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  1. Whats your thoughts on the picture quality for 4k Rise of Skywalker? I found there is a fair bit of 'grain' in the image, but apparently this is correct/normal.
  2. Sure, will do. The screen is a 125” 2.37 Screen Technics ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen. The image is approx. 292cm wide and 123cm high, and produces approx. 100” 16:9 image.
  3. Every room has compromises, especially when combining 2CH and HT. I have actually just repainted the side walls back to white, and don’t find the side/ceiling distracting or negatively effects the viewing. ...and thanks. Lots of little things: Hifi Rack needs to be oiled/spiked and equipment set in final locations with cable tidy up. install Stillpoints on speakers. new AC unit on right wall above 4 white panels (post COVID-19) replace 4 white panels on right with DC2s (post AC install) new dedicated power line (post COVID-19) new dual subwoofers (4 weeks away) new IMG Divani seating (8 weeks away)
  4. Enjoying this drop with some wonderful tunes by Diana Panton.
  5. The laser level I used Is a Bosch https://www.bunnings.com.au/bosch-blue-gll-2-10-cross-line-laser-with-tripod_p5660718 The lighting is LIFX. https://www.lifx.com.au and thanks!
  6. Thanks, yes the whole room actually. It’s been a LONG process. Almost done!
  7. Mounted new 125” Screen Technics - Electricenima Side Tension Screen.
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