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  1. Twilight (Polumgla) - Russian/German Fateless - Hungarian/German/GB/Izrael both are heavy dramas so be aware...
  2. Check Flsun QQ-S either from ebay or Aliexpress, have seen one for 455 aud delivered which is excellent price considering larger delta printer, bought two of them localy (Czech republic) for 300 usd each
  3. Anyone into 3D printing? I’m just slowly starting with the recent price drop of the printers and easy to get parts and upgrades, share your experience if you have any, good/bad doesn’t matter 😉
  4. Btw. I don’t think we need to be proving anything here, either we believe what we see, read or hear or we don’t and unless it gets to heavy argumentative where we got to prove something we are adult enough to keep it under civilized discussion 😉 that’s at least how I see/feel it
  5. I’m not sure what you are asking me to prove, took the artickle from the net, pasted it here and provided comment which proofs that Amir knows enough about jitter, if anyone’s willing to disprove it I have no issue with that but than I would expect he/she would provide info, or I’m missing something?
  6. you right, his knowledge isn't absolute, nobody's is but I think he knows enough about jitter, 10 years old debate https://whatsbestforum.com/threads/audible-jitter-amirm-vs-ethan-winer.1151/ about him if you didn't know https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/a-bit-about-your-host.1906/
  7. You are right Art, NC500/1200 tend to have higher distortion at higher frequencies but for some reason NC400 as well as Purifi don’t, don’t know why it is but if I would be looking for new class D amp it would be either NC400 or Purifi NC400 has pretty much no dependency on frequency https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-hypex-nc400-diy-amp.5907/
  8. Yeah, I was bit dissapointed especially with CGI but I didn’t expect much so it was OK
  9. really shame but what can we do, I believe those OPA1612 are adequate replacement otherwise they wouldn’t be so attractive to many producers these days
  10. 2xLME49990 on dual soic to dip adapter closely followed by LM4562 than long gap and than the rest, tried like 20 of them including AD797 and OPA627 on adapters LM4562 stays currently the most natural sounding opamp I tried and my go to opamp, LME is obsolete and nowhere to source from discrete I tried Sparkos and Burson( can’t remember which version) , sparkos was ok but nothing outstanding, One of the Burson melted down after 20 minutes of use so went to bin on the list to try in the future is new OPA161x family
  11. yup, for some reason I expected bit more...
  12. Gifted - good story and performance of the actors especially Mckenna Grace
  13. Anthropoid is more about the preparation of the assassionation, iron heart is more about Reinhard Heydrich himself
  14. Anthropoid The Hunt for Red October (cold war movie)
  15. it looks like utter crap but something's telling that watching Kungfu master talking to Terminator with their comic accent will be fun for itself 😂
  16. what else would you expect there? it sits in the cache (xram) and waiting to be played, same way like same song is sitting on HDD, except this one is fragmented in packets if you performed previously suggested test by now you know if your streamer is buffering and whats the size of the buffer, I would suggest to do below simple test and check if you can detect any differences first: take 2 same files, save first one onto local hard drive (HDD/USB/etc.) take second one and save it onto cloud (google/one drive, etc.) or NAS second: load both files into the same playlist and perform AB comparison precisely... still the same R2R DAC? - yes, unfortunately - yes, timing may vary but only to the point of USB transmitter which sets the master clock down the line I think your main issue here is your DAC design and I'm bit afraid it'll be pretty difficult to fix even with the best reclocking card available unless it's mounted on pins next to your DAC chip, but I might be wrong, if you wanna stay with R2R DAC you might look for PCBA with modern digital front end which has all this sorted and still enjoy your R2R DAC characteristics, I've heard only positive feedback from local guys whose running them with tube output stage
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