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  1. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    got ya, didn't think about sound coming from the back of the speakers filling the space inside of ceiling, make sense
  2. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    don't get it, do you suggest to remove #7 and push #6 towards couch as shown in 5.1.2 set up? I was originally thinking about below setup: any reason for boxed instead of open? no issue to build wooden boxes
  3. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    doesn't look bad but 100EUR more per pc than I was willing to pay in case of angled I was thinking about IC 206 LCR FG , in case of straight IC 406 FG any reason why not 5.1.4 ? AVR can handle it so just matter of proper positioning or?
  4. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    thanks al for your info... back speakers are Mirage OMD-5, fronts are Troels CNO-2.5, I sold old center so new one needs to be chosen but current space in cabinet suggesting something like Dali Zensor Vocal (sizewise), Jamo seems to be good option just because of price and availability in EU, no other reasons... AVR as mentioned earlier is Denon AVR-X4300H re atmos, specs are usually sketched for perfect room so hard to imagine what would be appropriate position and type for my room but if I take this setup guide than #6 should be angled or? and #7 should be straight cuz in my case these will be installed top of the couch rather than behind it, does it make sense?
  5. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    below picture of the room for better understanding
  6. Hi Guys, finally decided to install atmos ceiling speakers, just not sure which brand/type to buy, my room isn't properly shaped for cinema sound unfortunately that's given so have to work with it AVR is X4300H, setup would be 5.0.4, room is 4D x 4.5W x 3H, couch is sitting next to the back wall in the middle (can't change it) so question is if angled or straight firing, I can get Jamo IC series for decent money but not sure if they are any good... Thank you for your advice Daniel
  7. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    any progress with your xray engine? I never played Stalker, kind of too depressive for me
  8. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    @Noum nooo, not at all, it must be my Czenglish or something , I was just expressing my feelings with your pain, such failures are sometimes necessary and of course for us newbies important info what to avoid
  9. Kodi v Jriver

    +1 in terms of music player - best DLNA streaming functionality and remote management - fully selectable gapless playback on song level - user de/activationable modules - I could go on...
  10. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    this is my first WC so trust me I was quite scared , spent couple of hours on YT checking what's the best way and what to avoid, everybody was recommending supplying pump with external PSU so that the mobo and GPU is not powered up in case of any leakage, I can imagine it's not funny to see your mobo with g-card killed with drop of coolant, money and effort gone I bought this pre-assembled and sealed CPU kit just because it was cheaper than separate parts and I'm glad I did I never had to deal with WC previously because it was so expensive (especially quality parts) that only hardcore or professional moders were willing invest into it, paying 200 bucks for entire kit and additional 100 for extra g-card fittings and better fans sounds like out of this planet if you compare it with prices 10-15 years ago...
  11. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    one more thing I forgot to mention, that water pump is dead silent, can't be happier especially for such price...
  12. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    nothing specific so far except it goes sloooow but thanks anyway exactly, those el cheapo cases with boring design, noisy fans and no cable management no worries, free to post any rant related to PC and gaming so, again no time for PC during the day but spent coupe of hours on it late evening...first problem with pipe fitings, didn't check that GTX doesn't contain any and of course I bought only 4 of them for pump and radiator , so little bit of improvisation was required, not sure if it's visible on below picture but those with transparent pipe are 13/10 and those with black pipe are 11/8, I just re-used those originaly installed on pump and radiator, doesn't look best but who cares consequently installed everything in place and start filling coolant, because the pump doesn't use separate water tank I had to use syringe and filling it up carefully bit by bit, it's still not done yet as I've seen bubbles comming out of radiator so will continue today, it's time consuming, fill a bit, close the pump, shake the case, open the pump, fill it again and so on... hopefully it'll be done today so that I can start connecting all the cables (pump is running from external PSU to protect mobo in case water start leaking somewhere) and accesories, tomorrow software and completion in case of no other fxck ups show up
  13. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    @Noum lot of games to explore these days slower than I expected, yesterday I didn't do much, most of the yesterday I spent behind kitchen sink fixing water pipes, than outside with family and day was gone , top of that this morning I realized that old mobo won't work, it does contain only 1 PCIe (mini ATX) slot but I forgot about wifi PCIe card so had to ordered new mobo, should be delivered later afternoon... Started to work on new chassis (Phanteks Eclipse P400 white) so will report more later this evening...
  14. @rmpfyf any progress with your NVidia shield?
  15. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    before we start here is my mess, it's good mess serving me for long time and if I won't decide to clean it it might serving me even longer so finally chosen to tearing my old PC a part and make it ready for new HW, below part of the chassis where new water cooling block with 2x140 fans supposed to be attached and here's a shot why it won't work, those HDD holders aren't detachable, very disappointing find it out late evening fortunately I'm living in country where's nothing impossible, quick internet search, placing an order, tomorrow morning delivery... in the meantime will start preparing everything and make it ready for new chassis, stay tuned....