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  1. Delta is rubbish - cheap and nasty - looks good but lacks real quality. Personal experience tells me this.
  2. If you were in Melbourne I would be expanding my Interdyn collection - GLWTS.
  3. I swore never to buy Onkyo again after my HDMI failure.
  4. I should have had that in mind. I can imagine at certain stages he may want the image displayed for an hour or two whilst working on a particular aspect but I do not imagine it being on for many hours day after day. His painted work is based on the photo image but is not a duplicate in paint. Wants big images to look closely at detail.
  5. An artist friend who paints from large photographic images he has shot is thinking of putting a large screen in his studio to view his 4K images. He currently prints them in A3 and views on his large Dell monitor (the Dell is not in his studio). His still photo images are full or rich and luscious colour as his painting. No fixed parameters re size or price but likely 55/60" and paying less is always a bonus. TV may be used for watching the occasional game of footy but is primarily for photo image viewing. Thoughts?
  6. I have added them to mine. Do I need them - no.
  7. I bought something similar new from Tandy, Realistic brand new when young with no money. The boxes got reused years later with better quality drivers installed and became the party boxes. I do not imagine they are worth putting anytime, effort or money into.
  8. And if in Melbourne they would be mine.
  9. I run a pair of 120mm PC fans on the rear of my cabinet (cutout was required) drawing out all the heat from the Marantz - cost nothing as plenty of them around from old PCs - used Noctua but had a few brands to choose from. Silent to the ear.
  10. No doubt some of the horns have been blown.
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