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  1. kukynas

    Canon FF mirrorless

    that banding at higher ISO is really noticeable
  2. for watching sport or any fast action you need a TV capable of good motion handling with decent judder and stutter, for both you need TV with very good electronics inside so unless you are able to test that cheap Oled I would rather take very good LED with proven reviews and tests for motion handling, upscaling is also domain of electronics rather than panel so if you are unsure of quality of your PVR I would take proven LED TV if you can't justify pana, sony or lg OLED... can't find any reviews of the Kogan OLED so hard to judge...
  3. those 2 links I provided were just examples, the reason I was asking for some specific site with listed info about 4K movies is to get full picture of the media used i.e. original format (35mm, 2.8K etc) but also HW used so not just if it's fake or real 4K, I thought I would be able to compile our own list next to the 4K titles thread where we could add additional info for those interested, going through each movie 1 by 1 through several clicks and copying info from several fields is no go for me
  4. Thanks @Tasso but I would prefer some user friendly way of looking at it than going through more than 500 titles one by one something in similar fashion to this: http://gadgetflux.net/list-of-4k-mastered-hollywood-movies/ https://referencehometheater.com/ultrahd-blu-ray-title-info/
  5. cute little girl , your daughter Dave? and the amp looks good as well of course
  6. ah ok, I somehow overlooked your post about it any link to those movies? I was looking at the list of natively shot 4K movies but couldn't find any other than some old one with like 30 movies in total (including upscaled remasters)
  7. kukynas

    Dante AVIO USB IO Adapter

    Just interested how does it perform, no real usage planned at the moment
  8. you aren't the only one the best example of what's 4K (including HDR) capable of is Planet Earth II , some of the footage is shot by 6K camera (most probably downscaled) and is simply mind blowing
  9. yep, but there are other downsides with them (as any other LCD), black levels, color mapping, DSE, EOTF tracking etc., there isn't perfect TV so we have to choose what is more critical for us , if I'm looking only for PQ than Pana FZ800 will be the winner, if I'm looking mainly for visual aspect of the TV than LG W8 will be my choice (not that I can afford it ) but overall as I like Samsung ecosystem, its flat design (will be mounted on the wall) and pretty good PQ I have no reasons to look elsewhere
  10. from slightly different perspective... PPI density combined with viewing distance and software algorithm (smoothing) where dark pixel gradually becomes light pixel (what you might be calling hard edges?) simple math for this purpose, perceived visual effect of PPI density when you looking at 100" 8Mp (UHD) screen from 3 meters distance should be the same as 50" 4Mp (2K) screen from 1.5 meters or opposite 50" screen watched from 3 meters should appear the same as 100" from 6 meters (give or take, there should be exact formula somewhere on the net) There is plenty of info on the net about human's eye ability to capture pixel per inch density vs. distance and screen size but we are nowhere near that figure at the moment (in terms of projecting HW) so anything less than equal of humans eye ability will lead to visual side effects additional conditions comes to play, quality of projecting unit (PJ/TV/Monitor) , lightning condition in the room and of course source (movie) quality (4K master, remaster, upscaled etc.) in my view yes and no, from simple pixel perspective the picture will be pixel perfect, but as stated in your quote from Aaron Estrada, producer might consider different techniques so that the image looks as realistic as possible on every screen in every resolution and doesn't require additional hours of processing and HW, secondly there's no perfect recording or visual device so producers have to overcome side effects such as moiré, aliasing, posterization etc, now we also have to consider that 4K isn't native/standard resolution these days (yet) for home usage so if they have to please all of us than they have to find the middle road. But there's no reason 4K master even if CGI generated can't look good if (again) mastering, final screen size and watching distance stays within intended boundaries so the answer is yes if above mentioned would be achieved...
  11. thanks @Tweaky , I would also assume discount pattern will be the same/similar worldwide so no question about it, it's mainly about what to expect in terms of discount value no worries, I'm not buying stuff from ebay or such, genuine store with reputation and Samsung approved retailer, top of that I got 14 days no questions money back guarantee given by the law
  12. Hi guys, what would be considered typical discount on last year models? 20, 30 or even 40% ? I got oportunity to buy 65Q9FN with 30% discount during this weekend ( some kind of black Friday) so might not even wait till next year if the future discount on old models won’t be any higher, Samsung is pretty strict with their pricing model in EU so not sure if I can expect any better deal next year, btw. I don’t need one right now it just seems to be good oportunity thanks
  13. kukynas

    List of 4K titles

    I wish I did , just common practice when creating picture catalogs in forums...plenty of time to sort it out later...
  14. word clock in/out is used to sync DAC with source, in your case your DAC with your CD transport unfortunately if you put another unit in between you lose the syncing as new clock is generated by Behringer in your future setup it should work as intended, in this case the clocking unit is DCS so you need only sync between your DAC and bridge so DCS becomes slave to the DAC clock, to find out which solution sounds better (synced or not synced) you will need to try
  15. kukynas

    List of 4K titles

    thanks @:) al , not for separation of the years (unless someone would prefer it categorized according to year instead of title name) but mainly from the fact that one day it might be too big to fit into one page so than I will need to split it into more posts so to keep it aligned next to each other without multiple user posts in between I need to reserve several post after first one once it starts growing, but I forgot to do it at the beginning