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  1. Yesterday - very nice movie, well made, good story and actors 👍
  2. Did you installed bubble server back again as mentioned in my post on previous page?
  3. Check jRiver, it does the same as foobar + tons more and is most reliable renderer soft on windows platform
  4. Btw, I got same sw setup so if any questions just let me know
  5. Bubbleupnp server has to run to be able to emulate Openhome protocol which both linn and lumin needs, start it again and go to menu within bubbleupnp server setting to allow your lumin/linn renderer to be accesible, done... Bubbleupnp server is just emulator not library server and that’s why has to run besides minimserver
  6. Same experience with Samsung sales support here, no questions with prompt service...
  7. A Dog's Journey - beautiful and very sad, feel depressed, can't comment now 🥺...
  8. not sure which snobbery you're talking about.... no matter how good the router would be or how much it cost it won't fix "if streamer's shite", that's the point where's network stream clocked, buffered and real time fed to the DAC, that's the point in the audio chain where's important part happening (or anywhere between streamer and DAC if someone's adding additional converters/cleaners) so fix the streamer and you don't have to pay for expensive AP routers or any other upstream items, it's hype, period...and if anyone's willing to spend grand on miracle routers with advertised improvements I'm pretty sure that same person can spend less or same amount on streamer immune to upstream quality (if there's even need to make it immune) so far based on measurements I've seen about previous regen magic cleaners I don't expect this will be any better than just aid for problem which doesn't exist...but who knows...
  9. hype, I would rather invest into properly isolated (in case of cable connection) and buffered streamer followed by Dac than to this
  10. model I mentioned has active back speakers so they need just power
  11. Samsung and maybe couple of others do 5.1 package with wireless surround
  12. in case of xmos you have to use specific drivers for specific device....follow below link to download it hifi.exquis.free.fr/driver/dac/XiangSheng/DA-05B_driver_manual.zip
  13. make sure you set your output device in Jriver properly and that you have installed your soundcard drivers Tools > Options > Audio > Audio Device
  14. yep, nosing 😂 another list of someone's preferences, nothing's wrong with it TBF but not my cup of tea (except few specific movies)... I like the local top 100 based on peoples votes (similar to IMDB chart)
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