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  1. thanks Alan. Appreciate the guidance. David.
  2. Appolon, March, Peachtree, Stello are worth a look. 81Vintage on SNA is also building them
  3. There are a variety of newly issued Class D amps with Opamp options that will suit nicely. That and a decent used pre-amp. It is a bit like Tesla to petrolheads (like myself) - you hate them at first and their outlandish claims of performance - but then you do the research and know it (electric/digital) IS the future...
  4. Hi all, I have been given a Kriesler 11-20 valve radio and have no idea whether it works. Somewhat afraid to plug it in just in case I blow a house fuse (or myself!). Does anyone know someone in Sydney that is an expert tinkerer for these kinds of radios and could check it and possibly service it at a reasonable cost? cheers all, vin rouge
  5. Cheers. Looks like some competitive amps and DAC just wonder what big name hifi journalists would think in an independent review - if they do indeed do them?
  6. Have just sold the smaller Bryston 100 amp, actually the whole system and looking to go Class D, preferably with either a very good WAF look or at least smaller in physical size (but not output!) I mainly listen to jazz, vocals but enjoy a kick with Radio Head every now and again as well. What are people's experiences with Class D amps and what are the best bets for new or used prices of up to $5-10k total for integrated or separates amplificaton (including pre-amp if necessary)? Is Devialet still any good? Have Benchmark out done them? PS Audio 1200? Bel Canto, Classe Primare, N-Core? I look to the much more educated SNA community to help me here - PLEASE! Speakers will follow the amp, but likely a decent pair of bookshelves (I do like Lenehans!). Cheers all and thanks in advance!
  7. Atmos will be a great thing to have, but cutting into the ceiling can provide headaches as well. Do as much research as to which way the joists run, how much room and how easy it is to run cables through. Otherwise the up-firing from the floorstanders may be the most viable way to go. I am less convinced by having to go the same line of speakers in-ceiling, sub and rears but keeping the 3 main ones at the front along the same brand/model line would be useful.
  8. Only selling as the rest of the beloved system is now gone. Award winning cables from The CHORD Company. Transparency at its finest with plenty of punchy bass coming through in this price range. Loved it in my system and you will in yours. After a vast amount of research and listening at the time I could not hear any benefit in competitor cables costing 4x RRP. 10x yes, but that is for amps and speakers in the $20k+ range. CHORD Cobra Vee3 interconnects 1m pair $65. Was USD130 or you can buy new for AUD199. CHORD Carnival Silver Screen Speaker Cable 3.5m pair $69 Carnival Silver Screen used to be crowned the best budget cable you could get and won many awards. Plenty of reviews can be found online. They are in great condition as per the photos but have lost a little whiteness to the covers. Unterminated for the best connection where you don’t change amps and speakers often (which I didn’t). Retails for $12-15m or $300 terminates for 3m. or $129 for both sets of cables. Pick up available or will ship at your cost. Sendle or Aussie Post.
  9. Someone is expected to pick up this morning. If things change I will advise. regards and thanks for asking,
  10. Further information: The last piece of the hifi before I go the 'one box for the good room', that has been strongly recommended to me on the homefront! Sonos Connect and the Sonos app are the easiest to use interfaces for your hifi kit out there. If great sound and convenience is for you, then this is it. Does it play at and better than CD quality, yes - will it outperform a $5000+ player and DAC, no - but it will likely be easier to use and integrate! Will include 2 Sonos ethernet cables (if you want to go cable rather than wireless which is what I always did) and a pair of interconnects. Comes with box. Can ship at your expense. I usually use Sendle or Australia Post. Upon payment, I can deliver within 10km of Sydney GPO as well.
  11. Further information: A top performing CD Player in its category from NAD. 5 Stars from WhatHifi and many others. For me, the way it expresses vocals and jazz are the distinct benefits compared to lesser CD players. It expresses a wide stage image and keeps up with the pace of music, be it ethereal or techno, but vocals and jazz is what made it for me. A real jewel of a player for the money. Only selling as I have sold the rest of my system due to a requirement to downsize to a one box solution for the "good room".... I always feel the hifi was what made the room "good"! Unit and remote in excellent condition. Also has original box. Power cable and a new set of batteries will be included. (Please note that hifi stand in picture is not included in sale) (Slightly) Negotiable on price, but silly offers will be ignored. It is a much loved model in the community in great condition. Prefer pick-up or upon payment, I am willing to drop off within 10km of Sydney GPO.
  12. Sold pending payment tomorrow. Thankyou all for the responses.
  13. Built Sept 2010, so a bit more than 10 years of full Bryston warranty left.
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