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  1. Cracked this bottle of South African wine over some yummy Italian food. Very nice and could do with a few hours decanting.
  2. Was an absolute cracker bottle. I got the last one, otherwise I would be back there today to buy another.
  3. Fanese - Fantini - Edizione Cinque Autoctoni https://www.vivino.com/wines/14524139
  4. Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat
  5. All the makings of a great evening, just add music!
  6. Regular service has been restored.
  7. listening to some tunes with the room swung around the other way. Everything is not in it’s final position or cabled up.
  8. I’m missing the sparkling water! amateur hour!! just had a sip, it’s awesome.
  9. Thank goodness it’s Friday!
  10. Must be something in the air tonight, just hit PLAY on this Miles Davies - Birth of the Cool
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