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  1. Weakest Link(s) in the Audio Chain?

    really? can you please point out to "A lot" please? I think I will be OT but lets have another shot even if it might be pointless first read and watch below: Studies by the AES (analysis, not human testing) conclude that these are the thresholds of audibility: [1] 120psec P-P jitter audibility threshold for 16-bit DAC and 8psec P-P jitter audibility threshold for 20-bit DAC [2] 20psec P-P of data-correlated jitter audibility threshold at certain frequencies and "A simple model of jitter error audibility has shown that white jitter noise of up to 180psec P-P can be tolerated in a DAC, but that even lower levels of sinusoidal jitter may be audible" Since many measurements (that don't specify any particular frequency content) performed by Stereophile in [3] are above 150psec or close to this, I do not believe that we have reached the limits of jitter audibility yet. I suspect that P-P jitter needs to be almost an order of magnitude smaller, or around 15psec to be inaudible in all systems. My experience with my own products seems to bear this out. taken from below article, you can find another ton of jitter articles via google http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0509/ few additional points DAC chipsets: Some DACs, especially delta sigma designs, may be more sensitive to clock jitter. Hearing acuity: With a little training, the effects of jitter are easy to spot. Some people will notice them more than others. The overall system: Jitter may be masked by the playback gear or by listening room acoustics. The recording. Jitter is found everywhere in the digital music production chain. if you've read first article you have seen it's dated back to 2009, currently (can't find the article) audible threshold of jitter should be <1ps RMS, please show us 1 DAC capable of such jitter with it's internal clocking mechanism, the best I'm aware of is capable of ~2.5 and it's FPGA based, now do you know how many DAC producers will implement FPGA based re-clock solution in their products? not many and the main reason is cost, just to give you some example of what you can find in mainstream DACs/CDs as clocking solution, Tenor, Cmedia, Xmos and couple of others, all of them with Jitter >100ps I got Delta Sigma DAC with 2 re-clocking boards, 1 with Xmos and 1 with FPGA, I can clearly hear what Ted's describing in his above video, screwed up soundstage and harsh trebles and I believe I'm not the only one... I wish I could provide measurements but digital spectrum analyzer capable of measuring such levels of jitter cost >$20K ... if you still believe jitter is largely irrelevant please let me know why as I would be more than happy to learn new things
  2. Hi Gordon, it sounded similar to the AK4495, main difference was in overall dynamics as one would expect from higher DR, in terms of quality it's really excellent product (except those 2 awkward things) and I think still one of the best AKM DACs on the market.
  3. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    than we could add another level, diyaudio with pretty much same effect, clones for fraction of the cost, question is, do you wanna be proud of how much you paid or what you got? if Jo and Barry wouldn't know how much the other one paid than both might be happy, unfortunately in reality both would like to show off their new amps for different reasons so it's more likely they never be part of the same club I have no issue with diyaudio as I own several of those or Chinese cloned products with their own design but I would never buy Chinese copy ala Krell or Accuphase with original badge on it sold for few hundreds for 2 simple reasons, being afraid to get it through the customs and afraid to get what you pay for and in this case you might just get box full of useless parts... Chinese have no issue with buying their own domestic electronics but they will never buy copies, those are for us overseas, look at T-mall or Taobao, you can find high quality products for reasonable prices, more than ever before we can see hi-fi companies coming from China, Cayin, Shangling just to name few...
  4. depends on quality of your previous linear PSU, I had interesting result with Corsair at first but than I realized I'm not hearing more details but noise coming out of PSU was elevating highs, secondly soundstage become artificial and shifted into one side Gustard is gone, couldn't cope with its high output voltage and clicking (audibly) volume pot
  5. New XBox one x

    hopefully it'll drop down over time...
  6. New XBox one x

    not sure how much it cost on your side of the planet but here it's still 800AUD
  7. @Ozcall what is the biggest difference between your old pipo and new build with corsair soundwise?
  8. new RX10 mark IV

