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  1. I'll go down as a backup backup too please. Regards, Ben
  2. As a new member to StereoNET I must say that I have no idea what this fellow is talking about. Of course there can be topics as he mentions, however they are only a small part of the wide cross-section of topics that are posted, for all budgets. For me it has been not only reading about things at my current budgetary levels, but items that I could see experimenting with in days to come.
  3. If it falls through, I'll take it. From Berowra.
  4. Just after new purchase or upgrade it is definitely Pic 2, followed by a slow reversion to Pic 1.
  5. Good luck Thomo. Unfortunately even if things turn out well in the end, all this mucking around is a Pain for both yourself and the seller. Good luck.
  6. Any level of hiss or noise that becomes distracting is obviously unacceptable, however as Zaphod mentions, very small amounts of hiss can benefit dithering. I am also curious; in digital imaging (my background), noise can be added to give cohesion to an entire image, especially if various elements of that image have been retouched. As music in many ways is similarly worked on during production, does the addition of small amounts of noise actually help all the elements blend together better? By this I mean a level of noise just barely audible, but still there.
  7. In my case I had over 30 previous transactions. I was told an "Internal Investigation" had been opened, despite the factor that neither of the parties had any issues.
  8. My personal experience with something like this was when I invoiced a client via PayPal (around $600) which they put on hold for two weeks, then cancelled the transaction, despite the fact that neither myself nor the client had any issue with the payment. PayPal in fact breached their own terms & conditions by doing this. When I called them about it and spoke with their Customer Service they just gave me a whole bunch of excuses that didn't make any sense. So, in consideration, the seller may be acting quite legitimately and are just having to deal with the hopeless company that is PayPal. Best option as some of the others have suggested is to make personal face-to-face contact.
  9. Thanks Kyle I figured I could always add a reasonable CD player or transport later, so my preference was to spend a little more on the amplifier. I have heard of Peachtree but not listened to one before. I shall take a look. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Thanks for that. I have had a listen to the M3i which was quite good, and on my list. The M6i I am sure would be a good option if I can squeeze the budget that far. The Auralic I will investigate further. Sounds interesting. Do the streamers often come with their own controller apps for phone or tablet?
  11. I am looking at purchasing a new system for the first time in almost 20 years. Since I was last exploring decent audio there have obviously been some quite considerable changes, and I am still getting my head around some of them. I would like suggestions on possible paths to take, and decent equipment recommendations. My previous integrated amp was a Harmon Kardon before they went mainstream, along with a reasonable quality CD player, and B&W 620i floor-standing speakers. Within the last 18 months, the amp has blown, along with every CD player I owned (3), and until now did not have the budget to purchase new equipment. I am sorely missing the ability to listen to good music. Currently I have ripped all my CDs to a NAS in FLAC format, and would like to be able to use that as my primary source (at least for the time being). I still have the B&W 620i speakers which I will also use initially, with the aim to upgrade in the next 12 - 18 months. So the question is; what are good possibilities for amplifiers? And what network connectivity / streamer / DAC / whatever else piece(s) of equipment do I need. Was possibly looking at Bluestream Node for connectivity and controller app, but this is subsidiary. Budget around the $3000. Thanks in advance. Ben
  12. btp

    Hi All

    Thanks. Will certainly do that.
  13. Hi everyone Just posting a brief intro as a new member. I have only recently started looking at quality stereo equipment again after 15 years, since my old Harmon Karden amp blew up and every CD player I own has destroyed itself in the last 18 months. Definitely time for some new gear. Look forward to speaking with many of you in the future.
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