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  1. GRP

    Great system cooling fans

    I run a pair of 120mm PC fans on the rear of my cabinet (cutout was required) drawing out all the heat from the Marantz - cost nothing as plenty of them around from old PCs - used Noctua but had a few brands to choose from. Silent to the ear.
  2. GRP

    Sensible Kitchen Designs

    No doubt some of the horns have been blown.
  3. GRP

    Twin 15" subwoofer

    I have been pleased with the result and do not have any regret with going sealed.
  4. 5L15 - after the Luxman amp 5L15 or something else? Lux Laboratory Reference Series 5L15 was my fist premium amp purchase and I still have it.
  5. I have C31s, C21s and a C11 from new. The original owners manual is a generic bit of nothing with no information as to specifcations - just fluff about conecting speakers up and postioning them. Must say I have always been disappointed in Colin's cheap hotocopy "manual" but love the speakers.
  6. GRP

    Concrete Round speakers from Canberra

    I am using them as fronts in a HT setup with Interdyns speakers with matching SEAS drivers for surrounds. They get a good work out via a Marantz SR6008 - I like my movies with plenty of kick. Following purchase when new they were driven for many years by a Luxman 5L15 amp. Mine came with concrete "dog bowl" bases. I have the speakers raised to couch ear level on heavy duty large diameter pvc pipe - very stable - I intended to fully concrete fill the pipes but have not got around to it.
  7. GRP

    Concrete Round speakers from Canberra

    Sounds exactly like my Audiospheres bought from Encels. They use SEAS drivers - Woofer 25 F-EWX, Mid 10 F-M and 1" dome tweeter H -086. You will find the same driver set in some of the the Interdyn speakers made by Encel's wholesale arm International Dynamics. I refurbed mine recently and it was not very hard work.
  8. Happy with what I got from Dataworld in Moorabbin.
  9. I have been through a number of "genric" andorid boxes before buying a Shield at an excellent price a few weeks ago. There is not much in the hardware specs between the various boxes however the Shield is streets in front of the others for clean snappy performance. All I need to do now is get used to the "limited" remote that comes with the Shield. No regrets on buying the premuim product at a good price.
  10. They were being snapped up at my local Aldi this morning but I wonder how many made it home. My local Aldi consitently gets buyers who do not consider transport. There was an older couple with 2 boxes on trollies at their car when I arrived and they were still staring at it all when I left. Quite a few mums heading out with boxes but presumably they had the family suv. Love my aeron office chair.
  11. GRP

    NBN HFC setup question

    I am on Barefoot. I was getting similar download speeds on Optus cable but in the real world large files (5 to 30 GB) download far quicker on Barefoot NBN by a large margin. The address of the Billion creates grief. I have a DLink from my prior wireless network with ac wireless sitting hereto replace an old n wireless TP Link wireless point but I have not had the motivation to spend time setting it up. I think the best way is something along the lines of connected to the Billion "off" your network, give it a new IP address and put it in bridge mode. In any event Whirlpool will have the answers or if not someone will reply with the answer if you post.
  12. GRP

    NBN HFC setup question

    You need to switch the Billion over to Bridge mode. Billions should have an online manual coveriing it. What model Billion? Give Whirlpool a shot - comprehensive posts re most devices and variuious option. PS Nice speeds on Optus HFC given the numerous horror stories re them. I left Optus cable for an alternate small provider when HFC NBB becam avaialble and have had no regrets