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  1. Says he bought in error unmatched pairs. Does not add up when you look at his other for sale items - definitely a wheeler and dealer.
  2. I suspect I would pay the shipping and then in the longer term look at driver repair for spare/project/sale.
  3. What is near 18 months in the scheme of things to get the information you wanted! Back in the day some 40 years ago, the AMWs at Encel were the best thing I could hear under $1K until I was blown away by the "ugly" concrete ball Audiospheres which I bought on the spot.
  4. Caveat emptor. That said, I have bought quite few items from them over the years but you need to be confident about what you are getting and what it can be bought for elsewhere.. I have physically inspected some vehicles that looked good online and they were scary - no way I would pay the amount of money they went for. My current Marantz AVR is a brand new repack and came from Grays at a sensationally good price.
  5. Solved a ground loop here recently by simply changing the power cable for another. Both cables looked perfect and as new. No idea on the tech specifics that may relate to your problem. Having been through the ground loop hum a few times I can only wish you well with trial and error.
  6. Thanks, bought one the other day.
  7. Most of the of the off the off shelf automotive scratch products like the Meguiars are not cutters/polishes but rather fillers. They "hide" scratches rather than remove them so they may work OK for a screen.
  8. Have to say not overly impressed by T nuts with my hex head set bolts. You want plenty of clean material for them to bite into - if marginal cleaance on the cutouts best to avoid. A little glue underneath is what I would do if using again.
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