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  1. Just completed Wayne's BA 2018 line stage. Very nice line stage designed by Wayne and presented at the Burning Amp festival in 2018 (USA). Wayne's one of the designers at Pass Labs so he should know what he's on about! This is replacing my Mezmorize buffer which is based on the Pass BY buffer. First impressions are this thing is pretty good! More air and detail than the buffer it replaces. Yes I know the case needs work! Just couldn't wait to give it a try, case is next on the list....
  2. I replaced the TungSol with Full Music on my Topaz and yes it was a nice upgrade. From what I understand the Full Music tubes aren't that reliable. Earle told me he once ordered 10 and only 7 were usable, thats why he stopped using them.
  3. Hi all, any members here based in the Bay Of Plenty NZ area? Looking to connect with like minded audio nuts. Recently moved back to Whakatane from Perth.
  4. Sorry Terry, not much more to show...... still thinking about extra absorption panels but the wife wants some wall space for photos/art so I think there'll have to be a bit of a compromise.... Behind the listen chair is a 4.5mtr sliding door (double glazed) so that has a heavy acoustic curtain covering it which means we loose a full wall for art or whatever. Originally it was just going to be my music room, but as its come up so good it might get commandeered!
  5. Happy camper! Still a bit lively in the upper range, sounds good as a starting point.
  6. Listening now...... Don't know if the old rectifier was tired or what but wow, nice improvement! Happy as, as for long term who knows.
  7. Hi guys Earl shipped my Topaz with both 5U4 and 5U3 rectifier tubes so I'm picking they're interchangeable... Want to try one of the 5U3 tubes in my Sun 2a3 amp which normally has the 5U4 rectifier. So are they totally interchangeable? Cheers
  8. Hi guys, Looking for tube advise for my Sun 2A3 amp. I found that changing the driver tubes in my Weston Topaz to Full Music tubes added some sparkle and air around instruments. I purchased the Sun from a fellow SNA member and have just started listening as my new music room is just about finished, we moved house so I had to start from scratch. The amp sounds beautiful with the Tung Sol driver tubes (6SN7GT) so I thought I’d upgrade the driver tubes and see if I get the same improvement as I did with the Topaz. After a fair bit of reading there a few tubes mentioned that offer good improvement but most guys report problems (tubes going noisy) after a short time. Is this a common problem or is it just that when people are happy they don’t say anything? So…. Tube recommendations????? Cheers Dave
  9. Almost there..... Waiting on the sparkie and carpet. Thinking about the placement of the absorbtion panels, or should I wait till everything is set up? Think bass should be under control due to compliance of the wall, so really thinking about slap or flutter echo (or whatever it's called!) I've read that we should have absorbtion at the first reflection point, correct? Have also been told by a professional acustic designer to install detraction type defusers in line with our ears. Your thoughts.... Cheers and happy New year to all!
  10. Yea, this is the room now. The walls ended up with a 6" cavity filled with insulation. That end wall is where I'm thinking of doing the feature, will also help hide the pillar we had to leave just off center.
  11. Just about ready for paint and was thinking about making front wall a feature. Vertical timber slats or batterns sort of like this feature wall. Your thoughts?
  12. Ceiling decided..... Gyprock but not completely flat, compromise with existing structure. Just need to frame up 2 walls then we can start insulation and lining. Next have to decide on lighting, was thinking of 6 downlights for full lighting if required and maybe 2 low wattage wall lights down each side on a separate circuit for darker times. Photo is of one side wall.
  13. What I trying to fix is there's a big gap between my room and the iron roof! At this stage nothing more, nothing less. Just thoughts on which of the 2 options might be best.
  14. It's a truss roof but at this stage there isn't and structure to fix a ceiling, this is why I started looking at a suspended ceiling.
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