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  1. nzlowie

    Amplifier bridging

    Might just pull the fuses on one channel then. Thanks
  2. nzlowie

    Amplifier bridging

    Hi guys, I've got a Tilbrook 6000 amp sitting around and thought I'd use it for a sub. This is 240w per channel so one channel would enough but the other channel would be doing nothing, might as well put it to work! Can I bridge this amp? If so how..... Thanks
  3. nzlowie

    Floor recomendations

    Thanks guys, starting to build a better picture of how to finish my room. I'll keep reading asking questions...... I still have to build the ceiling so will probably do that the same as the walls, double soundcheck with green glue. Do dogs so might go with carpet, was thinking about laminate floor as this will become a family / pool room once my ears decay more and I loose interest in hifi..... But I think I'll have to sort out one key issue first, thats getting away from a square room.... Cheers Dave
  4. nzlowie

    Floor recomendations

    This is a ground floor room, not to worried about sound escaping the room, more worried about sound entering my space..... In the country but next to a busy main rd.
  5. Hi guys, still working on the setup for my new listening room and have a question around the flooring. Have read somewhere that floating hardwood or composite flooring is a good option as it allows some absorption due to the flexible underlay. Is this correct? Surely a few rugs would still be required to help with HF reflections....
  6. nzlowie

    SOLD: FS: Pass ACA Amplifier

    Its V1.b which has the extra resistor. "The original PCB was found to be need an extra resistor added to get the bias set to a range where the amp will make it’s full designed power and lowest distortion." Don't really need the disclaimer as the build is all low voltage... Its run by a laptop PS so only see 19v.
  7. nzlowie

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    100% correct, I was always a believer in a minimalistic signal chain - was!!!! Found a big improvement when I put my Pass designed buffer between the DAC and amp. It's seems the DAC really likes the correct impedance loading. Understandable really.... So must have 's, good pre or buffer stage like the Pass or Burson if you want the best from this DAC.
  8. nzlowie

    Best big screen on a budget

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. nzlowie

    Best big screen on a budget

    Whats the difference between the NU7100 and NU7400? There are a lot of slightly different model numbers and prices...
  10. nzlowie

    Best big screen on a budget

    Thats cheap!!!! Was prepared to spend a bit more than that..... Maybe $1500-$2k.
  11. Hi all, need a new TV.... around the 65" mark would be about right, dual tuner. There seems to be a lot of choices out there and a lot of the spec's look the same or very similar (to me anyway!) Don't what top end as its only for Free View (NZ) and Netflix, the more I spend on a TV the less I have to spend on my real hobby - sounds! Appreciate any direction to get me started. Cheers Dave
  12. nzlowie

    Room design service

    Room dimensions are fixed, its trying to get the best out of what I have access to. Its a garage conversion with multiple wall types, if it was a "standard" room in a house I wouldn't bother but this is a bit different.
  13. I'm trying to work through the design of my new listening room.... maybe I should just pay someone who really knows what they're doing! Any suggestions of someone who could do this without charging a fortune? I read on the Melbourne HiFi site they can do it but it just looked like a generic program. Cheers
  14. nzlowie

    New room setup

    Here is the room I'm working with. A bit over 5 mtrs, almost square Key point to me is whatever wall I place my speakers, they'll have 2 different types of wall construction bordering them. 2 of the walls are unrendered brick, 1 wall is plaster board over timber frame and the 4th wall is a full width roller door. I was planning on using very heavy curtains to hide the roller door, while its a listening room we don't need to use this door. Was thinking of placing the speakers up against the curtain covering the roller door, that way they still have some "air" behind them. Many more questions to come but its a start, your thoughts? Cheers