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  1. 4490 is an excellent upgrade and a notable step up in sound quality. I did the board swap myself about 4 years ago. It was pretty simple. I might be wrong, but I think there was a video or photographic instructions somewhere online on how to do it. If not, it's still pretty straight forward. The trickiest bit is getting the LEDs to sit back in the holes in the case correctly. I'm still using Gen2 USB, but will upgrade once the Unison USB module is released.
  2. They're supposedly continuing to support Mk1 Bifrosts. I'm pretty sure Unison USB is going to be rolled out to most of their products. I think I read all that on one of their newer posts on their online book (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up.701900/). Edit: Found the quote
  3. I upgraded my Bifrost Uber to the 4490 and it was a very notable improvement in all areas. It was an excellent upgrade that was definitely worth it. As far as the USB, I'm still on Gen 2, but am looking to upgrade to the "Unison USB" module once it's released (soon).
  4. Neat foam cutting. Now comes the fun part, mixing & applying the epoxy. Still loving my pair of LK1's.
  5. Thanks Rob. I purchased the volume knob off eBay (see link below). The RCA input sockets are Rean NYS367 from x-on. RCA output sockets are ETI Research FR-T07. If I had the cash though, I'd make them all WBT-0210 Cu RCA sockets. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/35x16x6mm-Silver-Tone-Solid-Aluminum-Hifi-Speaker-Radio-Volume-Knobs-CT/302098938227?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. I've now tried a NAD 3120 as the power amp, via the Cambridge pre-outs. It was quite a change in sound signature. There was more energy in the mids & treble, & slightly less depth in the bass. I liked the mid energy, but the treble leaned towards the fatiguing side & I missed the bass depth. Over all, I preferred the original Cambridge amp on its own. It did get me thinking about cable changes again, so I bought some Klotz LY225 twinaxial (2x 2.5 mm^2 [14 AWG]). It was quite a pleasant surprise. The Klotz brought more energy & clarity to the mids & treble without any hints of fatigue. Reverb depth & spaciousness also came to life. Bass seemed to integrate better with the rest of the audio as well. Everything sounded more balanced, natural & impactful. Guitars, drums, bass guitar & vocals all sounded superb. I think it goes to show that the LK1's are an excellent speaker for revealing changes throughout the entire audio chain as they seem to reproduce whatever is passed onto them without imparting any notable colour to the sound. I'm one happy listener. Cheers
  7. I've had my StereoCoffee built for a few months now, but I've been trying out different internal cables (cat5, 26g & 24g headphone cable, Klotz MY206. I've settled on the Klotz MY206 microphone cable. Very nice The pre sounds very natural & well balanced across the audio spectrum. Clear, punchy bass, great midrange and treble. Great dynamics, sound staging and headroom. You can now hear all the subtle nuances in the music. I love hearing the detail within the reverb in certain songs. A great sounding pre.
  8. Hey Mike. Correct, no sub. Yeah, rolling off the bass at 80Hz. I'm guessing my AV receiver isn't strong enough to grip the sub bass notes into submission. Although supposedly my Cambridge 751R is supposed to be able to deliver 200W RMS per channel into 6ohm with 2 channels being driven. Looking back at the waterfall plots I previously posted there are some peaks and dips in the low frequencies, more so with one speaker than the other. Maybe room acoustic issues or maybe I stuffed up something with the internal bracing in one of the LK1's? Not sure. I should probably do some more measurements & testing. Either way, I'm still really enjoying the LK1's. I should also try them with another amp.
  9. Been doing a bit more listening, flipping between a 70Hz and 80Hz receiver crossover. I like the fullness with 70Hz, but the bass sounds slightly wobbly. Changing to 80Hz, the bass sounds just right and more controlled, however the fullness decreases. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that to get the best of both worlds I'd need larger speakers or maybe add a subwoofer. I think I've settled on a crossover of 80Hz. Note: My open plan living room/dinging room/kitchen has a volume of around 129m^3 (4,500ft^3).
  10. Another possibility is difference in the tubes. Most tubes of the same brand & type can vary considerably in gain and conductance. There could also be different brands or alternative tubes being used? It appears the Droplet CDP5.0 uses Sovtek 6H30's as stock tubes.
  11. Over the last couple of days I've managed some extended listening sessions. I've been tweaking the settings in my AV receiver and came across a noteworthy improvement. Previously I had the crossover set as low as my receiver would allow (40Hz). However I've found that by raising it to 70Hz, the bass clarity of the LK1's goes through the roof. Bass guitars and drums are more intelligible, punchy and clear. In fact I think the whole audio spectrum has cleared up. It's stepped the LK1's up to the next level. They are an absolute joy! I just want to keep listening to them.
  12. Hey Mike. They're sounding fantastic. Exactly what I was after. My change in cables made quite a difference & has made the LK1's more addictive to listen to. Lately I've been loving the sound of electronic drum hi-hats on certain TV shows & adverts. Brass & stringed instruments have also become more life like. Bass is controlled & natural. They're excellent all round.
  13. Decided I wanted a more vibrant colour. A bright blue seemed to be the best match. Note for others: If you want a perfect finish, Tolex isn't the answer. The joins are quite difficult to do without having gaps or bulges. Temperature seems to make quite an impact on the accuracy of joins as well.
  14. Loving the sound from my LK1's. Thought I better get around to finally covering them. I've partially tolexed one of them, but still need to do the front and rear. I'm not sure if I like the colour or not (I've gotten used to the pale mdf look). Also it looks a bit darker in person, compared to the photo. Guess I'll let it sit for a while to see if it grows on me.
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