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  1. Ceiling decided..... Gyprock but not completely flat, compromise with existing structure. Just need to frame up 2 walls then we can start insulation and lining. Next have to decide on lighting, was thinking of 6 downlights for full lighting if required and maybe 2 low wattage wall lights down each side on a separate circuit for darker times. Photo is of one side wall.
  2. What I trying to fix is there's a big gap between my room and the iron roof! At this stage nothing more, nothing less. Just thoughts on which of the 2 options might be best.
  3. It's a truss roof but at this stage there isn't and structure to fix a ceiling, this is why I started looking at a suspended ceiling.
  4. Thanks guys, not worried about sound escaping more trying to keep outside noise out. (Just the inverse of keeping noise in really.) Of course I'm trying to build a nice sounding room, happy to treat the room once complete but for now it the ceiling. Gibrock or these tiles?
  5. Hi guys Making progress on my listening room, garage conversion. Just about to do the ceiling and wanted the collective thoughts about options, option 1. Timber frame and gibrock with insulation on top. Option 2. Suspended acustic tile ceiling. Details attached. I'm just thinking that everything I've read says the room should be as airtight as possible but surely with tiles there could be small gaps. What do you think? Cheers C-Max-High-Performance-Acoustic-Ceiling-Tile-Data-Sheet.pdf
  6. Sorry but the system was packed up and shipped to New Zealand a few weeks ago. We're in the process of moving back home. Bigger market place this side of the ditch, more options.....
  7. Yes its the KT120. Single input so its really a power amp with a remote control volume. Sorry can't give any more pictures at this stage as I'm away at work and its boxed up. Will be trade only, if I can't find the right trade I'll keep using this one.
  8. Item: Weston Topaz Location: Perth Price: $2000 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Too much power Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm looking to swap / trade my Weston Topaz amp for a 45 or 2A3 amp for my horns. No one really needs me to waffle on about how good these are! The Topaz is way over powered for the horns and I'd love to try one of the other lower power amps. The Topaz is in mint condition apart from one of the speaker binding post has a cracked plastic nut. This one has a single input with remote volume. Also have a few extra tubes to throw in. Interested to here from anyone looking to go up in power so I can go lower..... Pictures:
  9. I just got a 65" LG for just over $2k and it's beautiful, better picture than the Samsung......
  10. Not enough room on the switch board for too many more circuits. You're saying 32a circuit?
  11. Hi guys, just getting the sparky in to run a dedicated circuit for my new listening room.... He says all new circuits must have an RCD, do these add any noise or any other issues? Cheers
  12. Might just pull the fuses on one channel then. Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I've got a Tilbrook 6000 amp sitting around and thought I'd use it for a sub. This is 240w per channel so one channel would enough but the other channel would be doing nothing, might as well put it to work! Can I bridge this amp? If so how..... Thanks
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