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  1. correct again correct, Dahua those posted below should cover all your needs, first one is good for night vision and closeups, second for covering longer range with higher resolution some sample footage under different light conditions with different setting, and it's not me 😃
  2. going to watch it over the weekend, btw. I was 7 when it happened living in middle of Slovakia
  3. Lumix LX100 or TZ100 series are one of the most capable compact travel cameras in your price range, also as capable would be Sony RX100 range, I’m sure you’ll be able to find good second hand
  4. how to train your dragon 3 - nice ending of the saga, I like the story so this great follow up
  5. yeah, let's see, might be good but also complete shyte 😃
  6. was going to post it 😃 I think this is his last one and I hope I'll be epic, can't wait 🤜
  7. Very powerfull moments, especially for those of us watching last 11 years of Marvel saga, some characters didn’t got enough movie time and if I could chose to split it into 2 movies I would prefer it, otherwise well made movie at least for me 👍
  8. Hi, in the end I ended up not using NVR, I didn't think about in advance how NVR operates, it takes IP addresses from cameras and convert them into internal addresses not accessible directly, means you can't use setting available in camera firmware which in many cases is superior to the NVR capabilities and functionalities, secondly you basically loose external access through the mobile app so I got them linked directly to the router and records to the NAS, you can still access camera setting internally via web base access and change whatever you need yes, but not sure if they still selling them, you can always search on aliexpress for best price and reviews from other buyers, these are genuine cameras so if there would be any issue buyers would report it
  9. Are you sure it can play gapless from pcm track straigh to dsd track? There is of course no issue playing gapless any of the formats if you stay with that format but once you start mixing them in the playlist that’s the point when Dac chip needs to lock to different format and that’s usually happening with small pause No problem with Jriver
  10. Never tried it so not sure but you can configure Jriver in several ways as server, controller or streamer so I would assume DSP would work accordingly in those modes
  11. Bright room was main reason I went Qled and I’m glad I did, otherwise if you plan to watch only in night time / dark room go for Oled
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