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  1. Well, the old room didn't have a dedicated supply but the new room does. Work that out! One improvement I did notice was I unplugged the Plasma TV from my audio AC circuit and plugged it into the general house line. Yea, pretty much the same gear but when I broke down the system to move I didn't note exactly what went where, (cable wise) not realising just how much difference it might make. We live and learn......
  2. Hi all, Just thought I’d share my thoughts around system combinations and synergy. I recently moved and set up a new listening room but was a bit disappointed with the resulting sound, it sounded very harsh. Did lots of research on how to treat this room and get it to an enjoyable space, found there wasn’t too much wrong with it apart from needing a bit of ceiling treatment behind my listening spot. Yet the room still sounded harsh. I spent a lot of valuable listening time changing amps, buffers, cables and settings. I’d even roll of the HF more to tame the harshness but that just resulted in a loss of sparkle and detail. During these changes it would sometimes sound really nice and balanced and then I’d make a further change and rubbish again. This process was pretty frustrating as I knew it could sound beautiful, it did in the previous room….. It seems it was the result of the combination of gear and cables. I had a harsh interconnect and harsh speaker cables which resulted in, you guessed it! Awful sound. After further analysis I looked at how these things were interacting and went back to square one and worked through the system flow and looked at the qualities of each element. Some were on the bright side and some were on the dull side but combined they delivered what I was looking for! At last…. So this rambling is just reinforce how all these different parts of the system can make or break a system depending combination. So don’t be afraid to try different combinations until you're happy.
  3. Yea, i had the digital version and it just didn't have the detail and air in the presentation. Was good to adjust xovers and EQ but not as good as a good DAC and passive. IMHO. But for a bass minidsp will be the way to go.
  4. Thanks guys, had a minidsp before but thought it was the weak link in my horn system so went passive xovers. Minidsp is a bit noisy on super efficient horns. Should be ok on bass though..... The more i think about the more I agree with you. Appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Yea, I thought the twisted pair didn't need shielding...... Wrong again!
  6. give up now - just turn the volume down - you would wreck the sound pulling this freq range out. I know it's annoying - I have several live albums, where the mixer didn't pull the applause down enough - I wouldn't think of pulling that down with EQ Wasn't completely an FR issue after all...... I'd made another set of interconnects to try, they had plenty of detail so I'd left then in place, bad move. After the taking in the advise here I thought it can't just be the FR as this is great, must be something else and thought about other changes I'd made. Cables.... Went back to one of my other IC's and a lot better, those ear bleeding frequencies are tamed a lot better. Still loud but they don't cause pain like they were with the other IC. Out of interest it was one I made up using cat 5 cable, wasn't the solid core but multi stranded.
  7. Yes you're right! But sometimes its good to crank up the volume and "be there".
  8. Cheers Dave, I've been thinking that peaks were the issue that needed to be tamed..... My thinking was that the speakers are pretty flat near field so its the room doing the damage, creating sharp peaks and dips. Its these sharp peaks I was trying to flatten. Might try a smoother approach. Yea I realise EQ is the last resort but it's just me chasing little bits, just can't help myself...... On another point, trying to isolate that frequency when a crowd claps in unison during a live performance. Finding that if i flatten off the top end to tame this frequency range, it sounds to flat overall.
  9. Thanks guys, no subs here. These main speakers have usable response to 30-40 hz so not really thinking about subs. Maybe I should think about a sub to balance things... I also have it reasonably flat but need to dial down certain frequencies,you know the ones where the live crowd clapping cuts through you.
  10. Or should that be EQ'ing for bass..... Anyway read somewhere that you should use boost when EQ'ing bass, should only use cut the peaks. Is that true? I've tried that approach but the bass seams over the top even though the response is flat. Will post plots later on. Was trying my DTQWT speaker the by themselves without any eq and the bass sounded far more natural. I'm using these speakers for the bass section of my horns. So.... What's the correct way to eq bass to match the room? Also read on a post here that moving 1 speaker forward in relation to the other can help level out drop outs and peaks, sort of makes sense for bass but surely it will screw up the timing of the higher frequencies? Love to hear your thoughts. Dave
  11. Good to hear someone else gave it a try, I'm still using mine. Couple of times I've gone back to Cord cable but always return to the DIY... Also tried this cable for interconnect but didn't really like them. Interested to hear how you get on.
  12. Item: MiniDSP 2x4 HD Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: As my DSP bass amp has died I plan to use the miniDSP on another old amp I have laying around for bass duties on my horn system. So anyone got a spare miniDSP laying around that they're not using?
  13. Looks like my Behringer DSP amp is dying as it keeps going into fault mode. Did some surfing and it's refered to the red light of death as the lights around level pots turn red during fault condition. So do I look for another DSP amp or use another amp I have hear and get a minidsp? I need the DSP as this powers the bass section of my horn system. Love to hear your thoughts. Dave
  14. Too slow again, my NU1000DSP started faulting last night and when I saw this add I thought perfect timing. But not quite....
  15. Yea horns and quarter wave folded horn. Yes also have first reflection points treated.
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