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  1. sorry, you right, it's about projection not production technology, but I always liked active more than passive, not sure why...
  2. Yes, I meant active 3D glasses, but it’s not only about glasses, production is also made differently for active vs passive glasses
  3. Avatar then 20 light years nothing and then the rest, I think active 3D tech (also used in Avatar) has advantage in immersion vs passive we see in majority cases after it and these days
  4. me neither but I don't know how influencing was Lars and Petr in this design so lets see
  5. I hope there will be stereo version (replacement of SDA-2400) , all their amps sound good and measure worse so I believe this one will sound at least as good as the rest 😉 I also hope price tag will be lower than that, I would expect price below 4x SDA-2400
  6. Only info I got is from avforums mentioned in first post, additional info saying something about Q1 2020 and price tag of 8K pounds 😯
  7. The most important part is the one prior and directly connected to your DAC
  8. kukynas

    Cornell Capacitors

    I would assume he's talking about Cornell's "Silver Mica" caps used in signal path, after polystyrene these are one of the best caps, not cheap tho
  9. The Man Who Knew Infinity - I can imagine even more drama in it but overall very good movie
  10. Mile 22 - B class action movie, shallow and except few action scenes pretty boring, once was enough... The Predator (2018) - shite, very stupid dialogs with less than average actors performance, other than that too much blood for my taste, may be if Chuck Norris's invited it could have been bit more funny
  11. not in his case, all his amps till now were open loop so this would be the first feedback amp and unless he completely lost him mind 😃 this is still Direct Digital amp as every single one before in his portfolio, means analog inputs are digitized (4x AD chips I mentioned before) which goes through PCM>PWM conversion into power stage and filtering, he is using PWM chip with 8 channels in his other amps so most probably that's why 8 channel output but I might be completely wrong and as he said this is yet again unique design with completely different tech including chip but still DD He doesn't use OEM modules or tech, everything in his amps is unique solution with Equibit chip from TI if you are interested in tech here is more info about direct digital amps
  12. 2 independed PCBAs, bottom input/output power board, top is PSU board, if you zoom in you'll see in details section next to XLR connectors looks like buffer stage with stereo AD chips (4x) in similar fashion like current range of amps
  13. btw. one more thing, I've seen somewhere that this should be feedback amplifier and I wouldn't be surprised seeing that THD+N figure, don't think this is possible with open loop tech but let's see for final specs...
  14. I also think 5, 7 or 9 channel amp these days would be logical but if they used the same chip as in case of other amps than 8 channel make sense (to fully utilize all of its available channels) , but I'm just guessing here I'm not aware of any 3 channel amp, I would assume that SDA-2400 (2 channel power amp) will continue alongside and covering duty for remaining channels if/when one decide to increase number
  15. yep, the best thing in my audio journey was when I switched to TDAI-2170, no more thinking of which DAC, amp or DSP to buy, upgrade or have a look... all their products are unique, especially for those with problematic rooms like in my case 😊