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  1. Here you go peppy Sells for a bit more than you quoted https://www.mwave.com.au/product/meze-empyrean-63mm-silver-plated-pcuhd-upgrade-cable-ac28894
  2. Since eBay started this “ebay plus” that seems very limited in sellers, or at least for product that i seek, ebay has become almost irrelevant to me. And when they send emails with, say, 10% off I don’t even bother opening them anymore since it only concerns ebay plus sellers (at least the last few times that i checked) but i have no idea how their business model is going overall particularly at a time when retail store online business has boomed and since my wife has gone to town on etsy creative / craft stuff. i used to say i work from home. I seem to be more of a conci
  3. What? Does ebay no longer have paypal as a compulsory payment option? have payal and ebay separated?
  4. Other things to consider re the v280 (having already done this myself) after the usd to aud paypal conversion add another $88 import fee then 10% and then 5% tax it will add up when it gets into the country, if sent here from drop about $2250 aud or so If you sell it, even quickly, you will most likely lose about a 1/3 in value straight away. I sold mine for about $1500 from memory and it was mint and less than 3 months old.
  5. V281 has a bit more power gain levels may be a little different too See manuals for those answers though v280 is not a preamp as such you can change the rca inputs into outputs. So it works as a pass through. Just change the jumpers inside - very easily done. But you can’t control volume via the v280 on that pass theough
  6. I see the focal arches are doing the rounds in the classifieds
  7. Or peter gabriel? - geez they were all covers. (as if Natalie Bassingthwaighte could replicate kate bush) the same reason I don’t attend classical music recitals - i hate (most) covers
  8. Doing my own homework.... let’s not forget Miss Universe Romania 2017, Ioana Mihalache. I could be wrong, but I think I heard a rumour that the Romanian people wanted her to be elected into their Government. They were lobbying that she be given the role of Treasurer as they thought she would be great in stimulating the private sector
  9. 100%-ish Because apart from me never having tried the VC (but having owned the auteur) MMDV* *my mileage doesn’t vary ps it’s fantastic, yet expensive, that these headphone options (and their sound quality) are nowadays all available for different purposes and/or preferences
  10. (Full disclosure: I am currently selling my Hekse but have spruiked its qualities for a loong time) The hekse are very easy to drive very well ie out of iPhone or iPad but scale up well all the same. However they may be presented a little too bright out of the huge 2 depending on your preferences - may be running a thin line. Same for utopias (potentially) regarding the hugo2. I would have though the empys work work well with hugo2. I have owned all three hps and have found the hekse the easiest to drive well and suit me well out of everything that i have
  11. Should be good to go https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS/NZS_3112
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