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  1. btw. Dave, I can send you screenshots of the Jriver DLNA setting if you want to show you "discovery" management, also some of the UPNP SW such as bubbleupnp let you transcode hi-res format into lower res for better compatibility of playback, if it's the other way around than setting will be as well
  2. @BioBrian @JDWest my bad, don't know why I thought Snakeoil is LMS based OS, in such case there shouldn't be any limitation Dave, unless I'm doing something's wrong last 3-4 years and can't read english it should be other way around https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Plug_and_Play https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Living_Network_Alliance
  3. ok, re. DLNA, there's nothing wrong with it, it might be confusing with its terminology and usage of shared services within network but it's not DLNA as such dictating what and which format is supported by the devices in the chain, DLNA using UPNP as protocol which is free (pretty much) of format limitation, DLNA is just mechanism identifying components in the network and sharing this information across the network so every device in the network knows who is who and which device act as server, renderer and controller. Brian, your limitation is Snakeoil as every other LMS based OS, I'm surprised people and companies still using it (well it's free) but it's outdated and has huge limitations, I've tried it twice and never looked back (Vortexbox and Daphile) , you can read my reports in this and other threads, maybe something change since (2014-15) but I doubt It's not only about your DAC who set's the limitation about supported formats but also your player (renderer) so if you trying to play multichannel sound via your Silver Server you should first check if its supporting multichannel audio output re. network, I've made many tests and comparisons between local storage (HDD/SSD) and network (NAS) connected to the same renderer and haven't heard difference, maybe my ears or my audio gear (or combination) is not up to scratch but I didn't expect any difference in the first place so no surprise for me, I don't wanna argue there might not be difference but if any maybe subtle and most probably due to some HW/SW problems in the chain. btw this topic has been discussed in this thread as well (proper buffering, potential noise if any etc.)
  4. Brian, correct me if I'm wrong here but are you trying to compare your first setup with your second one where D/A conversion is done by different DACs? in such case no wonder, 205 tend to sound flat in its stock version, very good thread on DIY audio on how to get max out of it if you modify it (new LPSU, new clocks etc.)
  5. kukynas

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    not surprised but disappointed nothing to do with i30N or golf R but fact that Mr. VW using different politics for their range of cars, why Skoda can't get the same maps for its engine like in case of golf R ? the same one like in case of Cupra 300, these 3 engines are completely the same so are they afraid of competition ? I would like to watch that same race with 292PS/440Nm map in Skoda you can get locally as aftermarket upgrade and see that final arschloch schmerzen
  6. there always be split views, someone like it someone not it wasn't bad but I wouldn't rate it as high as first one...
  7. Matt, do you plan to use it as your future streamer or just pure Roon server? do you plan to upsample PCM to DSD or use any other post processing? this will determine how much you should spend, if only as server than any 4 core Atom based AIO will work and starts from 2-300 bucks, if streamer add all the goodies like LPSU, better disk etc. , if upsampling and post processing add better CPU, 4-6 core i5 as bare minimum
  8. kukynas

    11.2 Atmos receiver

    yes, they are similar enough and I wouldn't say too powerful you'll just end up with more power reserve for future upgrade whenever you decide...of course you can chose 125W version but 100 bucks saving isn't worth it I think? as @:) al and @Johnny_Boy pointed out you can use power amp for which ever channels you'd like so if i.e. center channel is more power hungry and more important then surround channels than you can use power amp for that instead you can go even further (which I find again as overkill) and decide for 6 or even 8 channel power amp but price's growing and I'm not sure if you will benefit from it... here is entire list you can chose from https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/nord-one-hypex-mp-multichannel including custom made with combined 125W, 250W and 500W per channel
  9. yep, but it seems they decided to keep milking dead cow especially if Mr. Bay isn't involved anymore...
  10. Pacific Rim: Uprising - bit childish but that was expected, otherwise 5 out of 10...
  11. kukynas

    11.2 Atmos receiver

    it most probably will in 2 channel mode but from price perspective it seems to me still like overkill... as mentioned above you can do better and cheaper if you combine your AVR with decent power amps, AVR as such especially its preamp stage gets older with new audio/video formats and its hardware is also limited where's power amps will be always the same (could get better over time of course) if your requirements are 11.2 or 7.2.4 than all you need is X4400H or SR6012 and 4 channel power amp next to it, here is one of them https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-mp-nc250-2-5-channels … pricewise similar to SR7012 or X6400H and power wise better than SR8012
  12. kukynas

    11.2 Atmos receiver

    few things to consider regarding required power and current... 1. model of the speakers you plan to driver with your amp 2. configuration (5.1 , 7.1 etc...) 3. how many subs if any 4. your room size there's nice guide from @:) al describing expected db levels once you know your speaker type and positioning if we consider your preferred speakers and room size including configuration than some of the options could be following AVR-X6300/6400H (I would suggest to look for last year model with discount) driving surround sound only in 9.0 config Stereo power amp driving your front speakers in 2.0 config from AVR line output 2x subs from AVR line output AVR-X4300/X4400H (I would suggest to look for last year model with discount) driving surround sound only in 7.0 config Stereo power amp driving your front speakers in 2.0 config from AVR line output Stereo power amp driving remaining surround speakers in 2.0 config from AVR line output 2x subs from AVR line output Why above suggestion? - main consumer of power and current are your front speakers, if you offload them from your AVR remaining power will be sufficient for rest of your surround/centre speakers - your preferred prestige range of surround speakers are efficient and don't go below 100hz + not all of them will be consuming max power at the same time so claimed power of the Denon AVR should handle it with easy - in case of X4300/4400 AVR you can be more flexible with power amps and chose better amps for less money (difference of the price between 6XXX and 4XXX range)
  13. kukynas

    New Peugeot 508 Touring

    official promo video and how does it look compared to V60
  14. I loved the first one and this one seems to be even more fun