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  1. #3 unless you need those extra bits and pieces in between for something else
  2. agreed but I was referring mainly to the point that it's hard or impossible to measure power output and potential clipping of an amp if we don't know or can't predict the load due to fact each speaker and music played would represent different and variable load that specific amp see, video just demonstrate how does it look under same condition but different music playing and if only music content can represent such difference than imagine how more variable the load would be if you connect different type of speakers
  3. nope, nobody can predict it unless you measure every potential combination of amp, speaker and type of music....
  4. you right especially in your case where each module would see 1 ohm load
  5. yeah, I know, but it could have been interesting compar with your heavy heaters once you get them back 😀 btw, NAD C298 with purifi modules can be bridged, that woul be interesting comparison 👍 I think Kal Rubinson planning to test them
  6. ups, you should have maybe instead of purifi amps look into NC1200 or NC2K... 25A from purifi (same as NC400) vs. 38A from NC1200 or 48A from NC2K
  7. Bounce & office scan international Wanderschwein speakers ltd Fun dent whool cables .co Homo peripherals gmbh (Hama Germany) Lemon Audio Japan Wonky-o Japan Frankensteen spk international Playernear subsidiary of Wonky-o Japan
  8. as @muon* suggested for future compatibility I would pick X570 chipset re. PSU: Corsair RM series with very low ripple and noise re. mobo: my pick would be ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING for very high quality onboard audio and overall good performance for still reasonable money, that's the board I'm planning to upgrade to in coming weeks... side note: I would avoid all those cheap 4 layers X570 boards from any brand, once its get into high speed high frequency processing and data transfer you might experience additional noise picked up somewhere on the way du
  9. I would expect very similar output characteristics compared to your NC400? of course depends on input buffer Alan is adding into his amps but even than unless it's some sort of exotic it should maintain similar sound signature, I've read somewhere that Purifi modules are more relaxing but we can only imagine what does it mean, keep us posted once you get a chance to do the AB
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