    so dpreview is done https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-cyber-shot-dsc-rx10-iv now look at the picture library, especially #5 onwards, same issue as with any other Sony camera, why those dark tones?!!! I always had to push it by 0.5-1EV, why Sony why is your metering engine such crap https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/1816870055/sony-cyber-shot-dsc-rx10-mark-iv-samples-gallery/8013104626
  9. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cayin-idap-6-versatile-new-desktop-transport.861785/page-3
  10. for all above mentioned you can download DS video app except MacBook for which you'll need to use web browser solution, transcoding will be done by your iPhone etc on the fly, no transcoding needed on NAS side, for more info you can check over here, for your older ipad you may need to install dragon player app as addition to your DS video app as it might not support latest codes, no additional setting required, DS video will use dragon player upon request and will open it automatically, if you get lost just PM and I will guide you... as @rmpfyf mentioned earlier DVD rip would take ~4-5GB of your space, if you compress your BR discs into reasonable bit rate than in full HD ~10-15GB so you can do your mats how much space you need to start with of course you can start with cheaper 2 bay version but be ready pay more later on because pretty soon you realize it's not enough... good luck
  11. ZS6 with updated drivers, aluminum housing and semi open back construction price and specs https://www.gearbest.com/earbud-headphones/pp_770863.html?wid=21 , after applying code KZZS611 price will drop to $24.99 upgrade cable if you are interested https://www.gearbest.com/headphone-accessories/pp_712521.html Some recommendation around tips rolling https://www.head-fi.org/threads/knowledge-zenith-kz-impressions-thread.698148/page-1669#post-13848607 Initial reviews https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/kz-zs6.22686/
  12. I got a bad feeling that people here are freaked out by what are the minimum requirements for decent NAS capable of playing movies, for no reasons... any decent NAS these days will support (don't mix it with playing capabilities) whatever file formats you have available, you don't need to store specific resolution or format of your media content to be able to play it on your device but it's up to your device to be capable of playing that content, what NAS could do above already mentioned is transcode original media file to format natively supported by your device be it phone, tablet or TV and take that hard work of your device and provide it in transcoded version... my pretty old and cheap DS215J has transcoding turned off, I don't remember in the last 2 years any case where my iPhone, my wife's Samsung galaxy, 2 ipads air or 2 Samsung TVs couldn't play movie or music in it's original version and showed message "unsupported file format" , movies stored on NAS vary from DVD rip, through mpeg4 up to 50Mbit MKVs, same with music TVs and TV boxes (media players) these days natively supports more than your NAS will be ever capable of transcode cuz they are specialized for it so why asking NAS to do their job? tablets and phones do the same, everything what you need is right app capable of transcode your movie files on the fly if you expect NAS to become your TV or media player than you should start saving up because it'll become expensive exercise, again for no reasons The only reason why people are paying more for powerful NAS is third party media servers such as Plex, Roon etc., I have no idea why it has to be so CPU and memory hungry but it is what it is, in such cases be ready to pay for intel 4 core type with >4GB memory, otherwise be happy with Synology DS media servers, or lightweight third party versions like minimserver...
  13. Best Whole Home WiFi Solutions

    Size of your house? 1 or 2 floors? Concrete or brick walls or ?
  14. Thor Ragnarok

    excellent movie, full of funny moments/comments...
  15. I've been watching IP camera space for couple of years and patiently waiting until high quality 4K IP cameras become affordable, that time is here, bite the bullet and ordered one yesterday, specs are here, mine is coming with 2.8mm lens Why 4K (8Mp) IP camera? same reason as in case of standard photo camera, with higher pixel density you can crop more and easily without loosing quality, how does it work and what to expect from such camera is shown below another cropping (digital zoom) below starts 5:20 what to expect from different codecs H264 vs. H265 under different conditions and overall day/night picture quality, this video also showing what new EXIR 2.0 IR LED is capable of I will confirm chipset and sensor used once it arrives but for now I would assume it's the same as used in Dahua IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE which is IMX274LQC Price wise between $130-140 USD delivered if you buy directly from AliExpress, usually $250-300 from your local distributors