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  1. Huge bargain for the lucky Sydneysider...👍
  2. Item: FS Nordost Bassline subwoofer interconnect (RCA) 3 meter, single length. Location: Melbourne 3197 Price: A$75 Item Condition: Good 8/10 Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Prefer local but willing to post at buyer's expense. Extra Info: Pictures:
  3. Item: Van Den Hul The Name analog interconnect (RCA) 1m length. Location: Melbourne VIC 3197 Price: A$60 Item Condition: Fair, 7/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct deposit, PayPal. Local preferred but willing to post at buyer's expense. Extra Info: Pictures:
  4. Hi Peter, The sale is for the riser only right? doesn't include the stillpoints as shown in the first two pictures.
  5. Item: Ansuz Sparkz passive Mains Conditioner US Plug (2 units) Location: Melbourne VIC 3197 Price: A$ 300 each --> reduced to A$270 Item Condition: 8/10 conservative Reason for selling: No longer required (I have 4) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift or +3% , EFT. Prefer local but willing to post at buyer's expense. Extra Info: http://blinkhighend.com/shop/accessories/the-ansuz-sparkz-sound-enhancer-power-conditioning/ Excerpt from http://www.audioshark.org/archive/t-2488.html I am familiar with the PS Audio Noise Harvester, the Nordost QRT Qv2 and the Ansuz Acoustics Sparkz and Sparkz TC, so I will restrict my commentary to these four units. What follows are my observations and as with all things in audio – others may disagree for quite sensible reasons including the most obvious, that my AC is not their AC. To begin with similarities, all four appear to reduce noise and provide a blacker backdrop against which to enjoy music. Of the four the effect of the PS Audio unit was the most subtle – almost to the point that I question the efficacy of it. Using apparent noise reduction as the key determinant I found the Nordost Qv2 to be the most effective of the four, particularly when multiple units are employed. Without prejudice to the above, I found the Ansuz Sparkz and Sparkz TC (Telsa coil) to act different to the Nordost Qv2. Whilst the Qv2 majored on noise reduction and is effective in reducing the noise floor, the Sparkz products succeed in making the resulting sound more musical and lifelike. Moreover, the Sparkz noticeably improves the front to back soundstage adding dimensionality and spatial acuity to instruments within their specific locality in the soundstage. Controversially I would say here that musicality is more than the mere reduction of noise as I'd dare say many turntable owners would attest. In sum and as I have earlier opined I find the Ansuz Sparkz to be complimentary to the Nordost Qv2. By way of further relevant insight, I’ve further observed that if you already have good quality AC [helped enormously by the installation of dedicated AC circuits for your audio system and quality grounding] then the benefit of a Qv2 is diminished.Finally, turning to your question on placement, the general guidance is that any of the above devices can be plugged into any outlet on the same circuit as the audio system. Personally, I prefer the Sparkz TC at the wall socket and the Sparkz and Qv2 plugged in the distributor. Pictures:
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