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  1. after some time animated movie for kids even adults can enjoy, and I did...
  2. Yep, and even market is changing towards these smart amps (peoples interest?) , Creek releasing new streaming amp also with class G, Cambridge audio with their new Evo line and I believe more brands will jump on the wagon if people show enough interest...
  3. sure, will do, there's big backlog on the market at the mo with these amps so have to wait till May, I got interested in Arcam also due to fact I can use my beloved streaming app from Lumin again as it has UPNP streaming capability which NAD doesn't have
  4. just sold the C 298 and ordered Arcam HDA SA30, fingers x this one will be good match otherwise options are rapidly shrinking πŸ€žπŸ™
  5. You need Dac and if one box solution is required/prefered than anything from Innuos is out, secondly I’m not sure if you still require dsp, if yes than either extra box or something like Nad C 658 with onboard Dirac Live, if not than streamer with built in dac such as Auralic already mentioned or many others, if I would be looking for new streamer it would be Lumin for its excellent app, I tried most of them and Lumin is hands down one of the best, second would be Auralic, plenty of users of both camps here on SNA so you should be able to get decent feedback if you ask
  6. I wouldn't say fault per se more like design compromise like with other things but apparently problem with my speakers, I think if Hypex/Purifi used different LC filter (with higher attenuation) to tame down high frequencies content it might have been ok, on the other hand hard to say what it would do with other aspects of the amplifier I've been in touch with Troels if I could do something to my xover but coz it's series-xover there is no room for low pass filter so another amp or speakers πŸ˜’
  7. I don't like her music but for some reason this 80's like song and Madonna style makes wonders
  8. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ if I remember well I didn't pay for Morse code transmitter, did I ? ~300mV with nothing connected to it !!!, yes at 515khz which is its switching freq but c-mon 300mV idle??? below comparison from ASR site between Purifi module and old hypex NC400 when AES-17 40khz cut off filter is applied (second graph), that's huge amount of energy no matter in which frequency... most of the speakers won't care apparently but for some reason mine don't like it, again I can't think of anything else what could cause the fatigue sound j
  9. bit of soldering and it’s back on track πŸ˜‰
  10. don't know why but my OCD's telling me that there's something's wrong with that blue trimmer πŸ˜‚ , anyway, no wonder, it's hard to beat that amount of power transistors πŸ˜‰
  11. so after having this amp for about a month finally I had enough time to test it properly with nobody in da house so could crank it up and check if it runs as expected and yeeeees it does not πŸ˜ͺ..... I've experience the same phenomenon with Nord's NC500 amp previously (except for slightly different reasons) and that's fatigue sound after certain period, it's not audible distortion or noise but inaudible ultrasonic's or something, I have no idea why and how but this is the only logical explanation, this could be the only culprit I can think of causing painful listening and I didn't even list
  12. then I'm even more confused πŸ˜€
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