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  1. Gifted - good story and performance of the actors especially Mckenna Grace
  2. Anthropoid is more about the preparation of the assassionation, iron heart is more about Reinhard Heydrich himself
  3. Anthropoid The Hunt for Red October (cold war movie)
  4. it looks like utter crap but something's telling that watching Kungfu master talking to Terminator with their comic accent will be fun for itself πŸ˜‚
  5. Same here, Plex pass sitting on DS918+ with 30TB WD red feeding 3 Sammy TV’s, easy to use, good interface and reliable, only for movies
  6. Samsung's Scalenet AI engine goes on-line August 4th, 2025.... Human decisions are removed from strategic defense.... Scalenet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.... ...In a panic, they try to switch all TVs off ...it's too late me too (Q9FN) , don't plan to upgrade before the micro leds are out with decent prices...
  7. there's huge difference between Samsung TV levels in terms of quality, even going from Q60 to Q70 is like buying completely different TV from different manufacturer Q70 is the latest 2019 model, just checked Samsung AU and in your country Q70 = Q75 https://www.samsung.com/au/tvs/qled-4k-tv/ you won't make a mistake with any of those 2, even better if you can see them in real before you buy
  8. Both are in the same category and quality/price, main difference is (quoting rtings.com) : The Sony X950G and the Samsung Q70R both have very similar performance. The Sony X950G has marginally better reflections, which is great if you have a room with many light sources. The Samsung Q70R, on the other hand, delivers deep and more uniform blacks in a dark room, thanks to the high contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity.
  9. I would say so, US/EU marking is Q70/80/90R, not sure how it translate to AU marking
  10. Q70, if you could strech the budget or wait for discount I would definitely go 65” for such distance, they are around $2100 right now in my country so I assume it’s just matter of time
  11. Sure, Enemy at the gates is my second best war movie but I thought when you mentioned battle for Stalingrad you meant the one I posted πŸ˜€ , anyway, worth a look if you like WW2 movies πŸ˜‰
  12. do you mean this one? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108211/?ref_=kw_li_tt it's more than 25 years ago when I've seen it in cinema and still remember the scene with one of the soldier (can't remember on which side of the battle) cut in half by the tank 😧 , btw. best would be German version with subs
  13. was time for upgrade of my beloved 5 years old 598, I tried many cans over the years including planars and different brands but always come back to Senn, don't know why, if it's because they sound somehow naturally without showing you "we are here, play us loud" no matter what I throw at them or from which source, it's really strange and satisfying at the same time 😊 599 have better bottom dynamics and slightly cleaner spectrum but maintain the same sound signature as 598, top of that they are easy to drive even from phone
  14. I think I'll be sorted πŸ˜€ https://nadelectronics.com/nad-masters-m33-bluos-streaming-dac-amplifier-becomes-first-integrated-component-to-feature-purifis-ultra-quiet-amplification-technology/ I was waiting for it after their announcement of partnership from last year just didn't expect it to be so quick...
  15. in terms of OEM's being afraid of the diy market (if that's the case), if NC400 diy kit didn't killed the OEM market by now I don't see a reason why this one should, typical enthusiast diyer won't spend 1000 EUR on amp modules, plenty of other options for less with still decent quality ready made NCMP range, or pascal or ice power amps
  16. Eval board + cables = 6000DKK = 780 EUR SMPS1200A400 = 220 EUR Quality IEC connector with fuse + 10A main switch (Schurter or similar) = 20-30 EUR Quality chassis = +70 EUR + shipping for each item all prices including VAT
  17. in case of this eval board I don't, this is directed to hard core DIYers who would never buy finished product anyway and it's priced accordingly (compared to hypex NC400 diy kit), if you sum it up it'll be somewhere between 1100-1200 EUR before shipping with some adequate chassis and connectors which is equal to Hypex NC400 2x mono diy kit minus one SMPS1200 PSU Bruno stated already at the beginning that they will support DIY market and prices will be competitive so no wonder I also feel sorry for the OEM's in general, margins are shrinking and competition growing, on the other hand I believe it's no different to any other consumer electronics market
  18. https://purifi-audio.com/vare/eval1/ requires hypex PSU/s and cable kit to be properly connected
  19. 6 underground - believable stunt action movie, Michael Bay did very good job, one of the best I've seen to date πŸ‘ (this movie is not about story line if anyone cares πŸ˜‚ ) Time trap - quite interesting story, reminds me of The Time Machine, not bad for Sunday afternoon Zombieland: Double Tap - πŸ‘Ž
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