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  1. Are you sure it can play gapless from pcm track straigh to dsd track? There is of course no issue playing gapless any of the formats if you stay with that format but once you start mixing them in the playlist that’s the point when Dac chip needs to lock to different format and that’s usually happening with small pause No problem with Jriver
  2. Never tried it so not sure but you can configure Jriver in several ways as server, controller or streamer so I would assume DSP would work accordingly in those modes
  3. Bright room was main reason I went Qled and I’m glad I did, otherwise if you plan to watch only in night time / dark room go for Oled
  4. Jriver should support filters as well but I never used this functionality so can’t comment, you should be able to find more info on jriver forum or wiki site
  5. it's available on BD but not sure if in AU
  6. Absurd, satiric and somehow truthful, all this make it exceptional and comical drama 👍
  7. Hunter Killer - not bad for action movie but it had bigger potential, missing more drama and tension
  8. Bumblebee - I expected movie about transformers with some teenagers in it and instead got movie about teenagers with transformers in it 🙄 , oh well better than nothing...
  9. I would assume Pana has 4K player app built in so you should be able to watch your downloaded content on hdd directly, it should also have standard streaming services such as netflix etc so no need for extra player, other option is Plex, if you plan to play UHD discs than check reviews and decide how much you’re willing to spend on UHD player
  10. you can use your existing jriver as windows player, just switch on DLNA function in Jriver setting and then you can control it with whichever app on your iPhone supporting DLNA/UPNP protocol, Sesam, bubbleupnp and many others, of course your PC and iPhone needs to be connected to the same LAN/WLAN network for more info about jriver setting go to jriver wiki site (google will help) if still no go I can post picture of the setting once I'm back home Jriver can play pretty much any audio format including DSD, important is that your DAC is capable of receiving DSD either in DoP or native
  11. most of today's playback software (if capable of playing dsf files) will play it gapless the only exception is multiformat playback i.e. dsf after pcm and back where DAC needs to lock to different format first so you can play gapless pcm after pcm (be it flac, wav or whatever) but it won't play gapless if you have pcm after dsf in your play list, as @Snoopy8 mentioned this is typical DAC limitation and I haven't seen (yet) DAC capable of playing gapless different formats
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