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  1. I'm getting allergic to overused CGI especially if it's visibly screwed up ...Clark with digitized face, lol, what next DC?
  2. love this song, full of magic and energy
  3. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

    couldn't resist so tried one cup of each today and none of them is ideal, yellow bourbon was best but still with higher acidity than I like, second Santos was similar but with more nuts taste than chocolate, last South of Minas was too fruity with higher acidity than previous two so no go, will give them another few days for final judgment, all of them are medium roasted in color similar to "light city" where all of my previous attempts were roasted with "full city" or even "full city +" color so I might ask them to roast it differently and try the yellow bourbon again...
  4. Black Panther

    @Sime I apologize if I confused you with my first sentence but it has nothing to do with content of the movie, just my (not so funny it seems) expression of restriction for sharing info till it's released everywhere and more users can report their impressions
  5. so, should we start sharing our impressions or is there certain embargo period
  6. I may agree in some cases but definitely not always
  7. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

    those 3 samples arrived so will give them few days to chill out but I'm tempted already
  8. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

    thanks for the info, unfortunately no Gambella, only these 5 roasted locally https://www.manucafe.cz/etiopie-kava-x2v10062
  9. heart touching emotional full of goosebumps... instrumental, orchestral, philharmonic or just beautiful vocals.... including cover versions and anything you believe deserve to be mentioned even if sometimes bit melancholic and sad