. AEMO AEMO boss Audrey Zibelman is a strong advocate of "demand response". Victorian distributors Powercor and CitiPower plan to deliver 30MW to the grid next summer – and as much as 100 MW the summer after – just by dropping the voltage in about 100 "zone" substations, using the state's smart meters to ensure household voltages don't drop below safe limits Steven Neave, head of electricity networks at Powercor and CitiPower, said as much as 200MW could be made available across Victoria's distribution network – including AusNet Services and Jemena – using this technique. But it couldn't be done without the smart meters – which Victoria rolled out from 2008 to 2011 in an exercise that was widely criticised for its cost – he said. The group is also working on other, customer-led demand response initiatives. Its Cheung Kong Infrastructure stablemate United Energy has been trialling a game-like app for four years, which Mr Neave said will deliver about 20MW this summer. Greensync founder Phil Blythe says his company will have as much as 300MW of demand response by next summer, and retailers Powershop and Mojo Power are working on their own models. "Demand response will be vital in the competitive grid going forward", said Ed McManus. Hopes are high for demand response in Australia because we are leading the world in the adoption of behind-the-meter energy. Nearly 1.7 million homes have solar panels, home battery installations are accelerating, and small-scale solar installations hit a record 475MW in the June half-year, Sunwiz says. Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts massive growth, with 45 per cent of power capacity "behind the meter" by 2040, made up of 44 gigawatts of small-scale solar and 15GW of household and business batteries. Ms Zibelman said this week the shift to wind and solar power and batteries was accelerating regardless of policy. She called on politicians to adopt the Finkel recommendations so that AEMO and other regulators can get on with redesigning markets and price signals to entice more energy companies and users to participate in demand response and other grid stabilising techniques. Jeff and Tanya Cheema with Bridie and Ryan, who earned a $140 bonus during the heatwave on February 10 by switching off all appliances and taking refuge in the pool. Steven Siewert "I was quite buoyed by Audrey's approach on demand response. I am very supportive of her position and I think demand response is going to form a major part of our energy plan," said Mr Neave, who heard her speak at a lunch on Tuesday. Arena and AEMO issued a "very rapid demand response request for information" to energy companies and users in late May to gauge interest in demand response capacity. They offered $37.5 million in subsidies for about 170MW of capacity across the National Electricity Market. More than coal The strong response shows how the problem of grid instability resulting from increased shares of wind and solar power may be solved by a variety of "distributed energy resources" that can be put in place fairly quickly and managed by "smart grid" software tools. "It's good to see strong innovation leadership from AEMO and ARENA on this, as demand response will be vital in the competitive grid going forward", said Powershop chief Ed McManus. The confidence of Ms Zibelman and Chief Scientist Alan Finkel and in new energy technologies contrasts with the insistence of ex-PM Tony Abbott and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce that new coal-fired power stations must be built to reduce the threat of blackouts. Power companies say new coal plants can't be financed because of the carbon liabilities and other risks, and would take seven to eight years to approve and build anyway. Interest in the ARENA/AEMO pilot is coming from energy retailers, networks, technology vendors, specialist aggregators, local councils and large energy users. Read more: http://www.afr.com/news/demand-response-lifts-700mw-by-next-summer-says-aemo-20170713-gxawwj#ixzz4nECjdbOh
  10. tfj100

    BUY/SWAP - Lovan Sovereign Hifi rack

    Well, I never know where to put a "swap" - it is not a buy or a sell. So I put SWAP/BUY in the title. Sorry if it is confusing
  11. tfj100

    BUY/SWAP - Lovan Sovereign Hifi rack

    Thanks for your enquiries. Just to be clear, I don't want to sell shelves, because them that would make the metal segments useless. If someone has glass shelves and wants wooden, I can swap. I can possibly also swap my glass ones for someone else's wooden shelves, but I prefer glass so that is not my ideal solution. I am also interested in a riser section And happy to listen to other ideas people have. Thanks
  12. Item: Lovan Sovereign Hi-Fi Rack Location: North Melbourne Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi All, I own 6 Lovan Sovereign Hi-Fi Racks which were acquired in 2 different purchases. I have 4 x 10" high racks and 2 x 7" high racks In the first instance, I have 4 with glass shelves and 2 wooden (see photos). I'm looking to get 2 more glass shelves in return for my 2 wooden shelves. I might also be interested in other swaps: For example - Sell me a 1" riser segment (see photo) or swap for a 7"or 10" segment? There may be some options I haven't thought of, so let me know if you have some specific needs and we can see what works. Pictures:
  13. tfj100


    Sounds good. PM me your phone number and we can coordinate pick-up.
  14. Item: Bush Classic DAB Radio Location: North Melbourne Price: $50 ono Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: upgraded our dining room listening system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Not much to say really. I probably bought it 3 or 4 years ago for about $130. We used it for about 18 months and then replaced it with a Sonos system. Has been sitting in a cupboard since then, and today is spring cleaning day! The sound quality (especially in DAB) is surprisingly good. The unit is about 30cm x 25cm by 8cm, and I guess the size allows a decent speaker. Condition is unmarked. If you want one, let me know and I'll put it aside for your pick-up next time you drive past North Melbourne. Pictures:
  15. tfj100

    MQA/Masters on Tidal

    I've read this before. I'm trying to think of a reason why CDs would be region blocked? Tidal originated in Sweden before the majority ownership became USA...is the home region where 30,000 are available Europe or USA do we think? Time for some controversy. In speaking with smart people in the industry, it was highlighted to me that the majority of benefit is that they are using decent masters, whereas CD pressing has been focused on driving down costs and therefore using poor original material (therefore crap audio for the listener). MQA is not a beneficial part of that process (hence the theory about DRM). I was thinking about this because I played Bette Noir on LP the other day and quite enjoyed it. Turned to the streamed version and it was unlistenable. Then instead listened to the pressing which is part of Platinum, an anthology. Much better. So much difference between copies!