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  1. I have added them to mine. Do I need them - no.
  2. I bought something similar new from Tandy, Realistic brand new when young with no money. The boxes got reused years later with better quality drivers installed and became the party boxes. I do not imagine they are worth putting anytime, effort or money into.
  3. And if in Melbourne they would be mine.
  4. I run a pair of 120mm PC fans on the rear of my cabinet (cutout was required) drawing out all the heat from the Marantz - cost nothing as plenty of them around from old PCs - used Noctua but had a few brands to choose from. Silent to the ear.
  5. No doubt some of the horns have been blown.
  6. I have been pleased with the result and do not have any regret with going sealed.
  7. 5L15 - after the Luxman amp 5L15 or something else? Lux Laboratory Reference Series 5L15 was my fist premium amp purchase and I still have it.
  8. I have C31s, C21s and a C11 from new. The original owners manual is a generic bit of nothing with no information as to specifcations - just fluff about conecting speakers up and postioning them. Must say I have always been disappointed in Colin's cheap hotocopy "manual" but love the speakers.
  9. I am using them as fronts in a HT setup with Interdyns speakers with matching SEAS drivers for surrounds. They get a good work out via a Marantz SR6008 - I like my movies with plenty of kick. Following purchase when new they were driven for many years by a Luxman 5L15 amp. Mine came with concrete "dog bowl" bases. I have the speakers raised to couch ear level on heavy duty large diameter pvc pipe - very stable - I intended to fully concrete fill the pipes but have not got around to it.
  10. Sounds exactly like my Audiospheres bought from Encels. They use SEAS drivers - Woofer 25 F-EWX, Mid 10 F-M and 1" dome tweeter H -086. You will find the same driver set in some of the the Interdyn speakers made by Encel's wholesale arm International Dynamics. I refurbed mine recently and it was not very hard work.
  11. Happy with what I got from Dataworld in Moorabbin.
  12. I have been through a number of "genric" andorid boxes before buying a Shield at an excellent price a few weeks ago. There is not much in the hardware specs between the various boxes however the Shield is streets in front of the others for clean snappy performance. All I need to do now is get used to the "limited" remote that comes with the Shield. No regrets on buying the premuim product at a good price.
  13. They were being snapped up at my local Aldi this morning but I wonder how many made it home. My local Aldi consitently gets buyers who do not consider transport. There was an older couple with 2 boxes on trollies at their car when I arrived and they were still staring at it all when I left. Quite a few mums heading out with boxes but presumably they had the family suv. Love my aeron office chair.
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