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  1. Hi blybo, At the moment I would like to sell them together- but can let you know if that changes. Hi cityblue, Happy to post to Hobart, but the speakers are very quite heavy for their size so would cost a bit (I think).
  2. Item: Naim CD5i and Aktimate Mini+ speakers Location:Melbourne Price: $795 for the lot Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, will ship at buyers expense- but I dont have original packaging. Extra Info: Great system and sound for the study or small room- Just plug in and play. Speakers come with blue tooth unit so you can stream to them from a digital source. Naim CD player provides excellent high quality CD replay to the speakers. Speakers are in excellent condition and come with spare blue tooth units and remote. They do have some fine scratches on the top of each speaker- but very difficult to photograph. CD player is in excellent condition- no marks or scratches. it is approx 6 years old and comes with its remote. Here is some advertising info on the speakers: Aktimate Mini+ Powered Speakers-Audio System This 2-way stereo pair of speakers includes a highly efficient 2 x 40 watt class D amplifier built into one speaker which powers that speaker and the other speaker by way of a speaker cable connected to it. An iPod dock is concealed on the top of the amplified speaker. It accepts iPod & iPhone devices. (version 5 and above must use an adapter, not included) & these devices will be charged while the Aktimate is in "on" status. Besides the iPod/iPhone dock, there are other input connections as follows: 1 x stereo 3.5 mm analogue input socket 2 pairs of stereo rca analogue inputs 1 x iPod dock compatible bluetooth adapter. (plugs into iPod dock, supports A2DP & AVRCP profiles) Input selection can be accessed via the stylish remote control or by a series of short presses on the volume/control knob. There are four input options, iPod, RCA 1, RCA 2, and 3.5mm stereo jack. There is also a L/R rca stereo output that can be used to drive an active subwoofer (optional extra) In addition to being able to use your iPod/iPhone, your AktiMate Mini+ speakers have 2 other types of inputs on the rear panel. The 2 x RCA inputs (L&R) are ideal for connecting a CD player, tuner, or other line level source. The AUX 3.5mm socket is ideal for connecting to a computer sound card, AirPort Express, or other type of MP3 player. Although the Aktimate Mini+ is a flexible and attractively finished unit, it is important to appreciate that Aktimate has gone to considerable lengths to produce a system of outstanding sound reproduction. The success of this aim has been demonstrated time and time again as the various Aktimate models have enjoyed enthusiastic magazine and on-line reviews all over the world. Please pm me for any further info. Pictures:
  3. Item: Q Acoustics 3050 floor standing speakers in white Location:Melbourne Price: $650 Item Condition:Excellent- no marks at all Reason for selling:Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pick up only as I dont have the packaging. Happy to provide audition for genuine potential buyers. Approx 1 year old and purchased from authorised dealer in Hampton. Some info from the dealers website on them: The long awaited update from the 2050, the new Q Acoustics 3050 Floor standing speaker now handles the high and midbass frequency with more detail and clarity. With their new tweeter technology, and re-engineered cabinet design, the Q Acoustics 3050 Speaker out performs most brands at this price point Visually striking in five beautiful finishes; including Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White and ‘Leather effect’, the perfectly proportioned 3050 is the flagship of the new 3000 Series. Improved twin 165mm Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drivers deliver exceptional bass extension and midrange openness, whilst the new ‘2 in 1’, Concentric Ring Dome tweeter adds astonishingly clear and smooth high frequencies. Performance is further enhanced, both sonically and aesthetically, by its integral steel ‘outrigger’ plinth with floor spikes. The flagship 3050 is the perfect loudspeaker for larger rooms. It boasts the ultra-low levels of distortion, typically found of speakers costing three or four times its price. Not surprisingly, as a result it delivers truly unrivalled sound quality and value. Here is a link to a review by What Hi Fi: https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/3050i/review Any questions please pm me. Pictures:
  4. When I auditioned the Vincent gear last week - the dealer also sold Shengya and told me that they are built in the same factory by the same people. Whether they use identical quality components I dont know.
  5. Interesting......... I auditioned the SP332 power and S32 pre last week with my speakers- and I was very impressed with the sound, especially at the price point they are at. Compared to my full Naim system they represent far better buying for the buck. You have to audition them yourself to see if you like the sound.
  6. DeanB I thought the pairing and match up with the Vienna Acoustics worked very well- I was actually quite surprised at just how good the set up sounded. Considering the setup is available brand new for around the $8k mark- CD,Pre,Power and speakers I thought it was an exceptional value system.
  7. Hazzzy If your preamp is at a god price I may be interested. Regards
  8. Ittaku .......so you liked the Vincent gear! Obviously just kidding. your opinion and feedback are most welcome and I appreciate the time taken to post. Interestingly I auditioned a pre/power setup yesterday with a pair of my own speakers(Vienna Acoustic Haydn SE) and I was very surprised at how good the setup sounded. Detail, soundstage and low end bass were very impressive. The speakers sounded a lot bigger than the small(ish) stand mounts that they are. What this goes to reinforce is that the sound from HI FI gear is very personal. Thanks
  9. Hi initforthemusic Have you come across the SA32 pre and SP332 power? I auditoned them today (the dealer did not have the 31MK/331MK so I could not compare them. Any thoughts on them? Thanks
  10. I just bought the same headphones from another SNA member and they are great sounding headphones. GLWTS
  11. Thank you very much initfothemusic very informative and greatly appreciated- that really helps me.
  12. Thanks one and all. I have purchased a pair of VAF i93 speakers from another SNA member who was fantastic to deal with. The speakers were over budget ( whats new) and larger than I was looking far......... but they are magnificent, amazing and fabulous in their detail and clarity. Thank you everyone for your advice and opinions.
  13. HI Just wondering what people thought of Vincent equipment- their pre/power combinations and CD players. I had a look at some (but not a listen) and they seem well made and very well priced. Thanks Eskay
  14. HI what voltage does this run on- asking as you say it has a US plug. Many thanks
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