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  1. I live in Arncliffe. If it helps I am happy to store them in my place for no cost. No need for original boxes either. I’m also happy to make sure they stay in good operating condition by keeping them in use most nights - not for my sake, but for yours and the speakers. Again I am happy to do this at no cost. Ps if you take up this FREE offer, don’t rush back from wherever you are planning to go
  2. 100% .....with the ability to add a different amp later as/if/when you wish I'm trying to hold myself off buyin a hugo 2 as i really really don't need it. really (i say to myself). After all there is a new imac ahead within the next 12 months that i have to prepare $$$ for.
  3. yep - i agree with the essence of that i demoed the hugo tt2 vs my taurus with my metrum hex dac, and I certainly could not justify the extra spend to "upgrade" to the tt2 (with my limited funds. the fun and detail the tt2 offers was also their in my setup to enough of an extent (though different as well) to be happy with my gear....for now...... though i did buy the v280 for the sake of it at the drop price
  4. (assuming all is good with this unit) this is a cracker of an amp at this price, I bought one here in the last 6 months around the same price and it is a BARGAIN I recently bought the violectric v280 through drop at twice the price and they are very similar in quality. Maybe the v280 has a bit more power in how it drives something (eg the susvara) but that is taking NOTHING away from the auralic. It is a gentle, neutral(ish) beast. In fact it has a bit more offering in the mids than my new v280 - little more open and forward. And i can't see myself selling my auralic. It simply has more value to me than what this asking/second hand price suggests. If i had heard the v280 before i bought it I probably would not have bought it, since I have the taurus TLDR: GLWTS. Bargain buy, great amp FWIW, my serial number is one higher: 2873
  5. Well minidisc has had the first hugo tt on special for almost a year (i guess). It’s still there on special (I believe) at the end of the day go demo i say. I did.
  6. Don’t go from the qutest to the hugott. Unless you demo the tt first and you like it course. Apart from my own demoing many say there is a significance difference between hugott2 and hugott i believe i even saw a video with rob watts from chord that talked about how much more effort was put in re the tt2 as opposed to the tt being an extra product they released off the back of creating the (original) hugo (but I can’t remember where i saw it - maybe darko audio)
  7. I’ll send you a pm in a minute (so as to not drag this out here) ta
  8. I’ll contact them and sus it out and I’ll get pack to you if they’re helpful Thanks for your info
  9. Thanks for getting back I’d be using it with usb from imac. did you (or can you) sus out if distributors/questyle would fix it/ replace with it being under warranty? i know (believe the 600i has been discontinued though) thanks
  10. Hi. I was/am interested in this but.....Was there any news to add from this thread from last year? ie new item or popping still there?
  11. great! i built my system around the hd800 and moved to the woo wa2 otl amp but as i bought more headphones i needed a non otl amp as a "second amp". the taurus is just that (bought here for $1000) after upgrading from the cayin iha6 i have toyed with the idea of the gsx mini as the ext upgrage but that would be another (nett) about $2000 so could not quite justify pulling the trigger as the taurus is easily good enough..............for now so i held on to that $2000.........and then spend $2000 on a kann cube ahhhhh...a fool and his money...............
  12. Add me to the list of recent owners (about 2 or 3 months ago) that thinks at $800 (or even $1200) this is an absolute bargain!! (Assuming all is good with this unit of course) glws
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