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  1. nzlowie

    The End

    Cheers, not only do they look a bit different but they have a special sound quality that I'm loving.
  2. nzlowie

    The End

    I don’t really want to subject you to more dribble about this project, there’s been more than enough of that over the last couple of years! So here’s a summary of the final product. Berhinger DSP amp powering Troels Gravesen DTQWT speakers for the bass. These go nice and low and are horn loaded so we get a nice synergy with the other horns. The DSP amp allowed me to match the slope of the md horn xover and dial in some delay to compensate for the misalignment. Crossed at around 500hz. Next is the Azura AH340 horn with the Yamaha 6681B drivers, these go to about 6500 where the Faital Pro HF108’s take over. All xovers are 2nd order. In summary one of the biggest improvements can be found in good quality caps. Changing drivers was subtle but going to good caps made one of the biggest improvements. Probably the best $650 to date. Cap link: https://speakerbug.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_78
  3. nzlowie

    The End

    Yea..... when I started this (a couple of years ago) someone mentioned it would take a couple of years to sort out, I thought no way....... Fast forward nearly 3 years! Its been an enjoyable journey (most of the time) and I've learnt a lot. I really do like working through problems, both sound quality and construction issues. I know I've waffled on about improvements over the duration of this build and I'm sure a few readers would have quietly said to themselves, what a plonker! Hell, I read some of the previous posts and think this! Thanks to those that offered support and idea's, appreciate the help. Next move, who knows....
  4. nzlowie

    The End

    The day has come when I can now say these speakers are finished! Last upgrade was to finish the xovers using good caps and better construction. Very Happy!
  5. nzlowie

    FS Pass ACA & BMS Compression drivers

    One Pass ACA amp sold . Other gear still available.
  6. Items: 2x Pass ACA amps (2x stereo so 4 channels total) 2x BMS 4594 coaxial compression drivers Minidsp 2x4 Location: Perth Condition: Very good Pick up preferred, but can post if required Prices. ACA's $275 each BMS $850 or Minidsp free if you buy amps and drivers Will donate to SNA apon sale More info. These can form the basis of a very good active horn system, just add a horn and your ready to experience the beauty of horn's. These coaxial drivers sound beautiful and have the advantage that you don't need a second hf horn. This is what I used very successfully for the last couple of years. The ACA's do sound nice with the horn's, 6 watts class A. Have a couple of different power pack options so don't worry about that. To complete the package I'll throw in a minidsp so you can control everything. A great way to give horn's a try without spending a fortune, I'm sure you'll end up loving horn's as I now do..... Driver's aren't cheap to buy new..... See below. For full disclosure, one 6mm thread was damage when I got them so I rethreaded to 1/4” so no issues there. http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?manufacturer=BMS&masthead=High_Frequency_Drivers&subheadnew=1!stop!4_Inch_Coaxial Any questions feel free to ask or pm. Cheers ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use.
  7. nzlowie

    Burson Buffer

    Now sold
  8. nzlowie

    Burson Buffer

    Sold pending payment.
  9. nzlowie

    Minidsp OpenDRC-DA8

    Now sold
  10. nzlowie

    Burson Buffer

    Item: Burson Buffer Location: Perth Condition: 8/10 can't really see any marks on it. It's a few years old so not mint. Price: $150 Reason for selling: No longer required The Burson Buffer is a good way to balance any impedance imbalance between say your dac and amp. I found that as my dac feed a class d power amp that had really low input impedance, the buffer reduced the load on the dac which resulted in a lot fuller and alive presentation. Really nice addition. This gets to the often asked question, pre amp or direct dac to amp. This deffenitly made a real improvement over dac to power amp. For $150 it can be a nice cheap improvement in some systems. As I love my diy I build and currently use a Pass designed buffer so this isn't needed.
  11. nzlowie

    Minidsp OpenDRC-DA8

    Item: Minidsp OpenDRC Processor Location: Perth Condition: 9/10. One small mark on top panel Price: $200. new $355 us Reason for selling: No longer required Cool DSP unit for active systems or can be used as a stereo processor to tweak the response of your system as required. I used this during development of my horn system, makes xover design easy, just use your laptop to change your xover. Haven't got the original box but I'm sure I can package it safely for shipping. Thanks for looking.
  12. nzlowie

    Faulty REL T9 sub

    Bump. Still available
  13. nzlowie

    New tweeter horn

    This is a better tweeter mount...
  14. nzlowie

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Good result then! You're right those magnets have got some pull!! Yea, the Faital drivers don't really do anything wrong do they.
  15. nzlowie

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Sorry it was $550 us each, not $700. http://www.usspeaker.com/radian 450Bepb-1.htm