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  1. Eskay

    FS: HiFiMan HE400i

    HI How old are they?? Thanks
  2. Wow- those are awesome speakers. Out of my price range but I wish you GLWTS.
  3. Eskay


    No problem DEANO23, so many options- I am thinking that maybe I should just upgrade my power amp to the next in the Naim range- either a 200 or 250?? thanks everyone.
  4. Eskay

    FS: Mark Levinson 434 mono blocks

    How old are they? Thanks
  5. Eskay


    what about these? in classified. it would leave me with $3k for preamp? I am assuming that these are in a different class to my Naim? Item: Mark Levinson 434 mono blocks Location: Melbourne Price: 5200 obo
  6. Eskay


    I will be using my current CD player- Naim CDX along with a pair of Canton SL526 which I have just purchased. I am happy to buy used-better value for money, or new, but I dont want a tube system. Thanks
  7. Eskay


    I would like to improve on the detail, sound stage and clarity. The reason for moving from Naim is the cost of upgrading with them.
  8. Eskay


    HI What is a worthwhile upgrade from a Niam 152/155 pre power combo that does not cost the earth? I dont want to stay with Naim. Maximum budget $8K Thoughts?
  9. will you post at buyers cost?
  10. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    Thanks one and all for your advice and opinions. After thinking about it I am going to purchase the canton 526's tomorrow. Again, thanks everyone.
  11. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    I found a pair of speakers which I really liked the sound of with my Naim- dont laugh,but they were a pair of Canton Chrono 526 speakers on stands. Very well finished, and too me very good. I might buy them. Any thoughts on Canton speakers?
  12. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    Also- Audiotrends has some Sonus Faber floorstanding speakers-Venere 3's on special. Any opinion on these speakers with Naim gear ?
  13. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    Can you recommend a dealer in Melbourne who stocks and demos Neat speakers? I listened to a number of speakers in the last couple of Days- Kef reference 3, B&W 705 S2, Proac D Two Of the above three I preferred the Proacs but alas they are outside of my budget. I preferred the Kef's over the B&W. I would like to hear some Neat speakers. Thanks for all your input.
  14. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    I will have a look at them -thanks
  15. Eskay

    Speakers for my naim system

    I currently have two flatcapXS with my system.I also use the Naim cable. I will have a look and listen to some PMC speakers. Thanks