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  1. Agreed. Also having owned the ATS4/ATS3/CC240/SUB240 if you can move a little further forward and get them off the ground a little more; spike the ATS5/CC240 and try and get 2-4cm clearance under them. You need to set them to LARGE and change the crossover to 40hz on the AVR. Let the ATS5s work their magic.
  2. These are awesome screens and 100% the sag in the screen is a super easy fix when rebuilt. Bargain price too!
  3. Some Aussie tunes while enjoying a few icy cold beers https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/77b356f4-c81b-40e1-b089-4579a67e4ef5
  4. Marten Coltrane 3 Sonus Faber Stradivari
  5. Early morning delivery today with some mega hot sauces for an upcoming BBQ.
  6. Glenlivet 18 and some Mr Evans
  7. Now you got me searching for some new wine 🙂
  8. Just opened this post upgrading the PS Audio DirectStream DAC from Snowmass -> Windom. Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier Link
  9. I went with a 125” 2.37 Screen Technics - Electricenima Side Tension Screen, however I cannot give you any feedback as when I ordered the unit back in November it was for all the externals to be in Black, but the unit received was all White. So it’s now back with the reseller and hopefully Screen Technics to fix (preferably not with a can of spray paint from Bunnings). That said, Screen Technics has a good reputation in the market and should be considered.
  10. Are there real world isolation or other benefits in having an extra heavy HIFI rack? For example, a 60kg rack (without components) compared to a 120kg version, both using appropriate isolation feet etc.
  11. Very impressive. What drivers are you using in the design?
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